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#3304057 What is with the Christian hate?

Posted by Anybodyhome on Today, 07:09 AM

The vast majority of Muslims in this country have been feeling the same way for most of the last 15 years.

#3303891 Mountain bike info needed

Posted by Anybodyhome on Yesterday, 09:00 PM

I live close to uptown cycles so I'll probably swing by there in the next few days when I get back to clt. Figured the gloves and helmet were a given, but I'll look into the shorts as well. I've patched tubes before, but do not have a field kit. Any special items needed?


Just get a frame-fit pump, a couple replacement tubes and a pair of tire levers. If you catch a flat on the road, just put a new tube in and wait til you get home to look for the leak and patch the other tube.

#3303447 If you could only watch one show the rest of your life, what do you choose?

Posted by Anybodyhome on Yesterday, 09:15 AM

The Sopranos...

#3301797 Salesforce - 1 Bigots - 0

Posted by Anybodyhome on 27 March 2015 - 11:28 AM

What is the difference between the Indiana law and the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act that Bill Clinton signed?


I don't really know. 


One big difference in the Indiana law from several other states and the RFRA from what I understand:


Wait person in an Indiana restaurant tells manager he/she refuses to serve the gay/bi-racial/Muslim couple wearing New England Patriot jerseys for (insert religious, political or other conscientious objector clause here). Said manager then tells wait person to either serve them or be fired. Wait person refuses and is subsequently fired. Under the new Indiana law, the now-former employee cannot sue the employer who fired them for their conscientious objection.


The difference being the clause preventing employees from suing former employers.



But look, let's be real about this. While Hobby Lobby and several other privately owned companies and corporations are free to discriminate as they see fit, the reality is the vast majority of these companies are retail and restaurant and if either of these types of service-based companies think they can continue to turn a profit once they're exposed as RFRA bigots, so be it. But what smart business person is going to advocate refusing to serve anyone- after all, while you may discriminate as much as you want, the fact is money doesn't discriminate.... it's all green I don't care where it came from.

#3300902 Janet Napolitano

Posted by Anybodyhome on 26 March 2015 - 05:19 PM

I agree that tuition freezes matter.  I said to go back the maximum years to getter a better sample of how tuitions increased.  This would give a more representative look at how this has played out with respect to ongoing policy differences between states.


Regarding looking down the road, how do you save up for your kids' college education? People turn off when others bring up the Fed.  However, when inflation is jacking up market values to the point that savings mean nothing, then the pot is now boiling and the frog is dead.


Regarding your kid, my response would have been, "Then you obviously want nothing.  Otherwise, you'd have worked for that scholarship for a full ride to make this work.  Time to get a job."


For the record, I have no kids and I'd probably be telling them from a very young age that if they choose a college education they would be expected to contribute to the financial effort it requires.



#3298267 Treasonous House Republicans

Posted by Anybodyhome on 25 March 2015 - 06:19 AM

I say we punish them in the same manner Phil Roberston "Duck Dickhead Dynasty" would like to punish all non-believers, in that other thread. 

#3298065 Got my PSL letter today!

Posted by Anybodyhome on 24 March 2015 - 09:40 PM

Congrats- hope you enjoy them.

#3297648 Another reason to shrink Government

Posted by Anybodyhome on 24 March 2015 - 03:34 PM




Working for the government is indeed good work if you can get it.


Yes, it is.


But you left out the 8-9% of the rest of the general population that owes back taxes and the fact that delinquent Federal workers pay off their tax bills faster than the rest of the owing population.


From the same article:

"The IRS does not yet have data on the general public for 2014. But in previous years, the delinquency rate for the general public was between 8 percent and 9 percent — much higher than the rate for federal employees, the IRS said."


But why put things into their proper perspective?

#3297269 Big Green Egg

Posted by Anybodyhome on 24 March 2015 - 11:09 AM

Have you used that yet? I almost bought the same exact one this weekend at Lowes. Was wondering if a 2 burner would get hot enough to sear a steak if I don't feel like doing it on a cast iron skillet first.


Fired it up Sunday night and only used 1 burner for 2 t-bones.... didn't take long for the left side burner to get right about 300.


2:30 sear one side, same on the other and again flip for 2 minutes each side.   

#3296651 Mr. Richardson did flex muscles regarding Hardy

Posted by Anybodyhome on 23 March 2015 - 09:41 PM

But PLEASE, keep spouting off as if he is a jerry jones or the late al davis.


Well.... if he was like Jerry Jones, Hardy would still be playing in Charlotte.... right?

#3296585 Mr. Richardson did flex muscles regarding Hardy

Posted by Anybodyhome on 23 March 2015 - 09:00 PM

"Flex muscle?" Seriously? I would think flexing muscle would have been to keep Hardy pending the legal system's conclusion.


Instead, he showed nothing but how to cave under media and league pressure. Beholden to the NFL just like most politicians beholden to corporate money.


Not to mention the hypocrisy of "We do the right thing..." bullshit while Frank Alexander remains on the roster after not one, but 2 drug suspensions of 4 games and 10 games.

#3296181 NCGOP Wants to Eliminate Zoning Protest Petitions

Posted by Anybodyhome on 23 March 2015 - 04:47 PM

Is this reducing the voice of the people, or eliminating useless red tape? 


Case in point that I am familiar with.


The owner of a local building zoned for restaurants has had trouble keeping tenants because the county is mostly dry, and more people will go across the border of the next county over because they can drink. So the owner requested a zoning change to allow a tenant restaurant to serve alcohol.  A couple of locals submitted a petition which caused the county to hold up the zoning request.  It will be up in the air now for a year or more.  The majority of the local residents are either for it or don't really care. But a relative handful of people were able to hold up the process.  


The tenant restaurant is out of business, the people that worked there are looking for jobs? So in this case, I am not sure the change is a waste of resources.  Or at very least, there are two sides to virtually every issue. 


In NC either a county is dry or it's not, the town is dry or it's not. Those are local ordinances passed by either the county commissioners or the city/town councils and has little to do with zoning. The only time zoning comes into play is if the town/city/county is wet, but there are ordinances stating requirements the establishment has to conform to. Distance from certain entities (churches, schools, etc.) to serve alcohol, signage, etc. Once those requirements are satisfied, then it becomes a function of the ABC to issue the license.


But back to the original topic....




Members of the North Carolina House of Representatives are scheduled to vote Monday night on a contentious bill that would curtail home owners’ ability to block certain type of construction in their neighborhood.

Under the proposal, lawmakers would eliminate from state law “protest petitions,” a nearly century-old procedure that property owners can use to force a three-fourths vote from their city council to change the zoning classification of an adjoining property.

The measure pits the interests of real estate and land-development groups—who want to make it easier to change the designated use of certain types of land—against many city and town government leaders—who want to keep some form of protest petitions. Similar efforts failed in the General Assembly in 2014 and 2013.


Home owners such as Michi Vojta have used protest petitions to block certain types of developments on property adjacent to theirs. In 2013, Vojta and a group of her neighbors in Northeast Raleigh filed a protest petition against a 24-hour Sheetz at the intersection of New Hope and Buffaloe roads. They were worried the gas station would worsen traffic, erode the character of their neighborhood and depreciate their property value, Vojta said.

“The protest petition helped us not only come together a bit more,” Vojta said, “but it also helped people believe in the process a bit more, the governmental process.”


The measure—House Bill 201—got its first approval on Thursday in the House Local Government Committee, after committee chair Rep. Carl Ford (R-Rowan) ignored an apparently favorable committee vote for an amendment. When Ford called for a “voice vote” for the amendment, those in favor appeared louder than those against, but Ford ruled that the amendment failed.

#3295826 Ted Cruz Becomes First Major Contender to Announce He is Running for Presiden...

Posted by Anybodyhome on 23 March 2015 - 01:54 PM

I'm voting for Jake...from State Farm.

Can't be Jake... he sounds hideous.

#3295556 Ted Cruz Becomes First Major Contender to Announce He is Running for Presiden...

Posted by Anybodyhome on 23 March 2015 - 11:17 AM

And yet, they are both innovative and straightforward.  Which is part of the reason they are not very successful politicians on a national level.


Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want either one of them in the white house because I think inflexible candidates make piss poor leaders in a republican style democracy.  But being straightforward hasn't been a successful strategy for either, except in appealing to a very small segment of voters that agree with their philosophy. 


Gee, what if that very same "small segment of voters" are the only ones who "get it?"


Sorry, I'm very politically cynical and don't believe for a single minute that more then 10-15% of the voting population actually understand their chosen party affiliation platform is. 

#3295479 Ted Cruz Becomes First Major Contender to Announce He is Running for Presiden...

Posted by Anybodyhome on 23 March 2015 - 10:24 AM

The economy was a train wreck when Carter's term was coming to an end. Inflation through the roof and a failed military hostage mission in Iran told us all Carter was a one-term President. 


Anderson proposed a 50 cent/gallon gas tax, eliminating Social Security tax, increasing income taxes temporarily to get inflation under control.... gutsy stuff for 1980.


Ron Paul was close, but every time I wanted to pay more attention, he said something stupid. He just never had that one thing to get me on the bandwagon.

Kucinich has had me going different directions.... his environmental stance on one hand I agree with and his thoughts on bombing Syria (September 2014) I find myself trying to figure out WTF he was saying...