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In Topic: What $250,000 Buys You Around the Country

Today, 12:34 PM

I wouldn't pay $250k for it but I would shoot for it at the right price.

In Topic: The downsides of being rich

Today, 10:29 AM



Bronn should look back at Inimicus' post.  He was a two time HS dropout that finally got his GED.  He refused to let all of that define what he woudl become and what he would achieve.  Through hard work, making his own opportunities, going to trade school, etc....he now is Head of IT for an organization.


By your logic and suggestion, he should have just mailed it in and said that life dealt him a shitty hand.


MadHatter, did you grow up in Charlotte? I'm just wondering if you went into finance because you lived in Charlotte.

If you had grown up in Nebraska or Iowa, what are the chances you would be working with corn or farm equipment?

In Topic: What $250,000 Buys You Around the Country

Today, 08:14 AM

My old house in Washington state was just over $250k. 1700sq ft. ranch house on 0.8 acres

In Topic: Huddle Workout Warriors

Today, 07:42 AM

Yeah losing water weight is on the same level as the preparation h trick.

In Topic: Should have known the law - or batpoo crazy DA?

Today, 07:39 AM

I used to carry in my glove box. Eventually you forget you have it, and I almost made the mistake of driving through several states with a loaded gun in my car. It can happen. 3 years is a bit much.

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No, what you're describing is carelessness, not something that happens. Leaving a firearm in an unattended vehicle's glovebox is not legal anywhere.

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