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#2691186 All this Gettleman hate....

Posted by Varking on 13 March 2014 - 12:59 PM

Listen very carefully, Steve leaving was NOT about money!!

You would be silly to believe that money the next two years plus this upcoming season had NOTHING to do with it.

#2666428 Clowney reportedly runs a 4.46 40

Posted by Varking on 25 February 2014 - 09:58 PM

He has long arms. The shorter the better for the bench press.

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#2666260 Your Favorite Player After The Combine

Posted by Varking on 25 February 2014 - 07:40 PM

To the people talking about reps on the bench press, Clowney had massively long arms. Shorter arms are better for the bench press.

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#2652291 Greg Hardy is an immature manchild losing fans everyday

Posted by Varking on 13 February 2014 - 09:55 AM

No. If you work a job and some guy you are outperforming makes 8 or 10 times what you make, sooner or later you will be annoyed and want more. Football is also brutal. Get your money now.

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#2618050 Who was the 28th overall pick for the last few years?

Posted by Varking on 15 January 2014 - 08:14 PM

That number 7 analysis had way better luck in the pros. Even the guys who weren't stand outs were something for a bit. Smith, Haden, Barron, Peterson are good. That is way better than 2/10 for the 28th pick. Roy William was very productive for a few years. Huff was productive as well for an extended period of time. Byron couldn't stay healthy long enough to do anything. 

#2617979 Who was the 28th overall pick for the last few years?

Posted by Varking on 15 January 2014 - 07:06 PM

Yeah Gamble was nice and Staley is a monster. The rest of that list is suspect.

#2607329 Panthers will have to overcome the 49ers and the NFL.

Posted by Varking on 12 January 2014 - 02:42 PM

Should have had Cam go Super Cam over the top.

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#2600742 Bay Area Writer: Kaepernick One-Read QB, Cam Actually Reads Defenses

Posted by Varking on 10 January 2014 - 07:45 PM

Bottom line is Kap is better on 3rd, 4th downs. Hes better on the deep ball. hes better when the game is close whether they are up by 1-8 points, or playing from behind 1-8 points. Kap is more clutch.  

Colin Kaep when tied or losing: 10 TDs, 7 INT. Completion %s of 54 when trailing. 57 when tied.

Cam Newt when tied or losing: 14 TDs, 8 INT. Completion %s of 55 when trailing and 64 when tied.


Cam also has 1 rushing TD when tied or losing. Kaep has 0. So while turning the ball over 1 more time, he did score 5 more touchdowns when tied or losing. Cam also has 45 scrambles for first downs and Kaep isn't even close to that. 


In the 4th quarter -/+ within 7 points, Kaep has 0 passing touchdowns and 1 pick.

In the 4th quarter -/+ within 7 points, Cam has 3 passing touchdowns to 1 pick.


Those are more clutch. You can verify these numbers via ESPN.

#2599320 Bay Area Writer: Kaepernick One-Read QB, Cam Actually Reads Defenses

Posted by Varking on 10 January 2014 - 01:05 AM

Is he really? Colin has a higher TD %, lower Int %, higher QB rating + Yard/attempt, + yard/completion. 

Cam threw 60 more passes, over 10% more than Colin. So looking at the raw numbers gives Cam an advantage. 

Because Cam had to do more for his team to win. In games where you are already losing, Kaep has 5 tds and 5 ints. Cam, in those same situations is 9-5. Cam has 1 rushing touchdown when the chips were down. None of Kaeps rushing TDs were when you were losing. Looking at the stats, he has a difficult time when the team is already down. 

#2599315 Bay Area Writer: Kaepernick One-Read QB, Cam Actually Reads Defenses

Posted by Varking on 10 January 2014 - 01:00 AM

Manningham only played a few games and didn't recover from his ACL surgery so we put him on IR. Crab missed 2/3rd of the regular season, so Colin didnt have most of these weapons for most of the season.
However, is Cam "several tiers" above Kaep? What do you base this on... you say his stats are better, but that isn't obvious. Their stats are mostly identical. What makes Cam so much better than Colin? 

Cam has the better numbers with lesser talent. 


Cam is 16th in completion %. Kaep is 31st.

Cam had 3 more passing touchdowns.

Cam has more passing yards.

Cam threw 5 more interceptions.

Cam fumbled once to Kaeps 3.

Cam was sacked 14 more times than Kaep.

Cam has more rushing yards.

Cam has more rushing touchdowns.

While 28 of Kaeps runs resulted in a first down, 45 of Cams runs got a first down.


Cam is less boom or bust. In wins, Cam has a rating of 94.2. In losses, 74.9. Kaep has a rating of 107.6 in wins. 45.9 in losses. So typically, Cam isn't god awful during a loss. Kaep completely poos the bed and is likely the reason for the loss. 


In the 4th quarter, within 7 points of the other team, Cam is a 81.0 compared to a 69.4 for Kaep. 


Cam is a 107.1 in the third quarter and 90.3 in the fourth. Kaep is a 105 in the third and then a 65 in the fourth. 


Kaep has 0 TD passes to the middle of the field. Maybe this is a problem reading a defense or trusting your playmakers over the crowded middle?


Kaep has 2 interceptions thrown within 10 yards of the opponents end zone. Not long tosses, but starting the play on the 10 or closer or scoring and turning the ball over. 


In terms of passing weapons, Smith is better than Crabtree but not by much. Davis and Boldin are way better than Greg and Brandon, though. 


While they are indeed both in their third year, Kaep is a full two years older than Newton already and should be further in is development. Cam also took over a franchise with many holes and took many lumps. 


By the way, Kaep plays his worse according to the stats when facing four down linemen this year. 5 TD passes and 5 INT with his lowest completion % and lowest rating of any formation. The Panthers will be in four down linemen most of the game.


Just food for thought on why I believe Cam is better, but a lot of it has to deal with him having less talent around him. Alex Smith did very well in your offense before Kaep did a year ago. Alex Smith would have gotten killed here. And I am an Alex Smith fan.

#2587518 Shula in the Playoffs

Posted by Varking on 05 January 2014 - 02:01 PM

Of course you score more in the regular season. You play good teams in the playoffs.

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#2539974 Greg Olsen has not been impressive this year.

Posted by Varking on 10 December 2013 - 02:11 PM

Greg Olsen is 6th in receptions, He has been targeted 40th most in the NFL. Olson is 16 catches behind JG for the TE lead. Graham has 33 more targets though. 


Olson is 7th in yards.


Tied for 9th in TDs.


Is tied for 4th in 20+ yarders.


5th in first down catches.


Jimmy Graham is in an offense that was special even before him. All of those guys put up numbers. He is also a special player. Jordan Camera is good but he also has help in that Gordon kid nobody can cover. The attention goes there first. Tony Gonzalez is the greatest tight end of all time. Olson is on a team that is commited to running the ball. They are not in Cleveland, Atlanta, or in New Orleans. If Olson was on any of those teams he would likely have much better numbers as well. It is a slap in the face to claim a player who is top 10 in all categories for his position, and is in a more conservative offense, is just an above average player. He is somewhere between great and a above average. He is likely the top 1-2 guys in the great category after your elite 2-3.

#2516247 Sunday Atmoshpere

Posted by Varking on 27 November 2013 - 02:07 PM

I go to a game every year. This year I will be lucky enough to go to two of them one Sunday rolls around. The Panthers have won every game I have been at. 6-0. A few years back I went to the Jaguar game where it poured to the point where I was sitting on the 50, in the front row, and I was up to my hips in water. Peoples trash would roll down to where I was because of the rain. After halftime I had some fans, who were female, behind me complaining the rest of the game that I was standing up when the Panthers were on offense. I thought this was ridiculous. I will be standing and cheering the whole time on Sunday as well and I hope those of you at the game will do the same.

#2051752 Congrats to Greg Hardy

Posted by Varking on 17 December 2012 - 08:56 PM

Hardy is going to get a ridiculous contract in a couple of years. If CJ doesn't restructure (he has no reason to) it won't be with us unfortunately. You simply can't afford to pay 2 elite 4-3 DEs.

1) Stop paying tons of money to 3 running backs.
2) Lock up your elite DEs for years to come.
3) ???
4) Profit.

#2042841 The "I told you so" clowns

Posted by Varking on 11 December 2012 - 10:40 PM

I still remember terry bradshaw saying cam newton is just a flash in the pan...then went on to put up numbers last year....he is on pace to do that again

This season record without looking at our defense sucking all year....so people decide to put the blame on cam....people were eager to call cam a bust even before his first game.....so this year they took that oppurtunity with our record.

I find it funny that a guy like andrew luck can put up horrible stats and be praised simply because of their weak schedule....

And look at rg3 after he went down vs ravens....the "i told you so" clowns came out in bunches to use that as the reason to not like black QBs

Our defense has not sucked all year. What are you talking about?