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In Topic: TNF: Seattle (7-4) @ San Francisco (7-4) Thanksgiving Edition

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

Kraperdick is fuging horrible lol


He certainly looked bad in this game,unlike others i've watched. He's surrounded with good talent, wonder what his problem is?

In Topic: Will the steelers beat the saints?

Yesterday, 07:37 PM

PIT will probably beat N..O.,  Sunday      ARZ will likey beat ATL,     MIN will probably beat CAR.


I hate to say it but i look  for N.O. to win the NFC South Division and go one and out in the playoffs,then  pick 21st in the 2015 NFL Draft.

In Topic: What kind of pie have you eaten today

Yesterday, 07:24 PM

Two slices of Pecan pie.


In Topic: Picking 8th vs 21st

Yesterday, 12:20 PM

Just win baby. Picking in the 20's every year never seems to hurt the Patriots very much. Nor does always picking in the single digits seem to help the Raiders.


Having QB Tom Brady to build around and the fact he is cap friendly,enabling the Patriots to add quality free agents,really helps their cause.

In Topic: Picking 8th vs 21st

Yesterday, 12:15 PM

Those believing that there's litttle,or no difference in drafting 8th or 21st,if it were possible,could ask a team picking 8th ,if it would trade,even up, for the 21st pick,I expect you would get laughted out of the building. They may even have security usher you out, thinking you had a mental problem,one that could make you dangerous. :)

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