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Yesterday, 01:27 PM

Just trying to clear something for myself.  Aaron was talking about kicking a group out of Alexandria.  He said there were two guys and a girl.  So are the wolves those people.  I know Daryl and Aaron found a girl tied up to a tree and mutilated then she turned.  I'm assuming those are the same people and they killed one of their own for some reason? Or am I just totally wrong?


I thought the same as well, but a few points to consider:

-Aaron mentioned they were 50 miles out

-Noah's neighborhood in Richmond was apparently attacked by the wolves

-The wolves had a look of surprise when they found the bag with photos

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Yesterday, 08:52 AM

Meming dead

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30 March 2015 - 07:39 PM

As if any university, let alone Harvard, would send back a personalized rejection letter. Do universities even send rejection letters at all? Or personalized letters, other than your name and address at the top?

they send form letters as rejection letters, and certainly wouldn't spend the time calling out the specifics that were wrong.

The girl who wrote this did it as a parody for her school paper. Then a friend of hers posted it online and it took off.

Now she's not at all happy that it's gone viral because she actually is applying to Harvard and she's worried they'll be angry.

Given she has it down as Harvard College, maybe the university will like her humor and will be a contributing factor to her admission

It was a joke?






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30 March 2015 - 07:30 PM

can you expound on this?


I can try, but wording it to be concise and inoffensive may be somewhat difficult. Plus I've started to reply several times, only to be interrupted and my thought process has become extremely fragmented.


First, lets talk about scientism. The scientistic type sees that no empirical method of testing for a divine creator exists. A creator can't be seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted, or felt. Therefore, to the scientistic person, no divine creator exists. 


Much like crossfitters who will not stop talking about crossfit, the scientistic crowd will not stop talking about its specific religious beliefs. Yes, I mean religious beliefs, such as the origin of the universe, the existence of a creator, and the interpretation of sacred texts. I see the same religious zeal here in the tinderbox from the scientistic posters as I do in real life from religionist people.


(I use religionist instead of fundamentalist because most academic papers imply the fundamentalist movement died out a century ago)


The fact that such beliefs are void of divinity does not necessarily mean such beliefs are void of religious character. After all, not all religions have divine teachings or events.


Further, in my opinion, the way that certain atheist posters here proudly boast about there being "no invisible man in the sky" and "lol religious loons" is not very different from the billboards promising eternal damnation if you don't offer 10% every Sunday. Neither makes the other side any points of view, but instead causes the other side to dig in even deeper.


A YEC arguing the earth is 6,000 years old is, to me, every bit as silly as Dawkins' polemic take on turning a creator into a testable hypothesis. If you're going to argue from an intellectual point of view, both YECs and Dawkin slurpers set both camps back half a century with their methods. Both are purely anti-intellectual. Science cannot prove or disprove a creator. It can only tell things that can happen based on our current understanding. To use science to refute the existence of a creator, in my opinion, puts you in the same camp as religionists.

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30 March 2015 - 04:53 PM

Oh wee mayne he DAT deal


oh for peak's sake