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In Topic: Massive Eagles-Bills trade

03 March 2015 - 06:45 PM

clearing cap..... traded McCoy before they had to pay him

In Topic: Colin Cole Re-Signed

03 March 2015 - 12:39 PM

Need cole more than Edwards because he plays the UT...

In Topic: Would there be a double standard if..

01 March 2015 - 08:28 PM

He's cheaper than hardy so you have to think about that also

In Topic: Restructure?

18 February 2015 - 02:07 PM

this is more so about how much cap we could truly have..... if we make it happen with CJ.

In Topic: Lance Is Already Gone Mentally...

16 February 2015 - 02:45 PM

Should have never signed Lance if they wasn't going to play him.... they never gave him a fair shot..... you ever notice how we build a lead with Lance in the game then they take him out and we lose it.... but the coach never puts him back in? lol yall kill me Lance is good but it's he coaching that is killing his production.