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#2864298 Soundtrack for my day today.. what's yours?

Posted by Bronn on 25 July 2014 - 10:52 AM

#2863330 TMNT Thread

Posted by Bronn on 24 July 2014 - 01:15 PM

ninja kick the damn rabbit

#2862129 Husband creates 'sex starved' spreadsheet for every time he was denied

Posted by Bronn on 23 July 2014 - 03:12 PM

If he was cool he would have made himself a sports card of himself each month and put these as the stats on the back and then at the end of the year or w/e give her a pack of the cards.

#2861716 NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Posted by Bronn on 23 July 2014 - 09:04 AM



Okay, with that, I realize that there is literally no point in us continuing this conversation. We are just too fundamentally different on this issue. But it is enlightening to know how the thought process behind the anti-cop mentality. Thank you for that.


It isn't even an anti-cop mentality. It is more of an anti authoritative mentality. Apply it to anyone from politicians to police and even soldiers if you want.


I think you're mistaking my firm beliefs with rhetorical venom. That isn't the case.

#2861707 NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Posted by Bronn on 23 July 2014 - 08:58 AM

But you seem to be under the assumption that cops are capable of arresting suspects who are not complying with pleases, thank yous and a handful of wildflowers. That's simply not realistic. The guy you are defending made the decision not to comply with LEOs. They were justified in taking him down. They were not justified for using a choke hold which is off limits and obviously dangerous. That cop will suffer the consequences for that action.


I make no such assumptions. You are making the assumption that cops are capable of anything.

If they were capable of anything, they should be capable of diffusing situations such as this. Not escalating them.


You try to make it better by saying that the cop will suffer the consequences, but do you really believe he will suffer in any way comparable to the family that the victim left behind?

#2861641 TMNT Thread

Posted by Bronn on 23 July 2014 - 07:47 AM

FWIW I was kinda turned off on this originally, but the hype is getting to me... I kinda really want to see it now...

#2861635 NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Posted by Bronn on 23 July 2014 - 07:31 AM

Where is the outrage over citizens murdering cops in cold blood? That happens a lot more than cops murdering citizens. And, in case you forgot, cops are normal men & women with families just like everyone else.

The cops that killed that man are a POS & deserve to be held accountable but this thread is a freaking joke. Cop bashing seems to be the cool thing to do. Incidentally, I'd love to see what percentage of those bashing cops in this thread have a criminal record.



Cops, like soldiers, put themselves in the line of fire by the profession they have chosen (or been forced to choose). That does not justify their often over aggressive behavior.

Pardon me if I have very little pity for them. Stop trying to turn the cops into the victims.


Also, you should be ashamed of yourself for you "down syndrome" comment, since we're gonna resort to white knighting for causes.

#2859997 NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Posted by Bronn on 21 July 2014 - 02:43 PM




The Times also notes that one of the officers who has been plunked on desk duty has been sued twice in federal court for civil rights violations, including one case where he pulled over a vehicle for a broken taillight and then strip-searched its inhabitants on the side of the road.



We should be concerned that the reason why the police swarmed Garner in the first place is getting lost. He allegedly possessed "untaxed cigarettes." That is it. There is this press focus on how the police took Garner down, and the problem with that focus is the question, "Well, what do you do when a 400-pound man refuses to cooperate when you try to arrest him?" Or to put it another way: Would there be an objection to police using a chokehold to take down and subdue man who was engaged in violent activity harming others? Because you know that's going to be part of the defense of this behavior.


There needs to be more attention on the absurd reason that a pack of police officers was on top of Garner in the first place: black market cigarettes. It's a crime that only takes place because of the city's own oppressive taxation system. It's a crime that happens when the city makes it too hard for people (especially poor people, of course) to get what they want legally.


#2859946 NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Posted by Bronn on 21 July 2014 - 01:21 PM

I hear this alot but the point is he pulled you.
I hate this phrase but unfortunately many by into it. Perception is reality. I totally disagree with it but since its a popular notion thats what we get in many cases like this. The cops perception was this guy is at it again. The victim's perception is these guys are going to hassle me again and no telling what else.
The chokehold being used is the crux here. Everything else is fluff.

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But don't you see the problem with a perception of presumed guilt vs. an individual's right to a fair and just justice system?

I'd be pissed and resistant too, if I was trying to mind my own business or break up a fight (as is alleged in this incident) and then the police target me because I was somewhat imposing and had a history of minor crimes.


It doesn't even have to devolve into a discussion about the fact that the guy was black. He was wronged as someone with basic rights. His right to life was taken away over something petty.

#2859815 NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Posted by Bronn on 21 July 2014 - 10:51 AM

The problem with anyone in authority is that that authority often leads to a mentality of absolute power.

#2857136 The fug is this?

Posted by Bronn on 18 July 2014 - 02:36 PM

craaaab people!

#2857059 NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Posted by Bronn on 18 July 2014 - 01:34 PM

Stuff like this enrages me so much...

Basically, they killed the guy for "selling illegal cigarettes."


Outstanding work on offing such a hardened criminal that was obviously a threat to everyone.



AGGHH!!! I just don't even have the words anymore.

#2856769 Praise supply-side Jesus

Posted by Bronn on 18 July 2014 - 11:04 AM

Churches shouldn't be tax exempt and they should have to prove their contributions to society (including the non believer section of society) for any sort of tax relief just like anyone else.

#2855594 The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America

Posted by Bronn on 17 July 2014 - 02:14 PM


"The Five Most Dangerous Guns in America:

All of them."


Thanks, Rolling Stone, for that wonderful write-up.

#2855277 Huddle-isms

Posted by Bronn on 17 July 2014 - 10:52 AM

I have a couch for sale

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