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Paul Richardson Bandwagon now boarding....

13 April 2014 - 11:37 PM



I mean this guy get's it. great hands and that cant be stated enuff. goes up after the ball and looks smooth after the catch. I'm not sure If he's projected in the late first or second but i wouldn't complain at all to land this guy anywhere. I think he may be a bit underrated coming from the buffalo's and our history with them hasn't been good. but the kid is a baller. someone want to give give me a hand on the embed video that would be great thanks.



STRENGTHS: Terrific athlete who appeared every bit as agile and explosive in 2013 after missing the entire 2012 season with a torn ACL. Very good straight-line speed making him an excellent option on vertical routes. Savvy route-runner who alters his gait off the line and throughout his route to gain separation from cornerbacks. Sinks his hips and explodes out of his breaks.


Generally plucks the ball cleanly out of the air with his hands, securing it quickly. Can track the ball over either shoulder and flashes the ability to dive and haul in the extraordinary catch.


Good vision to set up blocks. Good bloodlines. Father, Paul, Sr., played wide receiver in the NFL with Philadelphia, Oakland, Green Bay and the New York Jets.


WEAKNESSES: Very slim build and has struggled with durability throughout his career. Doesn't track the ball over his shoulder as well as he should for a receiver who makes his living on big plays. Too often senses the oncoming defender and allows the pass to slip through his fingers. Doesn't offer much as a downfield blocker.


COMPARES TO: Emmanuel Sanders, Pittsburgh Steelers - Some will compare Richardson to Sanders' more established teammate Antonio Brown. Until Richardson (and Sanders) catch the ball with more consistency, however, each is likelier to earn more of a complementary role in the NFL despite natural playmaking ability.


is it time to expand our scouting department?

02 April 2014 - 09:54 PM

Delete sory double post

is it time to expand our scouting department?

02 April 2014 - 09:53 PM

Historically we have one of the smallest in the league. I know gettleman mad a switch but I think we need a larger staff period.

Approx 20 teams at UW Pro Day including: HOU, JAX, OAK, CLE, KC, NYJ, DEN, NO, ATL, WA, PHI, TB, NYG, SD, DAL, PIT, AZ and of course SEA.

Things like this I dont understand and this is just on example. Everyone in our conference is at uw pro day but we aren't? I dont know if its a lack of personnel or what. I know we had guys at like Fresno state's pro day but come on. I don't see us working out alot of guy or at many prodays. What's the deal?

Can someone make a Smitty's greatest fights highlight?

24 March 2014 - 09:44 PM

I'm gonna miss seeing smitty go at it every week.He gotta fight someone you know.my friends and I would bet on who smitty would fight every week and I quote"that's what you get part of the price of admission". lol the Richard sherman flight stands out in my mind.

Benjamin gaining steam as a potential "joker" tight following proday

19 March 2014 - 02:49 PM



At 6-5, 240 pounds, Benjamin has generated some buzz as a potential "Joker" tight end conversion. In adding two pounds and posting an impressive 17 reps of 225 pounds Tuesday, those projections could gain steam for some.




I can't say enuff how much i like the kid. He can move All over the field and as a added bonus he can play TE? wow.

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