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In Topic: And so it begins....Newton vs Luck

14 August 2012 - 03:03 PM

No bc I dnt want to talk to someone whos constantly is changing their words and doesn't knoe their facts.

Its "know" by the way.

And what is "changing my words" supposed to mean? The problem is clearly one on your end of the post/read diametric.

You had me already that you doesn't knoe anything about football when you said Calvin played behind Roy and Larry played behind Boldin. You think I can take you serious after you made up some more bullshitt that you didn't know but assume.

I'm not assuming anything. These are fuging facts you dolt.



Roy Williams had a productive year for the 2006 Lions, having 1,310 yards and 7 touchdowns

2006 set Williams up as the #1 receiver for the Lions in 2007 when they drafted Johnson. He had more receptions (64), more yardage (838) than Johnson did in 2007, then was traded to the Cowboys in 2008, when Johnson was a 2nd year vet.

Almost the same situation applied to Boldin/Fitzgerald in 2004, except Boldin was deactivated for the first six games of the season due to a slightly torn meniscus in his right knee, so Fitzgerald had a chance to play.

I must've been watching the wrong games in the past bc I swear I clearly thought I saw Calvin playing along side Roy and Larry playing along Boldin just like Julio played last year along Roddy. Green didn't have a legit no.1 to take the pressure off him and he constantly put up some good numbers against a division that includes the Ravens and Steelers.

If you were watching Boldin and Fitzgerald playing along side each other in 2004, you weren't watching the first 6 games.

Chance are, you've only watched them play in ESPN highlights and don't know anything about either player's career.

And just like White/Jones... Boldin/Fitz and Williams/Johnson, the vet is the #1 receiver. Meaning most plays are designed to go to them. Meaning the rookies were playing behind them. Do you know anything about football?

I was watching the Senior Bowl game and guess what. Luck didn't even play in the Senior Bowl game idiot. To answer your Luck couldn't win his Senior Bowl game statement. IDIOT

Pay attention and READ what the hell people post.

I've already said I was talking about the 2012 Fiesta Bowl. Which Luck played in.. and which Stanford lost.


Andrew Luck Loses Fiesta Bowl In Last Stanford Game Before NFL Draft

I wasn't talking about the Senior Bowl. I was talking about his last bowl game as a Senior. FFS...

You proved to me that your football IQ is really low and is only assuming basing nothing on facts.

And you've proven to me you have the reading comprehension skills of a 4th grader.

In Topic: And so it begins....Newton vs Luck

14 August 2012 - 11:43 AM

BYE, Have a fun day. Talking to you is like talking to a wall.

Present me some facts that support your love for Luck, and we can have a conversation. So far, all you've done is make illogical comparisons, and lauded a single performance in a single preseason game against one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

Till you want to bring something relevant, logical, and factual to the table, yes, you might as well be talking to a wall. Because a factless opinion is like writing graffiti... it just a messy distraction...

In Topic: And so it begins....Newton vs Luck

14 August 2012 - 11:23 AM

Sure, I agree with you that the SEC Defenses are better. But I disagree with you that Luck would be worse if he was in the SEC.

Then you're an idiot.

Luck played with guys like Toby Gerhart, Coby Fleener, Chris Owusu, and Doug Baldwin his whole Stanford career. Lets say we put Luck in a Alabama's uniform with play makers like Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and "Julio Jones", wow lets wonder how many National Championship Luck would have won.

Ok... lets try this your way...

Newton played with guys like Kodi Burns, Darvin Adams, Michael Dyer, and Terrell Zachery at Auburn. Lets say we put Newton in a Alabama uniform with play makers like Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and "Julio Jones", wow lets wonder how many National Championship Newton would have won.

Oh... wait... he did win a National Championship. Even with scrub WRs and RBs. In fact, he did it in the SEC, against an Alabama defense that went on to win it the championship the very next year.

You called Green and Jones average based on their rookie performances? Seriously. They played pretty damn well for rookie wrs. Compare their stats to three top receivers right now rookie stats, and this is what we have:

Calvin Johnson (2007): 48rec, 756yds, 4tds
Larry Fitzgerald (2004): 58rec, 780yds, 8tds
Andre Johnson (2003): 66rec, 976yds, 4tds


A.J. Green (2011): 65rec, 1057yds, 7tds
Julio Jones (2011): 54rec, 959yds, 8tds

Need I say more? To call them average, yes you're an "idiot" then.

I can't believe the stupid ass comparisons you continue to make here.

Megatron = Played behind Roy Williams, and played with an injured back his Rookie year.
Fitzgerald = Played behind Anquan Boldin, and still managed to exceed Jones receptions.
Johnson = Not sure why you brought him up, since he was catching balls from David Carr in 2003, but still managed to beat Jones in yardage and receptions.

Incidentally, if you want a measuring stick for Well Above Average, go look up Anquan Boldin's rookie stats.

Yes, A.J. Green and Julio Jones had great seasons for rookies... but their production was average for a WR in the NFL.

Here's the bottom line:
Luck may turn out to be great. But he might turn out to be a bust. WE DO NOT KNOW.

He's on a team that just went 2-14, and is in Free Agency shambles because of Manning's immediate legacy. The odds aren't in his favor.

ONE Preseason game, and a history at a school that is in a mediocre college conference where he couldn't even win his Senior Bowl Game, is not evidence enough that he can overcome those odds to me.

In Topic: And so it begins....Newton vs Luck

13 August 2012 - 07:16 PM

Weren't you the one just nutting on how good the SEC was compare to the Pac12?

To tell me that Green and Jones are just average WRs really speak to me on how stupid you really are.

Jones had 8tds. Green had 7. How many did our Smitty have? 7. I guess Smitty is just average too then.

I said put Luck in the SEC and his collage career would have been worse (because if you knew anything of collage football, you'd know and admit the defenses in the SEC are better than PAC12).

Then YOU come along and bring up SEC WRs, as if they would have made Luck's career better. Which is downright absurd, and means absolutely nothing, because they are mediocre.

And yes, Green and Jones are totally average players so far based on their yardage and TDs. For you to try that Smitty comparison is trollish at best. He was #5 yardage.

Calling people ignorant when you don't understand what you're talking about is sorta... well... ignorant...

In Topic: And so it begins....Newton vs Luck

13 August 2012 - 04:16 PM

Yeah, because two of the latest to come out (AJ Green & Julio Jones) are poo, right?

Lol, what a joke.

So... just because players get some buzz, that means a whole conference is "AMAZING!!!!!!!!111"?

AJ Green was #17 in receiving yards last year.

Julio Jones is ranked #25 in receiving yards last year.

Jones had 8 TDs last year. Green was tied with fellow Rookie Torrey Smith (University of Maryland) with 7TDs last year.

In other words, they are average.

If you look at the list of veteran receivers currently active, there is a smattering of SEC teams, nothing more. They certainly don't dominate the list, and I don't think there is even one in the top ten for scoring or yards (There is one TE up there).