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In Topic: Offensive Coordinator Options

21 November 2014 - 04:52 PM

My preferences:




Current Position: Senior Offensive Assistant, Carolina Panthers

Preferred System: Coryell Offense

Coaching Experience: 19 years

Age: 59

Has a wealth of experience and would probably be a decent OC but I would prefer to retain him as a QB coach based on his resume. I would rather go with the two potential candidates listed below:



Current Position: Quarterback Coach, San Francisco 49ers

Preferred System: Coryell Offense

Coaching Experience: 22 years

Age: 52 (estimated)

Is familiar with the Panthers’ organization and a wealth of experience with the Coryell offense.  Has no doubt added to his offensive knowledge working with Harbaugh and Kaepernick. His success in San Diego and implementation of the no-huddle are huge pluses. The wildcard would be whether Rivera stays or goes.


Current Position: Quarterback Coach, Indianapolis Colts

Preferred System: West Coast Offense

Coaching Experience: 19 years

Age: 58

Loved the write-up you posted about him. His attention to details and preparedness. He also has a wealth of offensive experience and appears to be a good teacher, something Cam really needs.

In Topic: Quarterback Coaching

14 November 2014 - 12:00 PM

Mistakes here are handled by saying "Well, I think they looked okay.  They're doing the best they can" :unsure:


Sad but true :( and thus the reason this franchise is mired in mediocrity. Will it ever change?

In Topic: Quarterback Coaching

14 November 2014 - 11:52 AM

Richardson didn't technically 'pick' Rivera.  He just signed off on Hurney's choice.  In all likelihood he may have set guidelines ahead of time for the search.


There have been rumblings since then that he's not exactly Rivera's biggest fan, but I've never known if there was any truth to that.  Obviously he signed off on the extension.


If Rivera is let go, the next guy will be chosen by Dave Gettleman, whom I believe is more open to offensive coaches.  he also wouldn't need any guidelines set for him about what to look for because he's an actual football guy and not a converted PR man.


I certainly hope so. The thing that impressed me most about the information on Christensen is the culture that permeates the Colts' organization - mistakes are not tolerated and in-depth preparation is expected. While I think we may have this mindset to a degree on the defense side of the ball (injuries and lack of talent in key spots are the issues there IMO), this is seriously lacking on offense and special teams, and has been for years now. Talent can only get you so far; the culture of the team needs this type of change.

In Topic: Quarterback Coaching

14 November 2014 - 11:45 AM

We made a huge mistake by giving Ron Rivera that extension. This offseason Jerry Richardson needs to eat that contract and get some people in here that can groom a QB. Don't get me wrong I like Ron Rivera but he is not Head Coach material. He is a DC playing the role of a HC and the job is to big for him. This explains the reason he can't evaluate talent, he cant hide or exploit weakness, and he is horrible at managing the game.

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FIFY. And I agree 100%

In Topic: Quarterback Coaching

14 November 2014 - 11:32 AM

Ran across this story this morning...


Andrew Luck is good, but he can be so much better






The parts that follow should boggle your mind (or blow your stack)...





Now that's some smart coaching.


So tell me, have you seen anything, anything at all, that makes you think Cam Newton is receiving coaching on this level?


Imagine if he were :unsure:


Ladies and gentlemen, we need an offensive head coach.  And more than that, one who'll pick a quarterback coach that would give Newton this kind of education.


Heck, as much as I can't stand Matt Hasselbeck (he's known to be a colossal prick) I wouldn't mind seeing him as a QB coach.  Were we to hire Darrell Bevell, for example, Bevell was QB coach in Green Bay the last year Hasselback was there.


Oh and as a side note, if you feel like depressing yourself further, look up Colts QB coach Clyde Christensen's resume' and check out where he used to work (and who he used to work with) :wacko:


Awesome stuff, Mr. Scott. Depressing b/c this organization is "square peg meet round hole" and not the forward, innovative thinking type to bring in a coach like this...but awesome nonetheless.


Oh, and the answer to your question: HELL 2 THE NO!!! (sorry, I just had to let that out)


We can only hope and pray someday JR et al will get a clue someday.

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