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In Topic: Top 4 reasons for current losing streak

30 September 2014 - 02:06 PM

Let Greg Hardy play. Fixed the Defense right there.

In Topic: Smitty may be even more pissed than we thought (Panthers related)

13 September 2014 - 05:45 PM

Smitty is on pace to be targeted 200 times this season....

In Topic: Stephen Hill First Impressions

04 September 2014 - 10:34 AM

You guys really think Hill with Cam at QB couldn't outperform Ginn from last season? For years people were down on Ginn and were ready to write him off.



Before Cam Ginn had:

51% of his targets result in catches, and 59% of his catches resulted in first downs. He also had a very solid Chad Pennington throw to him during 2008 and had Kap throw to him as a 49er, along with Alex Smith.


Before Cam Hill had:

42% of his targets result in catches, 71% of his catches resulted in first downs. He had Mark Sanchez, He had Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith throwing to him....


Ginn also had just 6 touchdowns catching in 6 seasons as a WR before coming to Carolina where he had 5 last season. Hill had 3 as a rookie which was more than Ginn had in any season until he came to Carolina.


I have faith in our coaching staff.

In Topic: Charles Godfrey has been legendarily terrible this camp

31 July 2014 - 10:53 AM

@DNewtonESPN: Starting safeties Roman Harper and Thomas DeCoud and cornerbacks Antoine Cason and Melvin White have looked solid. But DeCoud has missed a couple of practices with a leg injury and they're controlling the number of reps for Harper because of his age (31) and his knee that was injured last season. No worries there, but it makes it hard to get a great read on the group. Charles Godfrey was caught looking inside on the first few days of his transition from safety to corner, but had a good practice on Tuesday. I don't look for this group to be the Achilles heel, nothing personal Godfrey, of the team.

In Topic: Who is the most important player on the panthers defense?

25 April 2014 - 01:16 AM

Just going to point out that the 24 tackle game by Luke was also the same game Hardy got 3 sacks and 2 TFL.


In that game, which we won 17-13, Hardy's first sack came on third down. The sacks was for 11 yards and moved the Saints out of field goal range to the Carolina 39 where they had to punt to us. Hardy then tacked on another sacks later in the game which also ended a drive for the Saints. 


During a must win game for seeding and trying to clinch a playoff spot, Greg Hardy along with Luke stepped up.


In the final week of the season we beat the Falcons by 1 point to clinch a top seed in the playoffs. Hardy had 4 sacks. The first sack came in the Panther red zone and forced a field goal instead of them going for a touchdown. Hardy's next sack came on third down again and ended a drive. 


Point is, its hard to say who is more important. Both of them have grown into great football players. Luke is our smarts, Greg is our attitude. But without the other guys around them they don't shine like they currently do.

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