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In Topic: Cam Newton is going to do something this season that no quarterback in the hi...

26 November 2013 - 05:28 PM

Over Smitty, Moose and Proehl in 03? Can't buy into that.

Heck in 99 we had Moose and Patrick Jeffers tearing it up.



Counting Olsen as a receiver.  In 2003 we had Jermaine Wiggins & Kris Mangum.  Not even close on TE in terms of receiving.


Obviously, the 2003 receivers were better, but I still think with Olsen this group overall deserves the nod. 


2003 O-Line was significantly better which helped the running and passing game.  You have to remember all 5 guys played together all year.  We were very fortunate with injuries in that aspect (those trips down to the good doctor in Columbia may have helped too...). 


The passing game didn't explode until the playoffs.  The receiving group was good but not nationally known until after the season.  People might forget, but going into the playoffs that year, most analysts would have ranked Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle, and definitely the Rams  receiving corps as better than us in the NFC.  Much like this year, the Panthers defense (and running game) was their calling card nationally going into the playoffs.  The receiving group was still very much under the radar.


Ultimately, the 2003 group will be seen as better (and rightfully so) than this group unless the 2013 team can go on a similar run.


The 2013 team definitely has as much overall talent (if not more) than the 2003 team.  It's easy in the nostalgia to forget the 2003 team was described as an 8-8 type team who caught some incredibly lucky breaks to go to 11-5 to even make the playoffs. 


As magical as the regular season was that year, the playoff run was what made it so memorable because the team caught fire at the right time, and they certainly were deserving of being in the Super Bowl.


Regardless of the comparisons or opinions, I do think this year's receiving corp is certainly capable of being a part of a Super Bowl run.  Still a lot to happen before then though

In Topic: Cam Newton is going to do something this season that no quarterback in the hi...

26 November 2013 - 04:15 PM

This may be the best receiving corp the Panthers have ever had, and I say that without any sarcasm.  That still doesn't put them anywhere in terms of the greatest receiving corps of all time for the entire NFL, but the Panthers have had pedestrian receiving corps more times that not.


Smitty & Moose obviously were by far the best 1-2 punch the Panthers have ever had (and top 10/ borderline top 5) the years they were together.  One of the greatest shames in franchise history we never got to see them together longer.


The Panthers receiving corp this year might even be top 10 with injuries/ bad QB play.  Look around the league.  Denver, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, and Detroit are better.  Panthers are as good as anyone outside of that.  Add Green Bay to the list when Rodgers comes back.


O-Line and the secondary are still 2 areas that can derail our season come playoff time, and IMO those are going to be the biggest concerns for next year.

In Topic: SB Nation slams JR

21 November 2013 - 01:36 AM

How can you have hate for a self-made billionaire who happens to be the only owner who actually played in the NFL?

The ignorance is confounding sometimes. Yes, JR is an old man. But he is basically the sole reason we have an NFL franchise. If I live to be 80+, survive a heart transplant, and have to bury one of my sons, I hope I am not judged by every little facial expression I make.

In Topic: These were the WR drafted (and their stats) after A.J. Klein was picked

20 November 2013 - 10:21 PM

Star and Short alone make it a solid draft. If Klein develops into a starter it is a hell of a draft

In Topic: Rivera Forbids Players From Talking About MNF

20 November 2013 - 09:44 PM

This is the right mentality. Everything outside of the Number 1 seed is still up for grabs. No time to rest on any laurels now.

Never would have imagined 6 weeks ago, but I am starting to believe Rivera may have a decent tenure here

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