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The fug is he in a bears jersey for?

Because they broke Madden


Yesterday, 08:47 PM

It'll never be the Hive. Back in '88 the Hornets were the only ticket in a small city. Now Charlotte has grown exponentially, the Panthers are in town along with all sorts of other things. Not to mention the bandwagon mentality where Kobe, Melo, LeBron, etc fanboys will overtake the arena. MJ was a NC product & even he didn't overtake the Hive. If he played today 95% of TWC would be wearing red.

TWC can get loud & crazy, such as the playoff series vs Orlando, but it's not gonna be the same on a nightly basis.

That said, opening night is gonna be crazy. Place will be rocking & shaking. Poor Bucks are gonna get obliterated when the team feeds off the crowds energy.


I will never be what it was in 88 for sure.  But what it will be, what it should be, is a 300% atmosphere upgrade from the Bobcats era.  And I'll take that all day.

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Yesterday, 08:04 PM

All good points. Even when successful like last season, it seems this team is always on the razors edge of mediocrity just because the philosophy has never changed from the top.


Yesterday, 07:14 PM

Just bought my 6 pack plan today including opening night. I will be in the hive rocking teal and purple.

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