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In Topic: take THAT, gay agenda

Yesterday, 11:51 PM

I always wondered how he could be Muslim when they kill gays. He even made the pilgrimage to Mecca twice as well, it wasn't like he was the Muslim version of a CEO Christian.

go to the middle east. gays are everywhere; its like san francisco

In Topic: take THAT, gay agenda

Yesterday, 11:50 PM

can't win can ya? have a view. get trashed. decide to listen and change. get trashed for either not changing fast enough or credit goes to someone else.

it's like the bandwagon fan hater. he wants his team to win but he only wants so many people to relish with him. then his team wins and more people like the team and he hates those for joining in even though he has no idea why they are now fans of "his" team.

the world of obscure hipster nano street cred. only a few select can taste it's fruit.

well I think either my sarcasm wasn't well placed or he misinterpreted my intent. I don't feel like another wall of words just yet, so yeah "you win this time, gadget"

In Topic: FBI: violent crime rates drop to historic lows

Yesterday, 11:46 PM

I have a short list of people that post in this poo forum that may have caused me to rethink my ideas.


Make up the first 5

4 of those 5 make sense.

But was there a time that delhommey posted more than stale one liners?

In Topic: FBI: violent crime rates drop to historic lows

Yesterday, 11:45 PM

I did too

and I wasn't joking about having my wife translate the social sciences mumbo jumbo

In Topic: Awesome drink!

Yesterday, 10:52 PM

I called his kale chips cabbage chips but I don't know if someone beat me to it.

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