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In Topic: Best huddle post of all time....someone please find this..

Today, 11:02 AM

I think the best one was the hostess plant shutting down one. The puns were like a tsunami. I laughed so hard at that thread.



In Topic: panthers vs seattle

Today, 10:40 AM

Let's hope Bene is back on the field.  We stand a chance against no one with slow mo Godfrey on the job.


Godfrey seems to be a Rivera guy... plays at the detriment of the team. (see: Bell, Byron; Nannee, Legadu)

In Topic: When Republicans get what they want

Today, 10:38 AM

Of course they are criticizing it now. Brownback is in a big reelection fight in a very red state due to this. No one can justify these policies now.


The tax cuts didn't take effect until Jan 1, 2013 and some Pubs were definitely criticizing the plan almost as soon as that legislative session ended in May 2012.



It also seems that Brownback tried to fight the Pubs' demands for cuts in education spending.


In Topic: panthers vs seattle

Today, 10:17 AM

I'm not confident about this game at all.  We have proven we can't get to the QB consistently, and Wilson can run the ball just as effectively as Cam.  Last year when we got pressure on him, he was able to allude us and make big time throws down the field.  How much more will he stomp us now that we can't pressure anybody?  Our offense is our only hope again, but it's been verified we can't get too far behind because our offense isn't designed to put up points.  We'll see.


the secret to beating him is to let him stay in the pocket. wilson will kill you if you let him escape the pocket. can throw on the run... can't throw over his o line

In Topic: When Republicans get what they want

Today, 09:04 AM

No because we could compare the other states around Kansas with it - and they were not exactly liberal leaning economic engines themselves. In fact, sorry to disappoint you but that was the entire point of the thread. Either you don't understand the term or are just looking for anything to downplay this.


This isn't a comparison of a Sam Brownback imagined economy against a Nancy Pelosi imagined economy that has never existed, this is a study of a Sam Brownback economy vs, real standard conservatively run economies.


Which term am I not understanding? The title of the thread is "When Republicans get what they want" and the Forbes article clearly states Republicans are leading the charge in criticizing the governor's tax changes, so I'm not sure I'm the one misunderstanding something.


edit: sorry, that wasn't the Forbes article, it was another I found while googling the issue

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