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In Topic: Therapy

Today, 12:10 AM

Honestly just as you said, the NFCS all lost today along with some of my co-workers and friends favorite teams. That's about all that I could smile about today.


  I can't wait to get back to smiling because we won and not because someone else lost.

In Topic: pro bowl voting open

Yesterday, 08:29 PM


Vote for Godfrey, Harper...the whole Secondary and Bell.


They'll hold out and demand bigger contracts. Wait that still counts against the cap huh...

In Topic: Cam was off today

Yesterday, 08:27 PM

We've poured countless resources into our defense, our offense is not built to win in a shootout week to week. Simple as that.


Very true no question about it. Like I said D is the weak link which no one would've ever guessed coming in.


No team whatsoever specifically this one should be expected to win a game when the D is allowing 20+ points every week... let alone our offense.

In Topic: Cam was off today

Yesterday, 08:25 PM

Definitely Cam wasn't sharp today but that mainly came after the first quarter when we were already down 21 points. Being down that big after the first quarter is demoralizing. It may have made the whole offense discombobulated.


Very true and ANYONE that knows football knows that you can't execute your gameplan the same way.


However anyone that knows football also knows MOMENTUM is the largest part of the game.


Had we even gotten 7 points in that first quarter it could've been anyone's game at that point....sadly the bleeding didn't stop at 21 anyway.

In Topic: Trying to freeze the kicker up 28-0

Yesterday, 08:23 PM

Don't know if my response got deleted by a mod or what but as I said before plain and simple.




"A winner."

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