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Tolbert Coming up on NFL AM.

07 November 2013 - 11:35 AM

Should be good.

Faith in Humanity...

31 October 2013 - 01:39 AM

It gets wrecked a lot in this forum. (& in life in general) Thus I figured there should be a thread to restore it, even if just  a little. So, feel free to comment & share.


The Teenager Who saved a Man With an SS Tattoo.



So, the KKK was holding a rally in Michigan, in 1996. There was a counter protest rally. Someone noticed that a white guy with an SS tattoo, Confederate flag vest, CF t-shirt stating "You wear your X, I'll wear mine" (basically a guy dressed in a way that screamed Klansman) was standing in the crowd. He was pointed out & a bunch of people started chasing him. he was knocked to the ground & was about to catch one hell of an asswhuppin when an 18 year old black woman threw herself on him, shielded him with her body, and was able to break through the mob mentality & get the people to regain their higher brain function. She did this because "violence is violence", & wrong is wrong.


A few months later, a young man came up to her & said "Thank you." She asked what for & he said, "That guy you protected at the rally... That was my dad."

Cop Manipulates Autistic Teen into Buying Pot.

14 October 2013 - 03:22 PM



So a cop goes undercover "21 Jump Street" style to bust kids at a high school for selling weed. 22 students are arrested, the majority  of whom are special needs kids. The kid in the story has problems reading social cues & it's really hard for him to make friends so when he transferred to this school & one guy was willing to hang out with him, he likely thought he was making progress.


Soon "Deputy Dan" (So named by other students because he was obviously a cop to kids who pick up on social cues) started asking him to by weed for him, sending him 60 texts asking & an unknown amount of times in person. The kid refuses, cop gets mad at him, kid freaks out to the point he starts hurting himself, finally the kid agrees, takes $20 from the cop, & spends 3 weeks trying to figure out how to do it til he buys half a joint off of some homeless guy. Cop gets him to do it again, then when the cop tries a third time, the kid refuses, the cop cuts off all contact, kid gets depressed, then uniformed officers show up at the school to arrest the kid in front of his classmates for teh awesome perp walk.


Now his parents had the money to get a good lawyer, & get the kid a not guilty verdict (though he still had 20hrs community service.) the other kids weren't so lucky.



This is particularly disgusting to me because I know several people who are on the autism spectrum including my father-in-law & I know how hard it is for them to recognize & deal with manipulation.