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In Topic: D.Williams...props to a good guy...on and off the field

Today, 05:09 PM

Why does he deserve benefit of the doubt?  It's well beyond doubt. I don't have to have met him, I saw his uniform and read about a fellow Marine's encounter with him. That's more than enough proof to me.
 Google Stolen Valor and then go to images.  There are countless stories of these idiots out there.  
Compare those clowns to how this retired Master Gunnery Sergeant looks:

Only one idiot now and it isn't him.

In Topic: Why, Kraken....why?

Today, 04:58 PM

I'm sure glad we are spending 13 mil on this guy instead of trying to protect our franchise QB from harm.

In Topic: Tony Dungy: "I wouldn't have taken him." (Michael Sam)

Yesterday, 04:14 PM

cool beans

In Topic: Charlotte Hornets Memorabilia

20 July 2014 - 01:42 PM

I've got....nothing. Would like a hat and non-overpriced t-shirt though.

In Topic: Hell F to the Yes.

20 July 2014 - 01:40 PM

do you mean hats for rednecks or old people? Most common white people where the same hats as the common black, asian, and latin people. I saw some nice cowboy and hunting hats at the local Wal-Mart that might interest you.

Obvious joke taken seriously. That's the huddle for you.

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