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Yesterday, 12:05 PM

Like others have said I'd like to see him at RT next to Trai Turner. 


I think he has a solid future and could be a permanent fixture @ LG. He's better suited as a G and has the chance to be dominate there with proper coaching and conditioning. Silatolu is not the answer and will be in the last year of his rookie contract next season. With Norwell, Kalil and Turner, the interior of our OL will be set for some time.

In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

22 October 2014 - 12:13 PM

Good question, Mr. Scot


I see it this way--Hurney's spending spree in 2011 had lasting impact, since the contracts were largely guaranteed and about 4 years long.  That has kept us from bringing in quality free agents and has actually caused us to lose existing players because we could not afford to retain them.  Take Gross, for instance.  We cut his salary out of necessity.  If we could have allowed him to play at market value, he may have stayed for another year.  Wharton did not see the financial sense to remain.  So the ripple effect from Hurney's idiotic spending spree three years ago continues to keep the team in a strangle hold.  Money to Beason, Williams, Stewart, Johnson, etc.  is still causing problems.


A director is only as good as his actors. If the movie sucks, it can be for many reasons, but if the acting sucks, there is no need to look past that.  If you can't compete in free agency because you are paying players no longer on the roster or those who spend more time on the sideline than between them, it is difficult to win.  What Hurney did with contracts (starting with jake Delhomme) reeked of desperation and an inferiority complex--it was as if he thought he had to overpay to make Charlotte attractive.  Those contracts remained when he was fired--we are still dealing with them, both directly and indirectly.  For example, nobody is talking about Gross this year because he retired and lost 100 lbs.  HOWEVER, go back to when Gettlemen cut his contract (out of necessity).  Had that NOT been done and he was still being paid at fair market, might he have waited one more year or two before quitting? I think he might have.  Blame Gettlemen?  Stupid, especially when Stewart is making $200k per week riding a stationary bike. 


Gettlemen's nightmare is cleaning Hurney's crap off the floor, which explains why Cam is still not signed and why Hardy was not given the keys to the kingdom like CJ was.  He knows (first hand) how crippling these megadeals can be.  We all think Cam is worth the $24million, but he is a tough read.  I think he will be great with a line and some stud WRs--however, is his inconsistent play a red flag?  How good is he when the defense is not stellar?  Can he carry a team?  These are questions he must ask that will determine the fate of this team for the next 5 years or so.  A bad decision, we become the Rams or the Bills.


How many positions have been altered by the ridiculous contracts Hurney signed in 2011?  I would say the OL, WR, DL, and secondary have been profoundly impacted. Our secondary is full of late-rounders, old guys, nomadic free agents, etc.  That is understandable when we are paying players to ride bikes and make $740lk per week while being suspended.  But the problem at those positions is also HURNEY.  Answering these questions explains how:


Aside from Kalil in 2008, name the best OL Hurney signed or drafted who would reasonably be expected to contribute to the OL today?   Silatolu in the second round is the best answer.  Before that, Otah.  Not a great record if you ask me.


WR is worse.  Name a WR Marty Hurney brought in via free agency or draft that is contributing in a positive manner on this or another NFL team?


Look at MH's record at defensive back.  Who did he ever bring in after Chris Gamble and maybe Richard Marshall?  (Godfrey, Sherrod Martin, Nakamura, and a bunch of day 3 draft picks).


Nowhere did he show his incompetence more than at DT.  Fua, McClain? Who else?  




So, not only did Gettlemen have to deal with -$16m in cap room and some idiotic contracts, he inherited a team that was not building depth at key positions.  We are now feeling the effect of not having players that were being developed.  People are criticizing Gettlemen for filling in the gaps with paste and Elmer's, but where is the foundation?


We don't have the cast at key positions.  One-year contracts are the only way to fill them with warm bodies until the cap crap MH created is behind us.  However, when you are building this way-weathering the storm--you need consistency somewhere.  Rivera and his staff have done pretty well considering just how bad Marty Hurney was if you step back and look at the last 2 seasons.  Fire them and you create total chaos in the organization. 


One of the best analysis I've read about the state of our team, and it's not even close. Well said. And anyone who insists on blaming and/or suggesting we replace Gettlemen should read this.

In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

22 October 2014 - 11:57 AM

The reality, after Fox, after Hurney..a lot of holes and a bad salary cap,situation has not helped

However, I do not see the Panthers going after and getting the best staff they could get and if the goal is to go young and grow the best teachers are needed..nor do I see coaches willing or accepting that they have to adjust to the talent on hand

And btw, the best teachers are not the ones we are comfortable with...the best teachers are the ones who challenge us to grow. Shula should have not been hired and retained for the OC position is my opinion and the fact we hired a passing coordinator to help hum should have been a huge red flag. He was hired when Rivera was expected to be a lame duck coach and no one else available and then kept supposedly for continuity for Newton...not the best decision

My concern with Gettleman is the constant use of salary cap to explain things like out of 7 o linemen only two being draft. Let that sink in a moment and tell me any other pro team in that shape on the oline...I simply cannot believe there were not serviceable vets with one to 2 years left in them to get us through rebuilding that aren't better then bell and chandler and some no names from Canada as starters

Same goes for that abysmal secondary...roman Harper ..seriously...a guy whose physical skills combined with his lack of desire to play...why him...was that really the best the panthers could do?

I don't know what to think

All pro teams go through adversity. The panthers seem more capable then others of creating and sustaining their own.

I think the reality too is that they got lucky and overachieved last year and the jig is up this year along with Gettleman gambling on the dine that isn't thanks to the stupid, of Hardy and Alexander.


100% agree with all of this. Hiring Shula for "continuity" sake was a huge mistake by Rivera and I truly believe this was the rationale for hiring Ramsdell. And the point you made about not going after the best teachers/talent and the failure to accept/adjust accordingly has been a huge problem for this organization for a long time. The Panthers have had a 'square peg, round hole' approach to things for as long as I can remember.

In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

22 October 2014 - 11:49 AM

Rivera has basically had various degrees of mediocre talent since he has been here, and he has had a modicum of success.  It's also arguable that he has done a pretty fair job making the transition from a DC to an HC.  The only real finger pointing I do at Rivera is his decision to keep Shula at the expense of Hue Jackson.

As for the way that this season has gone, at the end of the day we are 3-3-1 with the division lead (ugly as it has been).  With the dearth of talent, which is squarely on G-man's shoulders, if he's going to pull the plug on Rivera because of this crap, then he needs to pull the plug on himself.  


If you are suggesting that maybe Rivera had a lucky season last year, then I could easily say the same thing about G-man.  This offseason, including the draft, up until now has not looked pretty.  It just bespeaks of gambling with the risk of possibly tanking because of deficiencies on both sides of the ball that were outright neglected.


A mistake I hope he will rectify by getting rid of Shula and promoting Ramsdell at the end of the season, if not sooner. I have to believe that was thinking behind bringing Ramsdell on board in the 1st place. While we're at it, a bonafide QB coach that can help Cam overcome the footwork issues and constant overthrows would be nice.

In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

22 October 2014 - 11:15 AM

I had the reservations about Rivera before Gettleman got here.

Same here. Would've loved to see the organization go against the grain and think outside the box by bringing in someone like Chip Kelly but that ship has sailed.

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