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In Topic: April Fools Day, The Huddle, And You

Today, 11:22 AM

Yay we're finally ahead of the curve around here.

In Topic: Movin' the Chains Mock Draft

Yesterday, 12:51 AM

https://3sigmaathlet.../03/lbsparq.pngIf you look at the numbers here at that he's under 50% he isnt all that hot.


Please tell me that's not all you're going off of.....



Not that I want Shaq T but...

In Topic: Movin' the Chains Mock Draft

Yesterday, 12:25 AM

Holy unrealistic and not going to happen at all trades batman.

In Topic: Ridley Nears Medical Clearance

Yesterday, 12:22 AM

Ridley is not a pass catching RB. His most receiving yards in a season was 62 yds in 2013. Ridley is a big 225-pound, slow (4.66), between-the-tackles power back that runs hard and would be fun to watch lined up behind our strong interior line

New England Sports Network Doug Kyed @ DougKyedNESN
Stevan Ridley runs hard as hell. Gets 1-2 yards more than he
should on almost every carry.

Ian Rapoport @ RapSheet
RB Stevan Ridley..really runs hard

easports.com Madden rating czar Donny Moore @ Donny_Moore
Stevan Ridley runs hard

G VAD @ GeorgeVadnais
Sure hope Ridley returns to the Patriots, not many people run as hard as he does. Underrated

Ridley's best season was 2012 when he ran for 1263 yds and 12 TDs.

Rotoworld today: "Free agent RB Stevan Ridley will visit with teams next week. Ridley has been recovering from a torn ACL and is expected to be fully cleared in about six weeks. A reunion with New England seems unlikely given Ridley's similarities to LeGarrette Blount. ... The bruising 220-pounder has chronic fumbling issues and will probably have to settle for a one-year deal."

he has 9 fumbles on 679 touches, 1 per 75.44 touches...which at 18 touches per game would be 1 every 4.19 games. That is consistent with his record for most fumbles in a season: 4.

His last season in LSU's smash-mouth offense, Ridley was the feature back and ran for 1,147 yards, 15 TDs.

The Patriots drafted him 3rd R, #73 overall, just two spots after DeMarco Murray (#71 overall).

Ridley is just entering his prime years, having just turned 26 in January. He's coming off a torn ACL

Rotoworld: "Coming off ACL surgery, Ridley will attempt to reestablish his value before getting another chance at free agency in 2016. He's been one of the better power backs in the league when healthy, and has potential to be a high-reward signing for a team that's willing to bet on his recovery. Ridley should command an incentives-based deal in the range of $1.25 million. ... Ridley's name hasn't come up much in free agency, which is understandable given his recent ACL tear. But he's..a big back that's capable of handling a workhorse role. If Adrian Peterson leaves Minnesota, it appears the Vikings view Ridley as a possible replacement ...Ridley won't be expensive. ... Ridley is a power back who could thrive behind Dallas' big offensive line. Wherever Ridley lands, he'll likely sign a short-term "prove it" contract."



Thank you....damn...it's painful to watch so many uninformed Panther fans trying to talk NFL football as a whole my god it seems like no one actually watches any games around here....people saying he's a pass catching RB...ROLF no you morons that was Shane Vereen(77 targets last year, 69 the year before).


And no he doesn't have any sort of abnormal fumbling problem...what the actual fug is going on around here?

In Topic: Current Panthers Receiver Depth Chart

29 March 2015 - 12:17 PM

The expectations are different between the two. I don't think or expect Brown to be our next great WR or even a #2 for that matter. I don't think most people here do either. But there's no harm in giving him a chance to compete. Obviously Gettleman isn't settling if he's offering a contract to Greg Jennings. 


Brown was a UDFA who did come up big for us at times last year. He didn't put up a lot of stats but he made crucial plays. Hill is a 2nd round draft choice who has nearly fallen off the map. But hey  I would like a guy with his measurables to succeed here too.


Yea Hill was overdrafted  based on potential but he was what...20 years old? He's now 23 so maybe his mind is right? By all accounts it usually takes WRs a couple of years to adjust to the NFL and that's when they are around 22-23 years old...he was a baby by those terms when he was drafted and had the Jets to work with.


I think Proehl is good for both Brown and Hill so we'll get more out of some WRs than a lot of teams so we can hope either or both pan out and our WR corps could turn very dangerous pretty quickly.