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#2890015 Playing Smith in Baltimore

Posted by JuliusP_90 on 14 August 2014 - 09:43 AM

What do you guys think about the game with the Ravens coming up this year? It'll be weird watching Smith play against us, a little heartbreaking and I may shed a tear of bittersweet joy if he tears off a big play against our defense. 

As a DC area guy I'll be driving up to B'more to see the game too. I plan on making plenty of noise when they call Smith's name!

#1928852 Cam's agent:

Posted by JuliusP_90 on 30 September 2012 - 11:30 PM

It is a good point that Newton will leave if the team degrades and continues to get worse. There is no reason for him to stay with a franchise that is imploding.

But, many things tell me all of you are wrong and he won't be. For one, it's still early in this Carolina era. And I wouldn't say we're truly going down the path of implosion just yet. Two, if the franchise does so terribly that Cam does decide to leave, who is going to want the guy that was leading the team? Cam Jesus hasn't exactly lived up to his rookie year statistics, naw mean? Three, there is always the chance of another bright young player coming to town that can entice Newton to stay. Fourth, maybe he likes it here? Maybe he's a humble guy who likes the idea of leading a team out of hell into the promised land? Mabye, we're all wrong and the team will do great soon?

I personally hope we will avoid the next Lebron James and keep him for his entire career. This team deserves a legend, and Cam has all the potential and good will in the world.