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In Topic: Former Carolina Panther Ma’ake Kemoeatu retires from the NFL

Today, 04:09 PM

The NCAA is a completely fuged up organization. All about the students, right? LOL

In Topic: 9/19 practice tweets

Today, 10:39 AM

It just seems like DeAngelo gets all the hate for all of Hurney's bad contracts.  Meanwhile, Stewart's contract is even worse with a lot more dead money left on it AND he's produced very little since getting that new contract, yet he doesn't seem to get half the hate that DeAngelo gets.  Weird.  Neither guy is to blame for their contracts and injuries are largely beyond control, but at least for the most part DeAngelo has been out on the field at least attempting to earn his paycheck. 

In Topic: after 34 passes each, both our starting QB and back-up QB have 100-plus QB ra...

Yesterday, 01:13 AM

They've played one game each. Against really shitty defenses. Pull back the reigns there, Wild Bill.

Cam has played 3 seasons now and played very well. Anderson has played well previously as a starter.

We have a very, very good starting QB. Bordering on elite IMO. And Anderson is a damn good backup.

In Topic: Feel Good Story About Ma'ake

Yesterday, 12:46 AM

Ah, great. A well intentioned thread that has become a thread where we bash our own. Awesome.

In Topic: Mike Mitchell talks about playing the Panthers

Yesterday, 12:33 AM

Would've loved to have kept Mitchell, but maybe at about half of what the Steelers gave him. When another team offers a player like Mitchell that type of contract, you do what Gettleman did. Shake his hand and wish him luck. No hard feelings. I would've left too if I was him. I think we did what was best for us and he did what was best for him. I don't blame either side for him no longer being here.

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