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#2991487 Why not go after Rajon Rondo?

Posted by cbarrier90 on Today, 12:10 AM

About the 10th best point guard is Kemba's ceiling.

Problem is, point guard means so much. Kemba really shuts down the offense.

The kid from NO can play though. Watch out for him.


You don't need to be a top flight PG in today's NBA to win titles. A platoon of Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole won 2 titles in Miami. Chris Paul and Steph Curry are 1-2 as far as point guards are concerned and neither have even been to a finals.


Today's NBA is more about wing play with less of an emphasis on the point guard and center positions than past eras. No doubt having a great player at those spots helps, but this is why I'm sick of reading on here that Kemba is holding this team back. It's pointing the finger at the wrong spot.


This team will live and die by the play of MKG. If he doesn't develop a consistent offensive game over the course of his career, the best this team can hope for is to become an eastern conference Memphis. There's nothing wrong with Memphis, they are a fine team and have shown great consistency, but they aren't winning a title out of the loaded west anytime soon and the door and that current core they have is closing.


They have the PG, PF, and C to get it done, but that's what happens when you have Vince Carter and Tayshaun Prince ten years past their primes starting on the wings and Tony Allen (an older MKG at the 2) coming off the bench.

#2991468 Deion: 49er players want Harbaugh gone

Posted by cbarrier90 on Yesterday, 11:46 PM

Harbaugh needs to come work for the Panthers but it's clear the fans of this team won't like him because he's very driven and discipled. Something that is not part of this team. 


Counterpoint: Pete Carroll has a Super Bowl and probably another one on the way in the not-so-distant future.


The drill sargeant style of coaching from the Singletarys, Schianos, and Jim Harbaughs is antiquated and doesn't work in pro sports and management in general in 2014. There has to be a happy medium between discipline and letting the players be themselves.

#2991462 Gil Brandt draft redo

Posted by cbarrier90 on Yesterday, 11:36 PM

I think the only thing that can stop us from winning a SB over the next 5 years is Gettleman's or Richardson's death.  Both have me worried.  JR's time is borrowed and Dave is an out of shape fatfug. 



Considering Gettleman is at a retirement age I imagine he is waiting until his job of cleaning up the roster is complete before handing the keys to Brandon Beane.

#2991450 shula is a symptom, not the disease

Posted by cbarrier90 on Yesterday, 11:25 PM

Gus Malzahn in Carolina makes too much sense, so it will never happen.

#2989956 Dave Gettleman?

Posted by cbarrier90 on Yesterday, 05:00 AM

It's much better in here when the upset posters run out of steam and the sensible posters come back out of hiding.

#2989943 Overall, doesn't this feel like the worst NFL season you can remember?

Posted by cbarrier90 on Yesterday, 02:43 AM

I was way more pumped for the NBA to start even before the NFL season started now it's not even close.

It's interesting you bring up the NBA. I think alot of that can be attributed to the regime change up top and the great start to the Adam Silver era. It's no secret the last few years of David Stern were ugly, but Silver's time so far has felt like a breath of fresh air that has rejuvenated the league. Add in the end of the most hated dynasty since the Bad Boy Pistons and the return of the Charlotte Hornets and you have a ton of good vibes headed to November.

If Goodell would resign, I think you would see the exact same thing with the NFL.

#2988931 Wanna know who should've never been cut?

Posted by cbarrier90 on 29 September 2014 - 04:21 PM

What is he doing now? To my knowledge he is on no social media and hasn't been a part of any alumni gatherings at games. He never had a retirement press conference, and I don't think he even released his own statement when he retired. It was all through his agent.

He virtually disappeared.

#2987184 Dave Gettleman?

Posted by cbarrier90 on 29 September 2014 - 06:05 AM

Which move signaled a rebuild? If we are rebuilding with Roman Harper, Thomas Decoud, and Byron Bell we are in for a long and painful process. Besides addng benjamin we did 0 to upgrade our roster. Gettleman also thought Tiquan Underwood would replace Ted Ginn.

It is true lots of franchises struggle with consistency. The great ones are in playoff contention most years. Throughout our history it's just been feast or famine with long periods of famine. Based on the look of this team it appears we are falling in line with the historical trend when all offseason the players talked about being the first team in franchise history to have consecutive winning years.

In the first paragraph you answered your own question. We did nothing to truly upgrade anywhere. That's called rebuilding. At wide receiver the only difference is no one is really a liability like in past years.

Your last sentence in that paragraph is fascinating. At no point do I remember anyone in the organization saying Tiquan Underwood would be Ted Ginn. That sounds like an offseason Huddle-ism, just like "Bersin could be our #2!" and "Brandon Williams is a star!"

As far as the second paragraph is concerned you have to be looking at the big picture. Just as Rivera didn't play Davis this week for fear of losing him for the next 12 weeks, Gettleman isn't going to put all of the stock into what was, if we are really honest with ourselves, a Cinderella season.To do what he is doing cannot be easy considering he probably knew weeks like the past two were going to happen, but there is an end to the means here. It will just take longer than fans of a sport that lives off of instant gratification are accustomed to seeing.

#2987172 Dave Gettleman?

Posted by cbarrier90 on 29 September 2014 - 05:34 AM

Yeah and Hurney's teams went to a super bowl in his second year, the conference championship in 2005 and playoffs in 2008. No one on here would say he's a good GM. If this is about developing the consistency we've never had then gettleman is failing us so far this season. This year is starting to look like 1997, 2004, 2006 and 2009, all the seasons where we poo the bed after a good year.

In order to develop that consistency you have to rid yourselves of the stuff that made you inconsistent and the contract situations make it difficult to move on.

Literally every move made this offseason signaled a rebuild, then when all of a sudden this team starts looking like a rebuild people flip out. I don't get it.

Week to week consistency is an issue for alot of teams this year. Look at Pittsburgh. Atlanta. Washington and Kirk Cousins. That's what happens in a league designed to make everyone 8-8.

The lesson learned here is not that Gettleman screwed up. It's that we as fans screwed up by punching our tickets to Santa Clara after Week 2.

#2987167 Dave Gettleman?

Posted by cbarrier90 on 29 September 2014 - 05:13 AM

I would love to juxtapose Gettleman threads from two weeks ago with this one.

A friendly reminder his record is now 14-7. The horror.

#2986314 8-8 will get ya in the playoffs in the NFC.

Posted by cbarrier90 on 28 September 2014 - 08:08 PM

Should change it to the NFC South. Too many good teams in the conference to expect a wildcard that isn't a double digit winner.

#2982835 First Half Thoughts

Posted by cbarrier90 on 28 September 2014 - 01:35 PM

this team has already defeated themselves.

spineless, like their "fans"

Sequences like the past three halves are WHY the fans are "spineless."

#2979680 2015 Top Prospects By Position

Posted by cbarrier90 on 27 September 2014 - 12:21 AM



K - Roberto Aguayo - Florida State

#2979651 Hornets Will Sign Jason Maxiell Tomorrow 9/26

Posted by cbarrier90 on 26 September 2014 - 11:14 PM


Cho on Jason Maxiell: For whatever reason he told us he always wanted to be a Hornet.



Fast forward a few years and that tweet could be about Stephen Curry...

#2979646 Why not go after Rajon Rondo?

Posted by cbarrier90 on 26 September 2014 - 11:05 PM

How do you guys feel about Rondo as a Hornet?


5 years ago? Yes.


Now? No.

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