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In Topic: 30 players attending the draft

Yesterday, 08:07 PM

Keep in mind this isn't all the original invites just those that accepted the invite.

In Topic: Medellin's Official Mock Draft

Yesterday, 01:51 PM

Would be foolish to base judgement off one or two games. Gotta go off someones career along with physical tools and upside. I thought Cyrus did a better job against VT than Moses. Moses seemed to be pushed or sucked back into the QB/Pocket almost every play. I actually made a post or thread on it and posted both videos.

I think he can play LT also, I just think he would make a better RT.

I agree I like Cyrus a lot and think he has tons of upside..I'd be just fine with him being the pick if he makes it to us.

In Topic: Medellin's Official Mock Draft

Yesterday, 11:54 AM

Wasnt his best mind you but you can still see his quickness, power, and agility.

Cyrus was a given early to mid 1st rounder all last year and most of this year. Thus if the knee stays healthy we is a steal late in the 1st.

I see him as a DOMINATING RT.

Turner has incredible quickness and I can see him becoming a dominant LT with good coaching.

I would really blow a load if we came away from this draft with Cyrus/Moses and Turner. Similar to last year with our DT's.

Yea that game gives me 2nd thoughts about him honestly. He really struggled containing that sophmore #90 Nicolas but granted Moses did too. Also I don't see why he couldn't be a LT either..maybe start him out at right if necessary but I think he could have a career at LT. Plus I think this knee thing is way overblown with him IMO.

In Topic: Medellin's Official Mock Draft

Yesterday, 11:51 AM

And traded for Rod Gardner :unsure:

Damn..forgot all about that guy...surprised nobody threw his name out there in the worst panther thread.

In Topic: Medellin's Official Mock Draft

Yesterday, 11:37 AM

Interesting that u chose to post the va tech game to tout cyrus....I watched many of his games and that was definitely one his worst performances if not the worst that I've seen.

The LSU and Auburn games are 2 of his most dominating.

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