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In Topic: fug you NFL Network. fug you so so so hard.

Yesterday, 07:36 PM

Get a long coaxial cable and scotch tape it to the ceiling, all the way to your tv. Duh.



In Topic: Isidewith.com

Yesterday, 06:30 PM


Conservative Party
on foreign policy issues

on environmental and education issues

on immigration and healthcare issues

Green Party
on social issues

Constitution Party
on environmental issues

on no major issues

on no major issues


Tillis 65%

Haugh 59%

Hagan 56%



ETA: In proper context I don't think I match up that well with the Conservative Party on Foreign Policy...

Should the U.S. continue to support Israel? learn more

Conservative Party: Yes S

Your similar answer: Yes, but respect Israel’s sovereignty and do not dictate how it should interact with its neighbors

Somewhat Important

Should the U.S. maintain a presence at the United Nations? learn more

Conservative Party: No S

Your similar answer: Scale back our current involvement

More Important

Should foreign terrorism suspects be given constitutional rights? learn more

Conservative Party: No

Your similar answer: No, they should be tried in military tribunals but not subject to torture

More Important

Should the government decrease military spending? learn more

Conservative Party: No S

Your similar answer: No, but eliminate excess profits from all defense contracts and military expenditures


In Topic: Isidewith.com

Yesterday, 02:09 PM

I got a blank page and the spinning circle of doom :(

In Topic: Need to buy an iMac for work... *cries*

Yesterday, 09:36 AM

Make a bet with Alice.

In Topic: Breaking: Rocket that was supposed to launch yesterday exploded before take o...

28 October 2014 - 05:30 PM

dammit i was outside waiting for this

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