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In Topic: Steve Smith Is ON WFNZ Having A Confessional, Won't Let the Story End

Today, 01:20 PM

Gettleman is wrong for saying all that stuff, if what Steve said is true. I felt letting go of Smith was the right call, but there's better ways to do it then how Dave handled it. Gettleman is an a**hole

In Topic: Time To Focus Our Attention On Da Bears

Yesterday, 12:32 PM

Bears 31
Panthers 17

Hope I'm wrong, but with their WR duo and Forte, I see them having exploding on us. I don't think our offense can keep up

In Topic: Rivera: Panthers Tempted to Unleash Cam?

Yesterday, 10:05 AM

So, Ron wants Cam to be his QB and RB? It's like some of us said a year ago; Cam is the offense. Honestly though, with this o-line, Cam will probably be much safer moving around. He is getting blasted in the pocket.

In Topic: Wanna know who should've never been cut?

29 September 2014 - 05:55 PM

One of my favorite Panthers. It was always Smith, Peppers, then Gamble. I miss seeing him out there. Sad day when he was cut, and when he retired. He got his money and got out. Don't blame him.

In Topic: When will Cam heal?

29 September 2014 - 01:26 PM

Rivera just said in the presser that Cam is getting to the point where he will be turned loose.

Reading this made me smile

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