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#2171052 2011 Offseason, what were we and several other teams thinking?

Posted by panther4life on 21 March 2013 - 08:42 PM

Panther deals
Greg Olsen 4 yrs/ 24 million (10 guaranteed)...ended up being a steal when compared to other TE'S contracts.

Jon Beason 5 yrs/50 millon (25 guaranteed)...fug fug fug,I swear I was in the minority with being unhappy with the deal at the time...go bump an old thread if you don't believe me. Anyway not even the skeptics could have predicted Luke would be drafted 2 years later and Beason would look grossly overpaid to this extent that he does now.

Charles Johnson 6 yrs/76 million(32 guaranteed)..he was the premier 4-3 DE that year and the only comparison would be to look at Hali's deal since he's a 3-4 pass rusher.

Deangelo Williams 5 yrs./43 million(21 guaranteed)...No positive spin here. I love D-Will I Really do but he got us here.

James Anderson 5 yr/ 22 million(8.5 guaranteed)..The guarantee was low enough to where we could cut him without much pain as we did this year

Charles Godfrey 5 yrs./ 27.5 million(12.4 guaranteed)...annual average of 4.5 per year and totally blown out of proportion on being such a terrible deal. See Michael Huff for comparison. Or just look at the crazy deals above average FS's in their 20's have signed the last 3 years.

Olindo Mare 4 yrs/12 million...Almost forgot this one...his agent deserves a raise.

Thomas Davis-can't find the original deal...its been tinkered with a ton and just went up thanks his incentives he reached last year.

More disdain for JR's 09-11 takeover.
The most glaring thing aside from the obvious(way too much guarantees) is why did we allow all these guy's to become free agents in the same year? Oh thats right somebody was prepping for a lockout. That same somebody had a chip on his shoulder and wanted to make a point to show the world he was not cheap. 09-11 were very uncharacteristic of Hurney.

Hurney has let people walk in the past such as Witherspoon, Mushin Muhammed, Doug Evans,Ricky Manning Jr.,Richard Marshall, Chris Draft and I am sure there's others but you get the point.(for those that don't I am saying JR played a heavy heavy hand in 2011, really from 2009-2011)

To say he has never brought in outside free agents before is b.s too. Delhomme, Stephen Davis, Ken Lucas, Mike Whale,Brandon Short, Ricky Prohel,Al Wallace, Mark Fields, Marlon Mcree, Keyshawn, brought Moose back, etc.

Then you'll notice in 09 we basically went on a spending freeze for 2 years.We kept a lame duck head coach in 2010, should have been lame duck GM( or was he spared for his loyalty?)

Before anyone try's to claim this is a Hurney apoligist thread or whatever there's plenty of other poo to blame solely on him such as; Jeff Otah,Jimmy Clausen,Everette Brown, Armanti Edwards, every 2nd round pick he's ever made(with possible exception of Amini). Ron Rivera(so far). Then of course the F.A. bust like D.J Hackett, Travis Claridge, Doug Brzinski,etc.

Sample of the rest of the NFL to at least show we weren't the only idiots.

Consider this some perspective to show you we were not the only ass clowns that year courtesy of walter football.

I put the guaranteed money in parentheses if he had them listed, otherwise you'll have to research it on your own if you care to know for each individual.


Tamba Hali 5 yrs/ 60 million(35 million guaranteed)- Chiefs...Not saying its a terrible contract as he produces but in comparison its actually worse than CJ's deal because its the same annual average on a year shorter term with more guaranteed making it harder to cut/restructure him at any point that it is for to do the same on CJ's deal.

David Harris 4 yrs/ 36 million (29.5 guaranteed)- Jets, lots of guaranteed $$$ for a player like him.

Larry Fitzgerald 8 yrs/ 120 million(47 guaranteed)-Cardinals...don't get me wrong Fitz is a beast but 15 million a year for a WR that you can't even properly utilize cuz you have no QB, I mean damn. They had to do it tho.

Kamerion Wimbley 5 yrs/ 48 million (29 guaranteed)- Raiders..cut 1 year later..ouch!

Michael Konenen 6 yrs,/19.5 million(6.5 guaranteed)-Bucs and yes the freaking punter

Michael Huff 4 yrs./32 million- Raiders(12 million guaranteed)

Zach Miler 5 yr/34 million(17 guaranteed)

Marcedes Lewis 5 yrs/35 million(18 guaranteed) Jags

Tavaris Jackson 2 yrs/8 million-Seahawks

Quinten Mikell 4 yrs/ 27 Million- Rams....

Santana Moss 3 yrs/ 15 million- Redskins

Jeromey Clary 4 yrs/ 20 million- Chargers

Paul Poslunzy 6 yrs/42 million(15 millon guaranteed)- Jags

Doug Free 4 yrs/32 million (17 guaranteed) - Cowboys

Barry Coefield 6 yrs/36 million (12. guaranteed) Redskins

Santonio Holmes 5 yrs/50 million(24 million guaranteed)- Jets

Davin Joseph 7 yrs/ 53 million -Bucs...Yes he's goot but he still plays RG.

Ray Edwards 5 yrs/ 30 million -Falcons

Nnamdi Aso 5 yr/ 60 million (20 guaranteed) Eagles

Steve Breaston 5 yrs/ 25 millon(9.5 guaranteed)- Chiefs

Cullen Jenkins 5 yrs/ 25 million

Here's other happy thoughts on why after 2014 we'll be back to normal. http://www.catscratchreader.com/2013/3/18/4118964/reasons-not-to-sweat-the-panthers-2015-salary-cap

#2169034 Ron Rivera reportedly says the Panthers are "open to trading D. Will"

Posted by panther4life on 20 March 2013 - 01:56 PM

Just checked this guys twitter feed and talk about stretching the truth... He basically took the tweet from Person where Rivera deferred any questions about trading D-Will to Gettleman and ran with it from there.

He later uses a quote from Jeff Fisher saying they are looking for a "big back" to replace Steven Jackson and to "look for the Rams to go after Williams after he is released".

Basically this guy is taking a little bit of info and throwing poo against the wall in hopes that it sticks.

#2166945 (Joe P exclusive)The Gettle speaks: Understands our frustrations

Posted by panther4life on 18 March 2013 - 10:18 PM

You sound like the voice of experience on that subject.......

Yes but I am speaking from the innocent side! Pie and rep for you sir!

#2166924 (Joe P exclusive)The Gettle speaks: Understands our frustrations

Posted by panther4life on 18 March 2013 - 09:59 PM

Where did I say I go into games thinking we're gonna lose?

Sometimes poster's will embellish upon what another poster said and try to twist it into some extreme that is not true to make their differing opinion seem more right.

#2166610 (Joe P exclusive)The Gettle speaks: Understands our frustrations

Posted by panther4life on 18 March 2013 - 05:25 PM

Okay, defending Hurney, while not giving a Gettleman a free pass. hmmmm yeah, you're related to Hurney somehow.

How do you take that as defending Hurney? Whatever he did is water under the bridge. Get over it. We can dwell on the past all you guys want and use that as en excuse to feel better in the event that Gettleman does not improve this team.

#2166588 (Joe P exclusive)The Gettle speaks: Understands our frustrations

Posted by panther4life on 18 March 2013 - 05:03 PM

This is the same guy who said he would use free agency to fill holes so we could go bpa in the draft.- He has not verbally back pedaled on this statement yet, but some of you gladly will let him because its so fun to blame everything on Hurney.

He also said if your not improving the bottom part of your roster you not improving. -Resigning Hartsock,Brockel, Senn, and bring in the likes of Frank Omiyale and Chris Williams is not improving poo. There's plenty of players at the bottom of the roster who could be cut to create some more breathing room as well to allow us to get some imrpovements in here.

He also said he told Rivera if they do this right him and JR will be holding up the Lombardi. -Think about that for a second. The team has to improve or at least the win-loss record must imrpove for Rivera to deserve to keep his job. If we go backwards at all then theres no way he's hoisting up a Lombardi with us ever.

This guy has done nothing thus far to differ himself from what we saw under Hurn dog. I'd even argue something would have been worked out with Gross by now if Hurney was still here.

I have made no firm judgements on him as of yet but seems some of you will give him a free pass no matter what and just blame everything on Hurney.

#2163392 Would a slot or outside receiver help Cam the most?

Posted by panther4life on 15 March 2013 - 12:45 PM

We need a redzone threat who can stretch the field on deep balls on quit allowing teams to shadow Smith downfield.

Lafell is already manning the slot.

Per PFF. Lafell ran 443 routes last year and 290 of them were out of the slot. That's 66.5% of his routes being run out of the slot.

He had 26 receptions for 442 yards and 3 TD's out of the slot. He had 18 receptions on the outside for 233 yards and 1 TD on the outside.

Conversely Smith ran the fewest percentage of his routes in the slot of all 6 receivers who ran a route last year. Of his 550 routes run only 50 came from the slot for a whopping 9.5%.

So basically Cordarelle Patterson is the perfect fit if he falls to us. If Keenan Allen can prove he's got the speed then he would also make perfect sense as well. If not then we need to look at Someone like Steadman Bailey, Terreance Williams, Deandre Hopkins or even Justin Hunter who can stretch the field and score TD's would also be good fits as well.

I know I'm just hoping and hanging on by a thread but when asked if Mike Wallace would be a good fit for us or target or something like that Rivera told the reporter he was warm. Obviously Wallace didn't happen but it gives me hope for someone like Patterson being in the plans.

#2158023 Cordaralle Patterson gametape thread

Posted by panther4life on 12 March 2013 - 04:06 AM

you realize its not "game tape" dont you huh huh huh? where are all the "game tape" nazis? this place is usually filled to the rim with em....

oh nvrmd

It is game tape or video or whatever you wanna call it. I know it's not the "coaches tape" where it shows you all 22 players at once. There not "highlight videos" because these show you every snap the receivers are involved in not just the "highlights".

Just trying to help people be form their own opinion instead of reading a scouting report.

I see what your saying tho as this is the huddle after all.

#2156804 Lou Holtz is not dead!

Posted by panther4life on 11 March 2013 - 10:00 AM

My bad. I apologize to everyone. It was a quick reaction on my part, and I did not do any research.

I fail.

Just edit the thread title to something like post the best gifs of all time in this thread and you will go from a horrible person to a genius.

#2154593 Jawnyblaze's 2013 Post-Combine Mock

Posted by panther4life on 08 March 2013 - 08:14 AM

I'm in the minority how I view Floyd. Lot of people are high on him, I think he's the 5th or 6th best DT prospect.

I just got done watching a bunch of tape and I am with you on him being over rated as a DT in the 4-3.

#2154590 Icege's Post-Combine Draft

Posted by panther4life on 08 March 2013 - 08:09 AM

Would def. be down with this, but if Terrance Williams fell I'd take him over Hopkins.

#2153814 Could Bruce Campbell Start?

Posted by panther4life on 07 March 2013 - 01:06 PM

The interwebs say he saw time in 5 games last year. When and where these games were I am uncertain. Does anyone have the ability to go back and chronical these?

35 snaps.

5 snaps at LT vs Giants
1 snap at LT vs the seahawks
1 snap at RT vs the cowboys
22 snaps at LG vs the Raiders
6 snaps at RT vs the Saints(week 17)