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In Topic: Ron Rivera - USAA member

Today, 07:34 AM

I've heard USAA has gone downhill these days.

At least I've heard a couple horror stories.

I use a credit union myself.

I use both a CU and USAA. I only keep a few investment accounts and my kids' savings accounts in USAA.

Their customer service people are generally helpful. When I call they usually have quick concise answers.

But insurance wise, you almost have to treat them like a cable company. The rates creep up yearly for no reason. I do not have homeowner's insurance with them but I do have car insurance.

In Topic: My Plan for Dealing with Jackasses

Yesterday, 11:09 PM

leave earlier

In Topic: Ron Rivera - USAA member

Yesterday, 09:30 PM

me too. and it's more a bank than insurance company


it's also well documented rivera is a military brat

In Topic: But black people commit more crimes!

Yesterday, 09:26 PM

I think just about everyone got pulled over as a teenager when their friends were in the car. I had one especially nervous friend who would pull over automatically when a cop was just driving behind him. Naturally the cop would stop too to see what's going on. I only remember showing my ID once as a passenger, when I was dressed up going to a Halloween party. I'm not saying I didn't have to show ID the other times; I just don't remember.


But my point was that cops have a little playbook of excuses for pulling someone over. If you've heard that one a few times, it was probably BS.

In Topic: My Plan for Dealing with Jackasses

Yesterday, 09:17 PM

I know exactly what Captroop is describing and it's not just that one example... I see it a LOT driving.  I've seen it plenty of times... not just at exits...


Construction area... miles of notice that a lane is closed... multiple signs and cones... 95% of people will go ahead and merge over, but there's that 5% that push it and try and cut in 20 yards in front of the last sign where they would either hit the sign or the next person in line.  Oh, they knew they had to get over, they just didn't want to wait in line...  asshole.



A percentage of people on this planet literally think they are the only person that matters.  Those people are assholes.


You can typically identify them by their Maryland, New Jersey or New York license plates.


But also keep an eye out for the Floridiots, who will merge across 6 lanes to take the same exit from the far left lane.

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