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#2944921 Ex-Panther vs Ex-Panther

Posted by Icege on 12 September 2014 - 01:28 AM

CharlottePanther = The guy that teeray met at the bar?

#2944070 So... this conversation about Cam Newton just happened smh

Posted by Icege on 11 September 2014 - 04:20 PM

The North: Just as racist as the South, but because they're openly bigoted they're not as bad as those hillbillies below the Mason Dixon.

That's what my 6 years in NJ taught me.

#2934923 What we learned about today's game against Tampa Bay

Posted by Icege on 07 September 2014 - 07:51 PM

> Plays for a field goal at the end of the half
> Wins the game by a field goal



I didn't really learn much... the Panthers played the way that I expected them to.



Kelvin Benjamin is the WR1 that the team has been looking for. Our WR unit as a whole has improved. Benjamin is Smitty's replacement, who made Pacman his senorita today on that 80yd TD. Cotchery is an upgrade over LaFell. Avant is more reliable than Ginn (who's speed hasn't been replaced quite yet unless Philly Brown or Stephen Hill break out).


Bell and Chandler didn't give up a sack. Turner did, but I can't be mad at the rookie for getting swam over by Gerald McCoy.


The run game was... sufficient... which is a concern to me. However, thanks to our big body, sure handed receiving targets we can utilize the passing game to control the clock as well.


The defense played their asses off and could've been done a solid by the coaches by being a little more aggressive in the second half. It was over 90 degrees in that bitch today!


I knew that he was already, but I guess I learned how truly holy poo Star Lotulelei is quick. There was a run play where he was already springing before the ball was snapped and had to be IMMEDIATELY doubled by the center to help out the RG. Rainey had to change which hole to attack and was met by two or three Panthers defenders in the backfield. I got so hype!


Bene with them sure hands on that fumble recovery. He straight took it from Melvin White!


If I could have changed 3 plays...

1. Olsen not being able to haul in what would've been a sure TD over the middle.

2. Gano missed FG. GIMME PERRNTS!
3. Take back that roughing the passer call from the Bucs 2nd TD drive. Bad call by the officials that increased the heart rate of Panthers fans everywhere.

#2924401 Todd Gurley in the Late First Round?

Posted by Icege on 04 September 2014 - 09:57 AM


#2919147 Got a great picture of my son with a Panther cheerleader last night

Posted by Icege on 01 September 2014 - 10:15 AM

5:00 as well. We were the couple with the 4 and 9 year old boys running around in the 34 and 59 jerseys.

Matt Ryan wears braided belts.

We were at the 5:30. Just barely missed ya :( I was in a white 28 with a smoking hot blonde in a black 59.

#2904878 Dave needs to be watching the wavier wire closely.

Posted by Icege on 23 August 2014 - 08:11 AM

I only got to see the game from the third offensive drive until the end of the first half and saw Bell regularly stonewall his assignment while the right side leaked like a sieve. Was he a completely different player in the second half and during the first couple of drives?

Praise Kurb

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#2899866 Bell getting some love on NFL.com

Posted by Icege on 20 August 2014 - 12:07 PM

Bell has not given up a sack thus far in preseason.

#2897090 What do you guys make of the Cam haters still out there today?

Posted by Icege on 18 August 2014 - 03:09 PM

Figured someone would bring that up. Apples and oranges....I was wrongly convinced Cam couldn't do those because he had never done it before, no prior evidence. People freaking out like Cam can't throw a pass after last night? Give me a break.

Maybe I just need new Facebook friends.

I think that admitting that you made a very foolish assessment instead of trying to justify your reasoning for making such an asinine comment would help and that search for friends.

As for the Cam scrutiny, since when has anything intelligent been expected from talk radio? Conflict creates ratings, which fuels advertisement sales, which generates revenue. They aren't looking for the opinion of rational folks.

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#2896278 Josh Norman was pulled

Posted by Icege on 18 August 2014 - 06:13 AM

I didn't notice him getting pulled. I was really excited coming to the game because during the pregame show Eugene said Norman could unseat Cason or White as the starter... then when I got to my seat, I saw he was indeed playing as a starter.

Now, I did notice he wasn't playing later on, but I thought it was because the first unit was pulled - possible it was coincidental. BUT, it so appeared Cason was playing with the second unit in the third... then I did see Norman back in later but then all the top-tier d guys were pulled...


After he broke up the pass intended for Bowe in the 2nd quarter, he got up jawing as usual and headbutted Bowe. TD ran over and yelled at him and Norman yapped back at TD.

I've wanted to see this kid succeed for a long time, but for every great play he makes he makes a terrible one as well be it with his coverage or his mouth.

#2895927 o line.....

Posted by Icege on 17 August 2014 - 10:50 PM

Yup I predicted it too in the prediction thread


If he doesn't give up a sack in the third preseason game and the Huddle melts down when he gives one up in the 4th preseason game, I'm bumping my bold predictions for the season thread so that I can remind everybody that I ate Ms. Cleo's heart and stole her abilities.

#2893210 Eric Weems is now available

Posted by Icege on 16 August 2014 - 10:01 PM

Who? Mark Jones!
Who? Mark Jones!
Who? Mark Jones!

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#2890529 One more preseason ticket give away (vs. KC)

Posted by Icege on 14 August 2014 - 04:06 PM

Congrats! The view is actually really good from that seat. Are you a psl owner icege?

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I am :)

I'm hoping that I can find out who owns the seat next to me. They didn't start showing up until we started winning.

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#2890349 League of Legends

Posted by Icege on 14 August 2014 - 12:57 PM


I haven't played since the end of season 2. >.>

#2890177 One more preseason ticket give away (vs. KC)

Posted by Icege on 14 August 2014 - 11:05 AM

PM me your e-mail so that I can send the ticket pls kthx bai <3

#2890176 One more preseason ticket give away (vs. KC)

Posted by Icege on 14 August 2014 - 11:05 AM

My first game experience was as an 11 or 12 year old. Our inaugural season... my uncle took me to see us take on the Bucs in Clemson at Death Valley. I remember driving in thinking how awesome all the tiger paws covering the campus roads were. We got there, he met with some friends and we tossed a football around before the game. I remember his friends had a really hot, slightly older daughter, and she seemed to take a liking to me, at least that's how it played out in my head, lol.

Gametime, and we were sitting a few rowsdown from the very top of the stadium, lol... needless to say, the view wasn't all that great, but I LOVED IT. I still had the hope that we would win this game and go on an unprecedented, unexpected winning streak and go on to win the Superbowl in our first season, lol. I was 12 - ANYTHING WAS POSSIBLE. I remember looking for specific guys the entire game. I locked in on Tyrone Poole as soon as we drafted him because of his size. I loved him. I was always the smallest kid in my class to that point (didn't really hit a growth spurt until the summer before high school). I remember I spotted him and would watch even as he walked to the sidelines thinking, "if he can do it, I can eventually do it." I watched Sam Mills and Lamar Lathon. I had some Lathon cards from when he was with the Oilers, and even then, I remember being enamored with his athleticism and size combo, unfortunately, he was injured for a good part of his career with us and never fully realized his potential. I also focused on Brett Maxie, as I loved his style of play AND he was on the cover of my program for the game that day, which I still have.

I also focused on Mark Carrier on offense. I was still hoping Kerry Collins would be the MAN, but I don't think he was starting yet, at this point. My real focus offensively was on running back. As that was my favorite position at the time and what I excelled at... and it just so happens, our man at the time, Derrick Moore, had broke off a huge run that day and the whole stadium was electrified as he got behind the defense. It was amazing. We felt like we had something and as a 12 year old, I thought he could become our Barry Sanders (as IIRC, he was Barry's backup when we acquired him). I also vividly remember Kasay hitting the upright on an extra point... his kick was like a sonic boom, felt and heard around the stadium, and when that ball hit the post the goal shook the earth and continued to shake for minutes after he hit it, lol. I was thinking, "THAT is a powerful kick."

I felt like it was heaven at the time. We lost, but we played great and I was proud as I left. I watched the players walk through the tunnel and everyone still cheered because of their valiant effort. We finally had something to call our own.

And then we left, and I remember we sat in traffic FOREVER, lol. Good times.


A winner is you!


Come to think of it, didn't you win the first ticket give away that I did but couldn't go? You're one lucky s.o.b. :P


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