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In Topic: Here's one person's opinion on the Panthers

25 September 2010 - 12:13 PM

lol you guys are a laugh...

Pathetic is actually the word I most think is right. Let me see if I understand this right This Carolina Panthers "fan" board blocks links to A Blog or Podcast that shares an opinion only to say you can make said opinion here instead of posting a link. two things come to mind here, 1) you are afraid of competition 2) your "fans" are just too lazy so they read your word like it's from the bible.

Allow me to quote a friend of mine on this issue

ANY SITE that fears linkage from another team site is ABSOLUTELY WITH NUTAGE.....

and this of course goes with it

If I had the membership they had I would be ashamed to be in so much fear over ANY COMEPETITION

You have the biggest joined Panthers board their is, To blog links from other places such as a podcast or blog is beyond stupid. You can't lose member to a podcast or a blog. What you can do is rob them of things that go on there. Such as the show you don't allow links to guess what Players have actually been on that show, they even have a section for a former player. oh but none of your memebers are allow to breathe a word of that. Why???? cause your afraid they will go there and not come back. Well guess what consider this your slap in the face. Grow up and stop being afraid. Eric is right he can't repost his stuff here cause he is under contract as the lead blogger.

Don't worry i know this will be deleted and I will be banned cause what I speak is the truth.

My only message is quit seperating the panther fans and start welcoming ALL PANTHERS CONTENT if you don't maybe you should change your page content.

Real panther pages allow linkage from other pages and one of those actually exsist.


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