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#3098630 Greg Olsen on first take tomorrow

Posted by TheRed on Today, 01:28 PM

Olsen doesn't bullshit. He has never been shy about pointing out the media hypocrisy regarding Newton.

#3097930 Still in for Rivera~

Posted by TheRed on Yesterday, 09:27 PM

Anyone honestly defending that chicken poo decision making from Rivera in the Atlanta loss is either trolling or retarded.


In this case, TonyN fits both.

#3097781 Hornet vs Pacers Game Thread

Posted by TheRed on Yesterday, 07:49 PM

I think it's the ankle, but I'm not 100% sure.


He was originally listed as doubtful, but eventually was ruled out. Still resting the ankle.

#3097695 I don't think I've ever seen the fanbase against our HC coach this mu...

Posted by TheRed on Yesterday, 06:47 PM

You mean Pete Carroll who was fired as head coach by both the Jets and the Patriots...???


or Bill Belichick who was fired by Cleveland because he had 4 losing season in 5 years and a career record of .450 ???


This terrible argument again?


For every Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick, there is a laundry list of other coaches who did not go on to experience similar success.

#3097342 What's the first thing you do when you control a state entirely?

Posted by TheRed on Yesterday, 02:13 PM

I think a large majority of the individuals affected by the voterid laws are seniors. Many of them without transportation.


So I don't know why the usual suspects in here keep going on about alchohol and cigarettes. Even if there were that many grandma's and grandpa's out here buying mass quantities of booze and smokes, who exactly is going to card them for not looking of age?


If Republicans truly cared about the sanctity of the vote, they wouldn't be closing polling stations, and drastically limiting early voting.

#3097284 I don't think I've ever seen the fanbase against our HC coach this mu...

Posted by TheRed on Yesterday, 01:40 PM

Gettleman's building this thing for the long haul.


Considering how terrible the offense has been the several weeks, the defense has held together fairly well...even in the loss to Philly.


You give Rivera a couple of more pieces on that side of the football...and the Panthers will become very, very good again.


Defensive coaches of the caliber of Rivera don't grow on trees.


The moves this off season will be in replacing Shula and probably Dorsey as well. I am telling you...this is going to be an interesting off season...


Replacing Shula, and Dorsey? Rivera signed off on those moves, he picked Shula for the job. He's the head coach. Can't help but notice how you referred to Rivera as a "defensive coach", and that's the problem, it's his "head coaching" abilities that are in question.


If Rivera is going to succeed here, or anywhere for that matter as a head coach, he has to take ownership of the entire team, and get more involved. He took the job, and drafted a QB #1 overall, and so far him and his staff have shown very little ability at developing a QB.


Rivera's gameday inconsistency is also a HUGE liability right now. He still doesn't get "it". He's still making the same poor decisions, questionable challenges, poor clock management, and playing not to lose when he's already learned his lesson about that countless times.


I don't know if the COTY award combined with the extension went to his head, but his attitude so far this year is concerning. Last year he admitted his faults, and corrected them, this year he only wants to blame the players, even though we are routinely being outcoached.

#3097199 I don't think I've ever seen the fanbase against our HC coach this mu...

Posted by TheRed on Yesterday, 12:52 PM

This season is pretty simple to explain.


The loss of Hardy and the disappearance of CJ turned what had been a great passing rushing defensive line into a no pressure defensive line.


This exposed an already suspect secondary that was made worse by personnel losses long term cap restrictions made it impossible to address.


Right now, the Panthers don't have a lot of talent on the defensive side of the football. They really didn't have that much talent last year, either, but Rivera was very good at making something out of nothing on that side of the ball.


On the offensive (literally) side of things, an already paper-thin and suspect offensive line has been banged-up and battered and unable to develop any sort of consistency. The running backs have been injured, the Receiving corps (outside of Olsen) has been inconsistent and the QB has wilted under pressure and put up bottom five passer rating numbers.


To address the Atlanta game for the umpteenth time: Newton had already thrown two picks, had nearly just thrown a third and has taken sacks on nearly 10% of his dropbacks this season. Rivera's decisions, while certainly conservative, were easy to understand. That's why criticism of the decision has really not gained any traction outside of the customary squealings on internet chat rooms.


For all the endless poo you talk about Newton, you're really going to simply give Rivera of all people a pass? Too funny.

#3095873 Jason Avant Cut

Posted by TheRed on 18 November 2014 - 03:28 PM

If Avant deserved to lose his job because of those comments, then Rivera should as well. It was Rivera who made the exact same blunder last season versus Buffalo, and he then himself openly admitted that he regretted it and would do differently moving forward.


Ron's own comments:



CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera experienced a "revelation'' that turned his team's season at a metaphorical crossroads.


Rivera was driving through the middle of an intersection near his Charlotte-area home before his 0-2 Panthers played the New York Giants.

The coach was so consumed by his decision not to go for it on fourth-and-1 late in a Week 2 loss to the Buffalo Bills, he never saw the traffic light change on his commute from the Panthers complex.

"I got so focused in on that decision, I run a red light and almost got sideswiped,'' Rivera told USA TODAY Sports. "After that I'm like, 'What was I thinking?'


"I realized that these are the things I have to do to give us a chance to win.''


#3095816 Jason Avant Cut

Posted by TheRed on 18 November 2014 - 03:11 PM

Hey RoaringRiot, when even Mr. Scot is making you look like a homer, it's time to just quit.

#3095637 Coaching Failure: Avant was misused

Posted by TheRed on 18 November 2014 - 02:20 PM

And let's talk about Philly Brown (as mentioned elsewhere).


Yes I know he was injured at one point, but after his performance in that early game, how could anyone not see what he was capable of doing?


I came out of that game expecting him to have a much bigger role in future games.  But then even when he did get healthy, the one true deep threat the team had stayed primarily a return man while the coaches had Newton throwing deep balls and flea flickers and running reverses to possession receivers.


They just do not know what they are doing.


You know things are looking rough when even Mr. Scot is saying this.


We're boned.

#3095603 Jason Avant Cut

Posted by TheRed on 18 November 2014 - 02:12 PM

That's the argument--who the staff should've kept and I felt otherwise so just pointed it out.  Of course Bersin produced more, because we chose him over King.  What are you trying to say?  


IMO, if it was the other way around, Bersin would be sitting on our PS because even Tampa wouldn't scoop him up and King would have similar numbers.  Neither are that great but one provides a deep threat option.      


Well you can always play the what if game. It's kind of sad looking back at the confidence our staff had in McNutt and King.


Hopefully our luck has changed a bit with the position, because Brown looks pretty good at least.

#3095556 stephen hill won't be activated because...

Posted by TheRed on 18 November 2014 - 02:03 PM

When he couldn't keep a spot with the Jets, that should have told you guys all you needed to know.

#3095446 Jason Avant Cut

Posted by TheRed on 18 November 2014 - 01:36 PM

Yeah I know that.  When a crappy coaching staff chooses one player to the active roster over another, he'll get looks in the regular season.  That's the given and I still don't get what you're trying to say.   


Well I'll make it clear.


Out of all the problems with our team right now, I think the last concern should be why we kept a guy who has actually contributed this season with first down catches, and several receptions, one for a touchdown, over a guy with zero career numbers on a practice squad.

#3095344 Jason Avant Cut

Posted by TheRed on 18 November 2014 - 01:13 PM

Avant had not done anything on the field. This doesn't feel like that big of a deal to me. 


I wouldn't exactly say "nothing". He was a very well liked guy as well from what I understand.


With our franchise in it's current state, you can't only look at it from a personnel standpoint.


The problem with this is the message it sends to an already emotional locker room after your head coach made the decision to take the offense off the field this past Sunday with the chance to seal the win against a division rival in your own house. Where's the accountability?

#3095285 Nate Chandler IRed

Posted by TheRed on 18 November 2014 - 01:00 PM

Amini at RT, lol sounds great....

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