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#3148344 Post a pic, any pic.

Posted by Chimera on Yesterday, 10:02 PM


#3147768 Most likely playoff opponent for the NFC South Champ: Arizona or Seattle

Posted by Chimera on Yesterday, 07:06 PM

Wouldn't you rather face Seattle in Carolina than beat Arizona and have to go to Seattle?



if we play @ Seattle, I hope they make it nice and loud - almost a college atmosphere for Cam


Byron Bell, however, is a different story

#3147638 Most likely playoff opponent for the NFC South Champ: Arizona or Seattle

Posted by Chimera on Yesterday, 06:31 PM

I'd rather have Arizona in the wildcard, then @ Sea for the divisional game.



... since we're righting old wrongs

#3147586 Check out this dirty play by Dominic Raiola of Detroit.

Posted by Chimera on Yesterday, 06:14 PM

Raiola vs. Burflict on PPV


Posted by Chimera on Yesterday, 04:11 PM

back for seconds

#3146932 Saints Funeral Procession

Posted by Chimera on Yesterday, 04:10 PM

Detroit won... holding out hope they'll take the wildcard and not the division

#3146919 Notes and Memos - Browns

Posted by Chimera on Yesterday, 04:09 PM

Dear Luke,


People really think I'm you?


-Colin Jones


Posted by Chimera on Yesterday, 04:08 PM

Damn can someone screenshot the graphic that shows we are 4-2 in the division already?

#3145928 Official Browns at Panthers Gameday Thread

Posted by Chimera on Yesterday, 03:18 PM



no, he's serious.


gotta keep him around. if you ever want a blumpkin, just pm him

#3143158 Best Holiday Movie Clips

Posted by Chimera on 19 December 2014 - 10:20 PM

Ralphie beats up Andy Dalton

#3139604 Why are so many Muslims violent in the modern era?

Posted by Chimera on 16 December 2014 - 05:21 PM

What in the actual fug are you talking about?

Since 2010 Indonesia, a country of 250 million people, executed 5 people,only recently stopping a 4 year moriatum on the death penalty. All 5 prisoners had been convicted of murder.

In the same timeframe Texas, a state of 26 million people, executed 71 people, many who were only accessories to murder.

So, in short, you understand nothing.

When you're finished with the autofellatio, do you mind closing the wikipedia page on Indonesian capital punishment and take a look at regional laws?
And nobody gives a "moriatum" about Texas.

#3138192 Huddle Workout Warriors

Posted by Chimera on 15 December 2014 - 09:10 PM

Today was probably the heaviest I've gone since my back injury.
245 bench (4 reps, wanted 6 but oh well)
798 leg press (10 reps)

(keep in mind, I know these aren't brag-worthy numbers. I pretty much refused to lift heavy since 2009, so those numbers are the results of maybe 6 weeks of getting back into heavier lifting.)

I might push myself hard on squats and deadlift later this week depending if I'm sore tomorrow. Right now I feel pretty good so it looks promising.

#3137354 Old man rant: people wearing headphones while driving

Posted by Chimera on 15 December 2014 - 01:31 PM

I use speaker mode

#3136400 SNF Game Thread: Cowboys (9-4) @ Eagles (9-4)

Posted by Chimera on 14 December 2014 - 10:43 PM

LOL Dallas had 2 OL standing around like....whats going on. with the ball at thier feet.

BTW, Dallas must be the designated landing spot for our sorry ass ex DTs

Dallas vs. Chicago should have been a drinking game. Every time you see a former Panther, take a shot.

#3136344 naacp to release new developments in lennon lacy death

Posted by Chimera on 14 December 2014 - 10:25 PM

That was frustration speaking on my part. I do have an intense hatred for the south (the culture; not necessarily all the people). My experience there was less than pleasant. I got into a ton of fistfights. Looking back, I could have been ended.

It's even more annoying when you try and explain things to people and they insist that you are wrong or insist that you are the problem or insist that the situation is explained by some extremely implausible set of events.

They piss in your face, tell you it's raining, and then become furious when you dare say otherwise.

People are chained by idiotic tradition down there. I left to enlist in the marines and never went back. So, no. I don't wish death on all the residents of the south.

But it is vexing when people always want you to take "high road" and be meek about certain things. Like cynic/sylvianlight was so pleased with that mothers reaction. It makes people like that feel better I guess. I wish that lady had raised 7 different kinds of hell as soon as they tried to say it was a suicide.

At the risk of sounding like one of the people you're describing, I just want to say you can't judge the whole south by Alabama. The entire Gulf Coast is a third world poo stain rivaled in the western hemisphere only by random trash floating in the Pacific Ocean.

That being said, I moved back to the south in 2011 and had a rough time readjusting to illiterate, conniving mouth breathers who have never ventured more than 7 miles from their trailer parks.

You can probably see some of my attitude changes in my posting history. What used to be "how is that racist?" (a la BuffaloBills62) turned into "wow that's so racist" after I saw firsthand the racial tensions here.

I also understand that many of the aforementioned conniving, illiterate mouth breathers are conditioned results of their surroundings. I do not believe for a second that, if they had a better lot in life, they would choose the life they live. Judging by much of PhillyB's posting history, it is safe to assume he holds a similar belief. With that in mind, I thought his implied agreement with your comments was a little off. That is the reason for my comments.

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