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In Topic: Why aren't we hearing more about Chris Conley?

Today, 11:12 AM

I honestly don't know why he isn't been talked about as a late day 1 or day 2 pick. 


Day 1?  As in, first round?  Chris Conley... in the first round?

In Topic: Hypothetical Derek Anderson to the Bears

15 April 2015 - 06:08 PM

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.  Thank you.

In Topic: Voth talks up Melvin Gordon in the 1st

14 April 2015 - 08:36 PM


I'll deal with Gurley but Gordon is a CJ2k type runner. .


I'm curious.  How is Melvin Gordon a "CJ2K type runner"?


Gordon relies more on cutting than Johnson did.  Gordon's vision is also much better.  He doesn't have Johnson's straight-line speed, but beats him in COD.


He is more like McCoy and Charles (although Charles has blazing speed) than Johnson. 

In Topic: Ted Ginn got married and LaFell was there.

13 April 2015 - 10:20 PM

LaFell's beard is epic.

In Topic: I love Peanut already. Must read by Henson

11 April 2015 - 11:00 AM

Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly, Charles Johnson, Peanut Tillman.


So much leadership on the defense.  I have always been a huge fan of Tillman and hope he still has something left to contribute, but I do know for sure he will be an excellent mentor to Benwikere and especially Norman.