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Next time you feel like being racist...make sure it's not a judge.

01 January 2015 - 03:52 PM

A North Side business owner slapped a 79-year-old Cook County judge in the face, spit on her and called her “Rosa Parks” after becoming angry that she was smoking near him outside the Daley Center, authorities said.


Hahaha what an idiot piece of garbage.

Bouncy House Blows away with kids inside.

13 May 2014 - 09:17 PM




Two young boys were injured after an inflatable bounce house was swept away, apparently by a gust of wind, Monday afternoon.

Three children were on the play structure when the wind lifted the inflatable toy 50 feet into the air.

The three kids -- ages 5, 6, and 10 -- fell out of the toy as it reached heights of 15 to 20 feet. The two boys were seriously injured.

"The first thing I thought was that was my sister falling through the sky, because all I saw was arms and legs going," said Taylor Seymour, whose 10-year-old sister was one of the children playing on the inflatable and suffered scrapes and a minor injury to her shoulder when she was tossed from the bounce house as it became airborne.

Parents say one boy was dropped onto a parked car and the other landed in the street.

"It dropped off the first little kid in the middle of the road, then it came the other way, it passed over my apartment, it dropped the second one, he hit his head on the back of my car and then he fell to the ground," said Seymour.

South Glens Falls police are not releasing the victims' names or conditions, but say the one boy who landed on pavement was conscious and talking at the scene.

The incident happened around 3:20 p.m. in front of a townhouse on Ferry Boulevard. Witnesses say the Little Tikes brand bounce house floated over a stretch of woods, reaching heights of 50 feet before and landing in the athletic fields behind Oliver W. Winch Middle School.

Police say the toy was secured to the ground with spikes, but the wind lifted it anyway.

"I actually watched the fellow that put it up and he staked it and he did everything correctly. All the kids were having fun until they screamed to me to come down and I saw that," said Stephanie Hansen, who called 911.






Well.....that would suck. 

Honey Badger Houdini

28 April 2014 - 06:11 PM

What should I do?

25 April 2014 - 10:16 AM

So, I'm hung over and barely have the motivation to type this out, but I need some opinions from strangers because I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to pick out the best thing to do in my current scenario.


Some of the posters who have been around for a while might remember the thread/s that I made around the time that my daughters mother and I split up. (here's a refresher http://www.carolinah...3490-disgusted/ )


So we've been split up for about a year and a half officially, and she's lived that guy since then. It didn't take her very long to figure out that she had made a bad choice and in fact we've never stopped sleeping together - though it's been infrequent since we live about 45 minutes apart now - but she would still swing by for a good dicking every couple weeks at least. Terrible decision on my part, but whatever. 


So, I've never really "dated" anyone since I've been single. I've hooked up with a lot of random women but no more than a handful of times with any one chick. Recently there's been this one girl that's really caught my attention and honestly starting anything with her is probably a terrible idea - the girls got a past. So she has a 10yr old son that she had when she was 16, whatever no biggy. Her sons father isn't in his life and hasn't been since he was very young. The guy she was with after him is serving somewhere around 7-10 years for drug and weapons charges. Her most recent ex she lived with for two years while he was apparently married to someone else - oh and he sold cocaine. So he gets popped and the girl gets a conspiracy to sell/deliver cocaine charge because they search her car and find marked money that he had given her. After this, the guy decides he's going back to his wife.......so that was about 8 months ago. Her charges are in the process of getting dropped. 


I manage a restaurant, I recently hired this girl on because I needed another good server and, past aside, she's a really good server with a phenomenal work/experience history in the restaurant industy - still probably the stupidest thing I could have done...ever. She also tends bar on thursday and friday nights at a late-night bar that I visit on my way home from work. I had a few drinks there last night, in fact.


Goddamn, I'm a fuging moron....just typing this poo out makes me shake my head.


So my ex calls me and wakes me up this morning from a drunk sleepy haze and the first thing she asks me was "Hey, do you think Me and Elora (my daughter) can come live with you again?" 


Apparently her and that cockbag have decided to call it quits.


So yeah, what say you huddle?