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In Topic: Cam and high throws.

Today, 12:40 PM

No we shouldn't pretend this issue is happening only after he had surgery. It predates his surgery.

Yes he has overthrows, but I think you are blowing it out of proportion. He's still got work to do with his mechanics obviously, but the soreness from the surgery is certainly not going to help matters with that right now. I'm more worried about our OL protecting him at this point.

In Topic: Cam and high throws.

Today, 12:33 PM

Exactly. And for those saying bum ankle blah blah did u not watch panther games last season? He always had balls sailing on him.

So should we just pretend he didn't have ankle surgery?

In Topic: Cam and high throws.

Today, 12:26 PM

Why don't you tell us, you created the thread.

Seems like common sense to me. Rain today, combined with a recovering ankle.

In Topic: Brandin Cooks stealing the show!

Today, 11:24 AM

There were a number of people on this board who really liked Cooks.

Last I checked though, he plays for the Saints. If you are looking for people to sit around and suck him off, head to Saints Report.

In Topic: Boomer Esiason's most overrated players...guess who's number 1

Yesterday, 04:41 PM

And another thing, where the fug is Cam rated so high? He was designated a "tier 3" QB behind the likes of Nick Foles in that brilliant nfl exec poll. Jaworksi put him at #15 behind guys like Romo and Flacco.

Just a chance for Boomer to exercise his negativity towards a QB that doesn't look or act how he thinks a QB should be.


The funny thing about it is that Esiason made it known at the time of the draft that he felt Cam Newton was worthy of the #1 pick.


He specifically stated:


I know that it is a risky move … but the kid really lights up a room, and as long as he’s at a place where defense is going to come first, I think that he is going to be a very successful quarterback in this league. I think it would be a great pick for the Panthers.


Yet now Newton is the most overrated player in the NFL? This is just another example of how pathetic modern sports journalism has become.

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