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In Topic: Is Cam Newton Really A Franchise QB

Today, 07:11 PM

Not yet. That's my opinion. He has made improvements year to year but has yet to be a top 10 QB in his passing abilities. Take away his running ability and his is above average. This is just my opinion but I just don't see him having the same passing ability as Brady Brees, Maning, Rodgers, Big Ben, Rivers, Wilson, Romo, Stafford or Ryan. Combine his running ability with his passing ability and he arguably could be a top 10 QB. I think Cam could be a great QB in the future but right now he is probably in the top 15.

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I just called John Fox to get his opinion on this very subject and after some careful thinking he replied,"It is what it is".

In Topic: Robert Lester is not Practice Squad Eligible #HeGone

Today, 07:03 PM

Lester played in 12 games last year. The cutoff is 6 games to remain eligible for the Practice Squad.



Just think,we hardly got to know him. Oh welll,poo happens.

In Topic: Sign Stephen hill you assholes

Today, 07:01 PM

Bersin deserves a shot and he should get that this season.Even if your wish comes true, Bersin sticks.


Hear Ye Hear Ye I am a Bersin fan and I fully agree.

In Topic: Sign Stephen hill you assholes

Today, 06:59 PM

I don't believe that Stephen Hill will pass through the waiver wire and reach us. However,I feel that the team that gets him may be getting a steal because Hill has never been in a good enough offense that would have help  show his skills.

In Topic: Sign Stephen hill you assholes

Today, 05:15 PM






You took the hands,eeerrrr!!! I mean words right out of my pockets,eeerrr!!!! I mean mouth. :)

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