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In Topic: Carolina Panther card/memorbilla/auto's collectors...

Yesterday, 11:24 PM

Just got this in today



In Topic: Carolina Panther card/memorbilla/auto's collectors...

12 August 2014 - 01:34 AM

89% thats crazy!! 'lol


here is one of my Cams I have 4 photobuckets cant find them all together




That set would make a nice rainbow, bet they all look great together


And to clarify, it's 89% not including base as I've just never felt compelled to spend $50 to get the rest of the base as the shipping would cost me more than the cards.  But I have all but 1 of the SP base cards I think, I figured out I can easily get 34 of the 35 base cards seeing as I already have like 10-12 of them, the other I couldn't find on ebay or comc at the time I was looking.


I have 10 non 1/1's left to find, one of them is an SP'd non numbered auto (from Leaf retail, those don't show up often as nobody opens it), a /99 and a /50, the other 7 are /10 or less

In Topic: Carolina Panther card/memorbilla/auto's collectors...

11 August 2014 - 11:33 PM

Damn not sure how I missed this but that is sick!! love the ice glove fuging cool! Love rainbows I have 2 and they can be so hard to complete. I dont think I posted my Cam rainbow>/


That Stew Chrome rainbow took me like 6 months to find the last one I needed, also just finished a Star rainbow tonight, granted it's only 3 cards, but it's still done and now I'm at 89% of his stuff.


What Cam rainbow do you have?

In Topic: Carolina Panther card/memorbilla/auto's collectors...

08 August 2014 - 04:39 PM

And here is the biggie I referred to the other day


2008 Limited Jonathan Stewart RC Shield Auto 1/1



In Topic: Carolina Panther card/memorbilla/auto's collectors...

07 August 2014 - 06:04 PM

So I've had this rainbow completed except for the Gold /50 for about 6 months now and had never even seen a picture of a Gold, was starting to think it had somehow not been made.  Figured my best bet to finding one was at the National last week, but couldn't find one there, but one finally showed up on ebay the night after I got home from the show, haha


Then just got these in today as well

2014 Panini National Lava Flow Glove Patch


Panini Black Metal Captains, this is a really cool card, nice heavy metal feel too it too


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