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#2802485 OTA Observations

Posted by panther4life on 28 May 2014 - 02:34 PM

The 2014 OTA's kicked off with an unlikely cut up, none other than Luke Kuechly who switched jersey's with Chase Blackburn to throw the local media a curveball.







The curveball worked...Chase is wearing Klein's jersey.

#2802103 Panthers Trivia

Posted by panther4life on 28 May 2014 - 09:31 AM

http://www.sporcle.c...rolina panthers


The NFL trivia is a great time killer as well





#2798239 The cost of Sean Gilbert

Posted by panther4life on 23 May 2014 - 03:08 PM

Who was GM at the time?

Don't think we had one. Dom Capers made personnel decisons that year( I think). Polian bolted to be the Colts President and we never really hired an actual GM that year. Seifert didnt come along until 99.


It was probably a joint decision between Capers and Jack Buhkofsky (director of pro personnel at the time).

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#2798182 The cost of Sean Gilbert

Posted by panther4life on 23 May 2014 - 02:23 PM

After looking at all of our first round picks again in the other thread, lets take a look and remember what Gilbert ultimately cost us.


We gave up our first round picks in 1999 and 2000. Well that 1999 pick ended up being 5th overall...The Skins traded this pick to the Saints for a fortune(Ricky Williams deal).


  • Pick #12 (Rd. 1) in the 1999 NFL Draft
  • Pick #71 (Rd. 3) in the 1999 NFL Draft
  • Pick #106 (Rd. 4) in the 1999 NFL Draft
  • Pick #144 (Rd. 5) in the 1999 NFL Draft
  • Pick #179 (Rd. 6) in the 1999 NFL Draft
  • Pick #218 (Rd. 7) in the 1999 NFL Draft
  • Pick #2 (Rd. 1) in the 2000 NFL Draft
  • Pick #64 (Rd. 3) in the 2000 NFL Draft

Then in 2000 we picked 12th overall.


So that totals 3 first rounders.

#12 overall in 1999

#2  overall in 2000 (via RW trade)

#12 overall in 2000 

plus the 2nd overall in round 2 in 2000


Washington ultimtatley traded up to 3 with San Fran, then SF also traded the #12 to the jets for picks 16 and 48.


If that wasn't bad enough we also made him the highest paid D-lineman in history at the time too.







#2797769 What is Mitch Albom hiding under his haircut?

Posted by panther4life on 23 May 2014 - 01:00 AM

His ears.
Next question??


This. Thought that was pretty well known.

I figured this but I mean his ears can't be so big/hideous that it makes that awful haircut worth it was my thought.

#2796990 The #1 Problem with CHARLOTTE sports fans

Posted by panther4life on 22 May 2014 - 11:21 AM

Ask them to name our starting offensive line, or our kicker's name..If they can't do that then they are not worthy of having a discussion about Panthers football with...

#2796130 Dave Gettleman ESPN 730 Interview, Must Listen

Posted by panther4life on 21 May 2014 - 05:43 PM

Biggest nugget of the whole thing and fieryprophet will love this is......"We expect Brandon Williams to be a vertical threat for us this year"

#2796125 Dave Gettleman ESPN 730 Interview, Must Listen

Posted by panther4life on 21 May 2014 - 05:41 PM

Gettleman's responses in bold


You had a good success in year 1 as a GM?

lol, some call it begginers luck.




How did your days as a scout in Buffalo help you?

Bill Polian taught me a lot. It was a great a forum because I was taught by some of the vets there (mentioned 2 others by name's nobody would recognize)


What was it like not having any receivers from last year and your qb in a boot at one point in the offseason?

The bottom line is you have to have a plan and process you have confidence in, and I dont want to sound arrogant but I did.

It takes patience, at that point in time people were still having sleepless night but we had a plan and were confident in it with free agency, draft and possible trades coming up.


The bottom line is you can't coach his mesearuubles. Football is a big mans game. Yes sometimes lil guys run aroound and make plays but it is a big mans game.  Kelvins last 4 games were amazing. 22 catchs, 22 ypc average,etc. He's a terrifc kid, we spent a lot of time with him working him out.


What kind of expectations do you have for KB?

The expecatations that he get's better. and improves over the entire season. We obvisouly have to put him in a position to succeed. Some players have a good year in year 1 then they're a bust..I tell people, how many HS seniors go to college and become all americans year 1? Very rare and unsual. Expectations are for him tom play and improve. Naturally gifted. We think he's going to be an important piece for us this year.


How much comfrot did you have with Olsen already on the roster and the signing of Dickson?


Absolutely, Greg's an important staple in the passing attack, he wasn't  not going anywhere. It was not only a wr heavy draft, it was a wr heavy free agency. We think Brandon Williams is going to be a vertical threat this year as he is really coming on. We felt good about our approach and filling in through the draft.


Gross is gone, never addressed it in free agency or the draft (aside from the canadian). Talk about the competition there and what youre looking for in Gross's replacement.


Hopefully in time we will have another Jordan Gross. When youre in the draft, you get in trouble when you reach The top 5 tackles were gone, Miami took the last one in Juwan James.  From that point on, I dont care what you say youre going to look for value. Reality is Byron and Nate are better values than who was avaiable. Nate needs reps, Byrons going to get the opportunity at LT, hes a natural left hander and played their in college. Sometimes you have to watch the games, practice and maturation and sometimes the answer is on your roster.


On the secondary moves, moving Godfrey and the other additions?


A big part of being successful. Big part of being successful is putting your players in position to be sucessful. Godfrey is better suited to player Corner. So far so good, he's played there and he's comfortable. If you take a look we are playing Tampa this year and I was joking with their gm that we are going to send our db's out there in high heel sneakers and broomsticks. They have 3 guys 6'5 and up.


The move is to bigger corners. Charles has the tools that led us to believe he has a lot of upside at corner.


You got another corner in the draft by making a trade via skype at your sons graduation, how did that go?


Bottom line is everything is done back here (charlotte). Skype worked great,process was exactly the same. complimented beane, Rivera and Gregory on keeping it the same. Did'nt think Bene would be there in the bottom of the 5th, so we agreed "lets do it".


Generally speaking what happens/the process when a player gets into off field issues/trouble?


Can't go there. Let the legal process take its course.


*Theres going to be grammer errors, not going back to edit but thats 99% of everything.















#2796065 Dave Gettleman ESPN 730 Interview, Must Listen

Posted by panther4life on 21 May 2014 - 05:11 PM

I'll recap when done listening..

#2795789 What's going on?

Posted by panther4life on 21 May 2014 - 01:38 PM

Hmmm we just got the hornets back and the arena they'll be playing has ice in it..did you notice if George Shinn was in one of them?



#2795319 Favorite BofA Stadium moments

Posted by panther4life on 21 May 2014 - 09:03 AM

The 08 Bucs game you mentioned on MNF was awesome. Also happened to be my B-day.


I loved the 03 season opener. Rodney Peete was getting us killed by doing his statue of liberty impression in the pocket. The Whole crowd was chanting for Weinke at the start of the 2nd half(as odd as that sounds). Well then some guy name Delhomme comes trotting out on the field and after the who is this guy moment, the crowd erupted in excitement that it was anyone but Weinke. Of course the Cardiac Cats were born and our superbowl run began with a fiery Jake leading a 2nd half comeback.


More Recently the Monday Nighter against the Pats was incredible ending to a game. (I have a hell of a video of that if someone can walk me thru on how to post an iphone video).


I'm sure there are others but those 3 come to mind immediately.




#2789879 NFL Stadium Seating - Endzone

Posted by panther4life on 16 May 2014 - 12:56 PM

Based on the responses it's 50/50 and on both ends of the spectrum, not in the middle.

I was actually excited to sit at the end zone but now am not liking the idea now.

Question is, if not the end zone, what's the best within the first 5 rows? I wanna be close enough to the field but not be so close that I can't see anything.

Sounds nitpicking and unrealistic but I would like to have the perfect seats if I am going to fly across the country again at a temporary stadium.


You can definitely sit too low... I had season tickets in 2012 section 127 (about the 3 yard line) row 7. Couldn't see poo half the time and at times the dude with video camera on a lift would park right in front of us. The biggest plus was the phenomenal view of the cheerleaders. 


I think ideal seats would probably be front row club in between the 40's (preferably on the 50). If your'e not dead center then I'd prefer the endzone view. Even then I'm not sure I'd prefer it over an elevated endzone view. If  I ever upgrade I'd probably opt for the front row of the 200's, this way you sit high enough to see the whole field but closer overall than being upper deck. Only problem is id miss walking down the concourse chanting and acting a drunk fool with thousands others in celebration of a victory after the game.


The problem I have seemed to find is there is no such thing as best seat in the house. Unless you could move with the action(impossible of course) but each seat has their advantages....Wait a minute this is not impossible, Zod gets to do this for a living..lucky bastard.


When you sit lower bowl and only a few rows up you get the "wow" factor when the team is close to you but the angle is shitty when they are not right in front of  your face.


Now that I have found a home in the endzone 505 1A, I don't regret it a bit..Initially I was pissed because I took too long to decide on some front row on the 20 yard line upper deck and felt like I settled for these. What I have found is that I have to watch the jumbotron once they get inside the redzone on the other side of the field but the ability to see the line open up holes, receivers run their routes, create seperation..... just the vantage point of being able to see each play unfold and see the whole thing is awesome. Now when I take girls to the game as a date they aren't as thrilled to be sitting upperdeck even tho its front row, but when I bring my football buddies they love the hell out the seats I have now.


I also want to say this. One huge advantage of front row is I don't have some dude reaching to put his arm around his girl and accidentally sticking a finger in my beer or chicks with long hair in front me have their hair fall into my beer. 



Being a diehard like yourself you can't go wrong. You'll have a good time regardless. Each seat has its pros and cons. 

#2789161 NFL Stadium Seating - Endzone

Posted by panther4life on 15 May 2014 - 08:44 PM

I've sat everywhere but club at Boa.... Started buying season tickets from psl holders every year from from 2010-2012....Then I came across some front row upper deck end zone psls and bought them before the season last year....I love them.

#2788727 Protective order against Hardy dismissed

Posted by panther4life on 15 May 2014 - 03:58 PM

Sure would be nice if you could order a carfax on women. 

#2784358 QB intellect in the NFL

Posted by panther4life on 13 May 2014 - 02:05 PM

He's either racist or a dumbass when it comes to the NFL....I encounter this all the time with strangers...they talk in such absolutes like they know what they are talking about and 9 times out of 10 can't even name 3 offensive linemen on their own team they are supposedly die hard fans of...

I've learned to not talk football with people like this at all cost...The Huddle as a whole is much more football saavy than most football fans I encounter in the real world