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In Topic: I Challenge You All - Fan Duel

Today, 02:52 PM

Rodgers will lay an egg in the FEMA dome.  Keep picking him fools.

In Topic: Thanks Charles

Today, 02:49 PM

Huddle Bi-Polar in full effect.  You get the well wishes and thanks thread, two threads down folks are blasting his sorry ass saying he should have been cut three years ago and will be pumping gas or flipping burgers next week.


Good luck Charles, wish you nothing but the best.  See you at Wendy's

In Topic: Godfrey Released

Today, 02:45 PM


In Topic: This could be a terrible idea

Today, 12:51 PM





In Topic: Panther fans are like Schneider from One Day at a Time

Yesterday, 08:51 PM

Watch this and learn something kids.  I'm not sure what, but watch and enjoy from the simpler times, when most of us here watched but were unaware of the sexual and drug use innuendos of prime time sitcoms of the 70's



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