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In Topic: Thanks Charles

Today, 02:23 PM

At least he made an attempt to help the team financially. I do feel kind of bad for him, but this had to happen.


Best of luck to him.

In Topic: Godfrey Released

Today, 02:00 PM

Well that was fast.

In Topic: Panthers work out OT Bruce Campbell

Today, 01:57 PM

Earlier this year he signed with the Redskins and was cut one day later after he failed his team physical.


He also recently lasted barely 2 weeks with the Jets before being cut.


It sounds like nothing has changed since he was here, if anything he has possibly gotten worse.

In Topic: Panthers trying out DBs?

Today, 01:02 PM

I thought Godfrey actually took a paycut, not a restructure.


Spotrac has him with a cap hit of $7.1 million next year. Just cut him and get it over with.

In Topic: Ron Rivera is still terrible at clock management

Today, 11:59 AM

Yeah that is definitely concerning. His challenges are just as bad too.


I said it in another thread, but about the only time we see Ron show some balls or catch of a glimpse of Riverboat anymore is when he is gambling our timeouts on challenges that it's clear to everyone in the world we aren't going to win, yet Rivera still throws the flag anyway.


He seemed to have finally gotten "it" after that Buffalo loss last year if you heard his comments about how much the loss bothered him. But since then much of the progress he made seems to have simply went out the window. Remember when we went for it on 4th and long in Miami?


I'm worried that he is simply too stubborn to ever fully change, and take that next step as a head coach. I really want to see him succeed here.

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