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Today, 08:24 PM

"Corrective training"

Does it work or nah?

go look at the facebook page called "stupid poo soldiers do" and find your answer

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Today, 08:08 PM

All over the internet, as well as on the radio.  "I got hit with a switch and turned out just fine" and "it is nobody's business how I choose to abuse discipline my child" are the two main arguments.

The fact that they call into radio stations tells me they didn't turn out just fine.

I don't think any of the situations are comparable to one another.
1 - A kid doesn't know better. Teach, don't beat. IMO, this is easily the most heinous of the three.
2 - What Ray Rice did was cowardly and despicable, but she, a grown woman capable of making her own decisions, seemingly has forgiven him and they appear publicly to be a strong couple. However, I feel his punishment is warranted.
3 - I have yet to see anything that leads me to believe Hardy actually beat anyone.

In Topic: Statement by AP

Today, 07:29 PM

And it's about to get even more nuts...



the second case against Peterson, which has not yet resulted in criminal charges, arose after he administered a “whooping” to another four-year-old son by creating a head wound that reportedly left a scar over the boy’s right eye...
...Peterson told the boy’s mother, “Be still n take ya whooping he would have saved the [scar].”

wow, the "its his own fault" defense

The text messages also describe an exchange about what happened. They contain numerous misspellings and shorthand:

Mother: "What happened to his head?"

Peterson: "Hit his head on the Carseat."

Mother: "How does that happen, he got a whoopin in the car."

Peterson: "Yep."

Mother: "Why?"

Peterson: "I felt so bad. But he did it his self."

The text messages go on to show Peterson saying he was disciplining his son for cussing to a sibling.

In Topic: Statement by AP

Today, 07:22 PM

Well thank god we have your moral obligation to derail this thread so you can talk about your moral obligation to call out edgy posters


couldn't have done it without your 0.47 second replies.

In Topic: Statement by AP

Today, 07:21 PM

and now it's a tire iron.


what next?


good job keeping it about AP

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