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Hurney got a full time radio shown on 710

12 June 2014 - 05:32 PM



former Panthers general manager Marty Hurney will become a full-time talk show host beginning next week on WZGV-AM (ESPN 730).

Hurney and former WBT-AM (1110) morning host Al Gardner will be teamed on “Hurney and Gardner” beginning at 1 p.m. Monday, Lanny Ford, WZGV’s general manager, announced Thursday.


Per charlotteobserver.com


Had 610 in my head and I can't edit thread title but whatever.

Met Star today!

06 June 2014 - 04:11 PM

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For the record this has nothing to do with my post yesterday... I had a good chat with him but if I magically made another post about another anonymous player ya'll would think I was full of crap..


I will say this....He's super impressed by Benjamin.

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Got some good insight from someone close to the organization today

05 June 2014 - 06:04 PM

Just going to post thing's we talked about as they come to me....Funny thing is he was reluctant to say too much, I said come on man I am not a reporter..he said yea but you could be blogging..So needless to say I won't say who it was..Plus we talked at my work place so def. not going to give up his name but trust me this info is real from somone who def. knows what's going on.


-Sounded very confident Bell is going to win the LT job. Confident he will be a better LT than he was RT. Said Gary Williams would have been in this competition to if he didn't get hurt last year.  


-Says Chandler is an athlete and has the advantage of having less wear and tear on his body since he has not been an NFL o-lineman as long as Bell has.


-Told him I was shocked we didn't take a Tackle in the draft... Said well that should tell you something, they didn't need to. His confidence mirrors that of Gettleman's in regards to having faith in those 2.


-Showed him PFF saying Bell gave up 9 sacks at RT last year, said man no he did not....He also pointed out PFF's love affair with Evan Mathis almost as a way to discredit them..Mentioned PFF and NFL Network love Mathis for some reason.


-Avant has been very impressive at OTA's..."I don't think he's dropped a ball yet"


-The DE depth is not as strong as it looks...Ealy unlikely to be a big impact this year, takes time to groom DE's.


-DT depth is legit. Star will be a perennial Pro Bowler. Won't get credit he's due but he allows others to make plays. Mentioned you really need to have 4 solid DT's and we have that....close your eyes SCP..A co-worker chimed in and said they got that guy from Canada too...to which the guy just kind of shrugged and laughed off.(basically implying he sucks).


-Said fans put way too much in stock in LT VS RT and # 1 WR, ETC. Can always scheme around deficiencies.


-Charles Johnson is probably the strongest D-lineman on the whole team. 


System makes the player good, fans make the player famous.


Need to diversify my hobbies if I am reading up on OTA's lol.


The help of veterans is priceless in development for rookies/young players.


Panthers organization is "first class" in regards to how the players are treated.


Spoke about failed drug test.. Totally random and easy for a player to fail for banned substances. For instance water pills can get you in trouble for a diluted sample. Said he hates it when people on the radio say well why didn't the players go the team doctors or trainer's...What they don't know is some team doctors won't put in the time to do the research for you and instead will say "go to the website". Panthers guys will absolutely go out of their way to help tho. 


Once you hit 30 teams are looking to replace you, so its important to make as much as you can while you can.  


Asked me my favorite players of all time, I said Smith and mentioned how much I liked Peppers until he dipped on us. Said things were not as they seemed when it came to that. I asked if he was forced out..he said not but they were not super upset when he left...Almost made it seem as if we didn't want to pay him and then I said come on now Hurney was good to everyone....His response to that was priceless...


"I love Marty Hurney, My kids love Marty Hurney,my wife loves Marty Hurney, hell my momma loves Marty Hurney."


And the most shocking statement of all..... "Look out for my boy Bersin this year!" I said come on now, do you even think he's going to make the roster?" If he doesn't he'll be back on the PS... Just keep an eye out for him."


Fan's hating on Williams/Stewart because of their cap hit's is stupid. 


On Otah flaming out.....Things just happened way to fast for him..Hard to explain.


"I loved Steve Smith, but some didn't know how to take him." Forgot how he worded it but essentially said what we all suspected..His on the field talent was not enough to justify his antic's that rubbed people the wrong way. Didn't really give much insight in what he did, but just said some people didn't know how to take him.


Said he loved hearing the perspective from a fan's point of view as he does not get to hear it often. He really seemed shocked I was not high on Byron Bell, which surprised me.

Kapernick's deal should be the blueprint for all big contracts

05 June 2014 - 10:16 AM

**yes I realize I spelled his name wrong and can't edit thread titles.



Not so much in terms of the dollar amount but more in a sense of the structure. 


http://www.spotrac.c...lin-kaepernick/ (best breakdown of the whole contract).


The contract has a potential to be worth up to 126 Million through 2020.


However the only money he is truly guaranteed to see is around 13.1 Million.


He got a signing bonus of 12,328,000 (Essentially cash in fist the moment the contract is signed)....The additional 100 % guaranteed portion is this years salary and 645k + 100k workout bonus.


The contract runs through 2020. Starting in 2015 and running til the end (2020) 2 million per year can only be earned if he plays 80% of the snaps and either makes the superbowl or is named 1st or 2nd team all pro.


The salaries from 2015-2017 are fully guaranteed only if he is not cut before april 1st of that year


Additionally 2 million per year is in the form of per game bonuses...125k per game.


The dead money if he is cut is only from the small signing bonus as long as they cut him before April 1st. Take a look a spotrac's breakdown of the dead money and then compare it to Jonathan Stewart's if he was cut and prepare to amp up more anger for Hurney..


Lastly the money in the last 2 years of the contract (a total of 44.6 million) has 0 guarantee or anything that will cause a penny in dead money if they decide to cut bait on him..



I love these incentive laden contracts as it gives a player the opportunity to earn above their market value if they perform. On the flip side it gives the team a nice escape clause if the player does not hold up their end of the bargain.


I'd much rather see Hardy sign a contract like this vs. handing him a check for 30 million (like CJ's deal) up front and make him prove he's worth the money on and off the field even if it cost a little extra in the long run.
















Bill Voth looking to customize camp coverage

04 June 2014 - 11:16 AM

He has provided a survey so fans can voice what interest them the most and allows direct input from the fans on what they want to hear..Seems like a good idea.