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#1799266 My new puppy

Posted by panther4life on 12 June 2012 - 11:03 AM

Get a house with a fenced backyard and a dog door. You can rent a house almost as cheap as an apartment these days. Not to be a dick or anything but if I had to crate my dog then I would give him up to someone who would give him a better life.(Again thats just me, not judging).

#1799065 I need phone help again- Iphone vs. Galaxy

Posted by panther4life on 12 June 2012 - 07:59 AM

I have tried samsung twice, first time was the galaxy epic. I returned it because it was buggy as hell.Then I replaced it with the EVO. That was a hell of a phone. Then I cracked the screen on it and tried the galaxy S2 and just wasn't impressed at all. It was crazy because I spent a couple hours researching it before hand and thought for sure I'd like it. So I finally went to my last option and got the Iphone 4s and despite its smaller screen size I like it better which was also a surprise to me.

Long Story short, Iphone 4s is favorite phone I have ever owned.

#1797971 Darin Gantt takes position with PFT

Posted by panther4life on 11 June 2012 - 07:46 AM

PFT gets unwarranted hate on here. Good for Darin

#1797761 Beason very complimentary of Luke.

Posted by panther4life on 10 June 2012 - 08:24 PM

Veteran NFL players often feel threatened by rookies, particularly when they’re high draft picks and play the same position. Among vets, there’s frequently a sense that youngsters are there to steal their jobs.
In Carolina, Jon Beason has come to grips with first-round pick Luke Kuechly’s addition to the Panthers’ linebacker corps, and is taking a more optimistic outlook on the rookie.
“I don’t know how it’s all going to unfold, but I understand the draft pick,” Beason told the Associated Press. “I understand the kid was off the charts. So you draft him and it makes your football team better.”
Beason says Kuechly is coming along quickly.
“Oh, he’s great,” Beason said. “A good young kid and very, very instinctive. Wants to get better. Knows how to prepare. Stays late. He’s a good kid and he’s going to be a great player. … He’s way ahead of the curve for rookies just in terms of his football IQ and how he prepares. He’s going to be successful right away.”

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#1788693 Vote To Remove Rep

Posted by panther4life on 31 May 2012 - 01:11 PM

Caring about huddle rep or pie is unhealthy. I don't ever look at anyone's rep or give a fug what it is. I read the thread titles and if they interst me I open them, if they don't then I don't open them.

#1774616 Different Defensive Packages Used Last Year

Posted by panther4life on 16 May 2012 - 03:27 PM

I noticed a lot more variations of defensive packages under Rivera last year than we ever saw out of John Fox. Everyone knows we employed the 3-4 at times but we also had a few other looks that intrigued me as well.

The "Buffalo Nickel" Much like your standard "nickel" defenses this package uses 5 defensives backs but instead of the typical 3rd corner substituting in for a linebacker we used a third safety, mainly Jordan Pugh. The Giants apparently used this formation more than anyone else. The benefits of this package in theory are you have a better run defender in who can help stuff the line or drop back in coverage if need be.

2 offseason additions should make this package better next year, Reggie Smith or Nakumara could help out here. Anything we can do to get pugh on the field less will certainly help.

The "Nascar package" This was still a base 4-3 set but we would shift Hardy or another defensive end in to play tackle to increase the pass rush by adding more speed. He is not the only one we did that with but it seems he played that role more than anyone else and seemed to be pretty good at it. The Giants have the perfect personnel for this package, they are also the ones who gave it that name. They like to slide Tuck and Umenyiora inside while having Pierre-Pual and Kiawanuka man the the defensive end spots. It did not necessarily add to our sack count but I do believe this package was effective in obvious 3rd down passing situations.

Should be interesting to who we incorporate into this package next year. The 5 defensive ends most likely to make the roster at this point are Johnson,Hardy,Applewhite,Alexander and Keiser.

The "Meatlovers package" Okay I made that name up as I have not heard one coined for it yet. But I did notice in an effort to beef up our run D against Atlanta we we used two typical "nose tackles" side by side (in this instance it was Fua and Fields). We probably used it against other teams as well but in going back and watching the games in chronological order this was the first time I noticed a heavy dose of it but we didn't add or incorporate Shirley or Kearse in until later in the season.

Edwards will def. upgrade this look once he returns.

I also think we will def. see more hybrid looks the year where we incorporate the 3-4 more. When we decided it to use it last year we tried just about anyone everywhere as we kind of tested the waters on 3-4 looks last year. Now that we have a better idea of who can do what effectively it should provide better results. Edwards(3-4 NT) and Applewhite(3-4 OLB) are the only front 7 players on the roster who have experience in these roles full time. My only request is that we never have to endure Norwood out there again, much like I never want to see Pugh again unless they both miraculously improve this offseason.

Who would you like to see used in the different packages and 3-4 looks next season?(yes I know its extremely premature debate at this point)

For me in the 3-4
End-Johnson, Hardy

Buffalo Nickel back
any combo that does not include Pugh but i'm thinking it our top 3 safeties will be.
Godfrey,Martin and Smith

Nascar Package
DT-Hardy and Johnson

Meatlover -pick 2 big run stuffing DT'S
Edwards and Shirley are my picks right now

*yes I know Shirley may not be on the roster next year but I am basing this off last years production.

Here are couple decent articles that go into more detail about each package and how the Giants used them.
Buffalo Nickel: http://www.nytimes.c...l/19giants.html
Nascar Package: http://www.denverpos...cos/ci_19896176

#1772521 Panthers 2011 Dt Grades From Pff

Posted by panther4life on 14 May 2012 - 03:46 PM

No link because its premium content(well worth it imo). I also put the snap counts in there so you could judge their rankings with a grain of salt. Pressley for instance was probably not our best DT last year and his 40 snaps in no way supports him being our best.

Again I reccomend anyone who is really as passionate about the subject to drop 14.99 on nfl.com rewind and go re-watch the games and pay attention to the trenches. You will see soo much more than you thought you did watching the games live. Fua and Mcclain showed small imprvements each week. They both faced double teams, believe it or not. They were both moved around a poo ton, with Fua playing a 3-4 NT at times and Mcclain even lined up as a 3-4 defensive end. If you go back and watch the games you certainly will not walk away saying damn those rookies cost us the game, nor did they do anything to win it for us either. But when Thomas Davis and Beason were in our D looked pretty good in the front 7. Even when Beason went down and we still had Davis, Connor and Anderson our front 7 was still sufficient. After we lost Davis, things went down hill and we got crushed by runs to the outside where LB'S and Safeties missed tackles and it had nothing to do with being engulfed by interior lineman.

Neither one of them did anything spectacular per say but they were not as bad as many of you seem to remember. They both got more stout at the point of attack and filled clogs at times against the run They even pushed the pocket here and there, although they hardly scared a qb in doing something dumb. Our biggest problem against the run were guys bouncing to the outside and having our linebackers and safeties miss easy tackles and Hardy not being their to seal his edge. Over the course of the season our 4 lowest rated players in Run Defense were Pugh, Martin, Hardy,and Mcclain according to pff. Then of course we had such a shuffle at outside LB, limited snap counts(see Pressley)prevented them from drawing such negative grades as well.

Our LB core will make a huge difference in the entire Defenses perfomance.

#1770639 Keuchly Told He Will Start At Wlb

Posted by panther4life on 11 May 2012 - 08:09 PM

Did I say that's all you have to do? Nope. I asked a question. If you're implying that you need a pass rush from D-lineman to win a super bowl, then say so. Don't need the condescending tone at all.

I can't recall one post by that dude where he contributed anything new to a thread it's the same ol sarcasm b.s because we don't have a d- line like the Giants

#1769251 If Davis And Beason Miraculously Come Back Healthy

Posted by panther4life on 10 May 2012 - 11:44 AM

It seems the hypothetical part of this thread was ignored. From a talent standpoint alone Beason, Davis and Kuechly(based off his college production) are our 3 best linebackers.

#1768069 Deangelo Williams Is Four Carries Away From History

Posted by panther4life on 08 May 2012 - 11:44 PM

Pretty damn impressive.

#1767873 Offensive Line Projections

Posted by panther4life on 08 May 2012 - 08:35 PM

No Wharton

I know I was just rating last years o-line based off going back and analyzing their play. Granted that's through the Chicago game(as far as I have gotten so far). I highly encourage every one to go drop the 14.99 on nfl.com rewind package so you can go and look for yourselves. Its pretty awesome deal, gives you full DVR Controls,"Coaches Cam" on all the big plays and scores. Also commercial free and a condensed version where it fast forwards to the snap of every play or you watch the full unedited broadcast minus the commercials. Worth every penny and more. I like it because it allows you to get a much better perspective of who's doing what and the different packages and formations we run vs. watching it live or going just based off memory

#1757460 Draft Metrics Chart Of Rookie Starters By Position Over The Years

Posted by panther4life on 29 April 2012 - 05:39 PM

Here's a link to other really good charts on how to build a team from draft metrics http://www.draftmetr...Profile2011.pdf

#1756971 Assuming We Took Every Position We Set Out To Take Then We Killed In Terms Of...

Posted by panther4life on 29 April 2012 - 10:12 AM

We 100% got our favorite Linebacker in the draft

At worst we got our 2nd favorite guard in the draft, if we had decastro rated higher than Silatolu.

At worst we got our 16th favorite wide receiver in the draft. As 15 total went before Joe Adams. Granted the argument could be made we only wanted a punt returner anyway and if thats the case we landed our favorite returner.

At worst we got our 10th favorite defensive end in the draft. (and 6 went before our 2nd round pick) Value dissapeared quickly there.

At worst we got our 15th favorite corner in the draft.

At worst we got our 2nd favorite punter in the draft.

That being said lets say we knew exactly where every player was going to go (we obviously did not but for the sake of discussion)

Round 1 we got our man regardless unless we did a crazy trade up.

Round 2, we could have had on one of these DE'S or Corner's over Silatolu at 40: (doubt we would have gone any other position over those 2)

Vinny Curry DE(went 59 overall)
Casey Hayward CB (went 62 overall)
Trumaine Johnson CB(went 65 overall)
Josh Robisnson CB(went 66 overall)-shorter than 5-10
Oliver Vernon DE-to miami at 3-4 team(went 72 overall)
Jemell Fleming CB(went 80 overall)
Tyron Crawford DE-to Dallas 3-4 team(went 81 overall)
Dwight Bentley CB(went 85 overall)
Jake Bequette DE-went to patriots 3-4 base d i think, or did they switch?(went 90 overall)
Jayron Hosley CB (went 94 overall but also failed his combine drug test)-
Omar Boldern CB(went 101 overall)

So in essence only 2 potential 4-3 DE's we could have picked up with our 2nd vs waiting til the 4th like we did would have been Vinny Curry
who went 19 picks later or Jake Bequette who went 50 picks later.

What seemed to hurt at the time was missing on 7 corners who potentially may have interest us. Likely the number was less than that because Hosley failed his drug test and Josh Robinson is a hair under 5-10. So that drops the number of potentail corners to 5 at best.

If you include the 4th round we passed on Coty Sensabaugh, Brandon Boykin(5-9) and Ron Brooks as well in favor of Joe Adams and Frank Alexander.

So point is the next best value would have been Curry or one of the the CB'S that went at minimum 32 picks later in round 3. Thats right after Janoris was taken another corner did not leave the board until round 3.

So lets say we took Curry then or one of the corners. and decided to go guard in round 4. Big mistake because their was a run on guards after Silatolu and the best available guard in round 4 would have been Joe Looney from Wake Forest.

If you go back and look we also got Josh Norman at the last possible second too. Every corner after him has a huge dropoff.

After examining the way things fell out heres our alternatives, while selecting the same positions.
1.Stephon Gilmore(CB)
2.Mychal Kendricks (LB)*Rivera said he was our fall back if we missed on Kuechely*
4th round; the same
5th: bpa at guard instead of Silatolu
6th;same punter
7th; same safety
1.Insert your favorite DE here
2.Mychal kendricks LB
4.Joe Adams
4.either no trade up in 4th or teams favorite corner bewteen Boykin, Brooks or Josh Norman or bpa guard
5.BPA Guard or Josh Norman

TL;DR Version
Instead of Silatolu our best option would have been Vinny Curry(went 59 overall), Casey Hayward CB (went 62 overall)
Trumaine Johnson CB,(went 65 overall, or)Jemell Fleming CB(went 80 overall).
Problem is the drop off between the level of Guard we would have gotten is much worse than the dropoff we got in DE and Cornerback.
If we did not trade up for Alexander then either we miss out on a DE worth a poo at all or we dont get Joe Adams.
Basically we sucked every bit of possible value out of this draft.

#1756655 My .02 Cents After Watching Draft Recap Videos On Panthers.com

Posted by panther4life on 28 April 2012 - 10:51 PM

lost credibility at 'fat, lazy bastard'

I understand your sentiments, as I never wanted to believe that myself until I met a member of the panthers medical staff and he more less said that was his biggest downfall(there's plenty of post where I wrongly defended him in the past against many on here who pretty much called him on it)

#1756647 My .02 Cents After Watching Draft Recap Videos On Panthers.com

Posted by panther4life on 28 April 2012 - 10:43 PM

and then following that up with highlight videos of each prospect

1.Luke Kuechly may have had the most impressive introductory press conference I have ever seen. Very impressed with this kid, carries himself like hes much older or mature than 90% of kids his age.

2. The Kuechly vs Miami highlight video is a must watch, his range is amazing and he is incredibly fast to breakdown where the balls headed and get to it. His Football I.Q, combined with his natural gifts really are impressive.

3. Hurney and Rivera seem very impressed with Silatolu and for good reason. The kid is an absoute bulldozer (against the division II competetion anyway) and I see no reason why his skills can not translate over well to the next level. Kind of reminds of Otah when hes playing pissed off and not being a fat lazy bastard. As Hurney/Rivera alluded to and his highlight vids show, hes got a motor to pull and block downfield. Should make our run game pretty scary again, like the year when Stewart/Williams got 1k each in the same season.

4.Josh Norman, may have been a huge steal. He has the size Hurney/Rivera coveted to go against the bigger receivers such as Julio Jones and Vincent Jackson in our division. Looks like an incredible ballhawk who has hands and times his jumps like a wide receiver. Talent is not the question with him, he certainly has it, I think he slipped as far as he did because of the level of competetion he went against and the unknown in regards to his ability to learn how to play in an NFL caliber D. If Steve Wilks(our new secondary coach) earns his money he may be able to prepare this kid to start this year.

5. Frank Alexander was discovered when we were looking at Jemell Fleming CB out of Oklahoma(who went 80 overall to AZ). They did not come out and say it directly but reading between the lines you can tell they were watching tape on him and kept noticing Alexander. I'm not confident he can come in and steal Hardy's job right out the gate but it would not surprise me either if he did. Thing that stood out most to me was his ability to go for the forced fumble and never gave up on any plays.

6.Joe Adams is one elusive son of a gun. I mean holy poo. Watching his highlights reminded me of that one game where steve smith broke like a million tackles and escaped from a sea of players and ran in for a td (against Houston?) Also most everyone saw he seems to be a crisp route runner and proved it at the senior bowl. Just not physically imposing or the most reliable hands.

7.Yay we have a punter not named Jason Baker

TL;DR version
Fug yea, Hurney and Rivera did a great job and played this draft very well and cool story bro!

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