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#2868110 Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Posted by Mage on Yesterday, 04:47 PM

If people are going to criticize Gettleman, then they should criticize every general manager in the NFL because every GM does this when a player with small value/importance suffers a season-ending injury but is a player they still would like to keep.

The player almost always makes it through waivers and onto that teams IR.  Unfortunately Patriots appeared to like Gaffney a lot in spite of his injury.

#2829730 Mike Singletary be trolling yo

Posted by Mage on 25 June 2014 - 09:14 AM

Kuechly is above Matthews and Suggs at this point, but not the other three.  Although I can at least understand Matthews (he just can't stay healthy); Suggs makes no sense at all at this point in his career.

#2809675 Madden Cover Finals: Cam Newton vs Richard Sherman

Posted by Mage on 05 June 2014 - 05:28 AM

The fact that anyone cares who is on the cover of an XBox game is the really humorous aspect of this.


If you really care....you need to find a hobby or a life.


I would personally say I have a pretty good life going for myself with plenty of hobbies and yet I would still be pretty damn happy to see my favorite player in all of sports make it to the cover of a video game I like to play.


There is a difference between obsessing endlessly and caring.  I don't see how caring if the QB of your favorite team makes it to the cover of Madden, a game they may play, means you lack a hobby or a life.  All I see in this thread are guys having a bunch of fun.  The only people who seem to be taking anything serious in this thread are the posters such as yourself (and you are a fantastic poster, don't get me wrong) with comments such as that.

Cam Newton has twice went out of his way to make videos looking to persuade people to vote for him.  So he obviously cares about who is on the cover of an Xbox game.  I don't think anyone would argue that Cam Newton doesn't have a life.

#2792010 What is kugbila role on the team?

Posted by Mage on 18 May 2014 - 12:44 PM

Do some of you guys have any idea of what you are talking about?

How is taking a backup offensive lineman a wasted pick?  There are only 22 open starting spots on offense and defense.  Not everyone on the team is meant to be a starter.  Quite frankly, if your expectations are for every draft pick to start on the team, then you have no idea of how drafting and building a team works.  It would be nice if that was the case but that doesn't happen.  It would be wonderful if Edmund Kugbila turned into the next Larry Allen or John Hannah but it is quite unlikely.  Now maybe if Kugbila turns into an absolutely awful player that simply cannot do spot duty for us when needed, then maybe you can call it "wasted" (which I still wouldn't do).  Otherwise, as we are experiencing with the retirement of Jordan Gross, depth on the offensive line is crucial.  If Kugbila can be a dependable backup OL for us, to call it a wasted pick would just be moronic.  Not to mention, some of you STILL act like the best teams consistently find starting players in the mid to late rounds.  No matter how many times it is brought up that Richard Sherman was taken in the 5th round, this simply does not happen.  On occasion, sure, you will see a team who gets production from a good chunk of their draft picks.  But it isn't often nor should it be an expectation because it is unreasonable.  This should be common sense but lets look at the 2013 draft's 4th round and see just how many starters were taken then.  * = denotes starter, was a starter, or could likely start this upcoming season.


Matt Barkley

Nico Johnson

Akeem Spence*

Ace Sanders

Josh Boyce

Alex Okafor

Jelani Jenkins

Duke Williams

Dion Sims

Brian Schwenke

Edmund Kugbila

David Bakhtiari

Ryan Nassib

Shamarko Thomas*

Tyler Wilson

Barrett Jones

B.W. Webb

Landry Jones

Earl Watford

Khaseem Greene

Sean Porter

Phillip Thomas*

Gerald Hodges

Khaled Holmes

J.C. Tretter

Chris Harper

Trevardo Williams

Jonathan Franklin

William Gholston

Malliciah Goodman

Quinton Patton

John Simon

Kyle Juszczyk
Marcus Lattimore

Devin Taylor*

Levine Toilolo


So 4 guys who might start this year (Spence did last year, not sure if he will this year and it isn't like he was all that good) and 3 of them are very unproven.


Kugbila is no different than the mass majority of players drafted in the 4th and beyond rounds.  A hopefully quality backup that can provide good depth to your team and start a couple of games here and there if need be.  

#2749018 Captain takes jab at the Panthers and Dwill on twitter

Posted by Mage on 23 April 2014 - 07:30 PM

I don't have a problem with Munnerlyn's trash talk and I still think he is a good guy.


But seriously, DeAngelo Williams over the past 2 seasons has quickly turned into my most disliked Panther.  I wish we could get rid of him.  Players might dislike our FO moves, hell Newton and Kuechly might, but like someone said, they publicly back the team and don't cry about every single thing.  They are professional about it.  Ever since Williams has opened his Twitter, all he does is whine and the least he could have done here is defend our team rather than (basically) agree with Munnerlyn saying we had no receivers.

#2712574 PFF Roster Breakdown

Posted by Mage on 22 March 2014 - 05:38 PM

Hrmm, what does pff count as "elite"?


It's weird seeing Kalil (and Cam, after last year) as below High Quality Starter, and not seeing Keek and Davis as Elite or at least bordering on it.


It is because PFF and most other respected places have much higher standards for being elite than most on this site do.

With that said, I would certainly consider Kuechly elite, but not Cam.

#2701042 10 Players (only 7 on the roster) are eating 85.3 Million in 2014 cap space

Posted by Mage on 16 March 2014 - 04:10 PM

6. Charles Godfrey 7.1 Million



#2701019 deangelo williams taking a jab at panthers current roster

Posted by Mage on 16 March 2014 - 03:58 PM

If your boss at work offered you a huge raise would you say "no better not, don't want to make more than other guys in the workplace."

Blame the boss, not the employee


I am not at all calling DeAngelo Williams a bad guy or anything like that for not taking a paycut.  I don't blame him for not doing it.  I wouldn't do it either.  What I wouldn't do, however, is take a shot at the current roster.


My point is merely that when you are a part of the reason why we are struggling to bring in new talent and aren't worth what you are being paid, then don't take a shot at the roster because if it is that big of a deal to you, then take a paycut.  It is like Jimmy Graham asking to be paid a truckload of money and then taking to Twitter to complain about the Saints releasing key guys.  Like, what the heck are they supposed to do?

That is all I am saying.  I am not blaming DeAngelo Williams.  I do blame Hurney for all of this.  But if Williams has an issue with our roster, then he could help by taking a paycut considering he is obviously not worth what he is being paid and allowing us to acquire more talent.  Otherwise, whining on Twitter about it is a bit obnoxious and that is all Williams seems to do nowadays.

#2693574 What if Gettleman is trying to sabotage Cam?

Posted by Mage on 13 March 2014 - 10:51 PM

If this is the case, why wouldn't he just trade Cam Newton?

#2688231 If Smitty is a distraction what is Hardy?

Posted by Mage on 12 March 2014 - 05:53 PM

overrated and overpaid


Then what is Steve Smith?  Ridiculously overrated and ridiculously overpaid?

#2686785 Steve Smith Will Not Be In a Panthers Uniform Next Season

Posted by Mage on 12 March 2014 - 12:51 PM

No but I do believe delaying the inevitable saves us money this year. Money signs players. Players win games.

It's not just about smitty. I think you misunderstood my reply.

I believe keeping smith for cheaper and getting some quality players with the money he saved could win us a SB.


Except he would only just end up being more expensive the next season.  And the next season.  And the next season.  You can't just keep delaying the inevitable when we have so many studs we will eventually need to secure long-term contracts with.


Delaying stuff is what got us into this predicament in the first place.  If we keep Smith, people will just moan about the $10m he will cost us next season.  And they will moan when we struggle to re-sign key players.  


And if we don't win the Super Bowl, then what?  We are going to be in the same situation next year except with an even older, more expensive Smith.

#2686755 Steve Smith Will Not Be In a Panthers Uniform Next Season

Posted by Mage on 12 March 2014 - 12:44 PM

Sometimes teams win SBs before the "inevitable" gets here....


If you are referring to what I said, do you really believe Steve Smith at this point is the difference between us winning and losing a Super Bowl?

Because here is the truth.  He isn't.

#2686728 Steve Smith Will Not Be In a Panthers Uniform Next Season

Posted by Mage on 12 March 2014 - 12:38 PM

Seriously, what the heck does restructuring the contract of a soon to be 35 year old receiver accomplish?

It is delaying the inevitable and Smith will only be even more useless as he ages.  Do you guys think Gettleman is a dummy?  He's restructured a good amount of players on this team.  If that was truly a viable option with Smith, don't you think he would have? 

There is a reason Smith's agent said RESTRUCTURE and not PAYCUT.  There is a huge difference.

#2686716 Steve Smith Will Not Be In a Panthers Uniform Next Season

Posted by Mage on 12 March 2014 - 12:35 PM

It is clear to me some (not all, as seen by the point who actually point it out) have no idea what a restructure exactly accomplishes.

#2683003 Interesting Gantt perspective on Smith Situation

Posted by Mage on 11 March 2014 - 07:36 AM

What did he say in that article that sounds like he's trolling? Sounds like a great analysis of the situation IMO.


He ignores (and knowingly so) the money Smith is going to make in 2015 and 2016.  This move isn't all about the short-term, which everyone is too focused on.  Yes, cutting Smith doesn't do much for us this year, but it does a lot for us next year, especially in a year (2015) where we will need all the money we can with Kuechly sitting there waiting for (and deserving of) an extension, Greg Hardy set to be a free agent, and the elephant in the room in Cam Newton as everyone wonders what is his asking price.


There is no reason to think Gettleman is releasing Smith for personal reasons other than for people to unfairly pile on Gettleman because they refuse to move forward. 

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