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In Topic: When it comes to coaching...

Yesterday, 08:21 PM

We're having this discussion over a 41 yard catch?


Just think what the talk would be if it had been a 42 yard catch. :)

In Topic: A real life Skid Mark: The 12 Days of Browns fan

Yesterday, 08:14 PM

Something tells me this song will never make it to the top of the charts. :)


In Topic: Carl's Lock

Yesterday, 05:09 PM

I wonder if Carl is from Philly or N.Y.?  :)

In Topic: Cam. The new era

Yesterday, 05:04 PM

Often times, when humans are faced with their own mortality everything in their life changes.  I know some of you here may know what I am talking about.   With me, trivial things in life sort of just rolled of my back, I noticed colors were more vibrant, I had more patience with people and I loved harder and was laser focused on the things that mattered.


Some of us view football as simply a game but for people like Newton it's their way of life, it's how he makes his money.  I predict that the Cam we see will be a person that we will not recognize.  I think Cam will be lighter, I think he will have fun and absolutely treasure every minute of his life.  


From a fan perspective.  I think he will be lights out.  I think Cam will set it off and will become the voice that we've waited for.  


This is just my opinion, flame if you must, I just know that these experiences change people and 99% of the time it changes you for the good.  


Prediction.  Cam will put this Panther this team on his shoulders and carry it.


Love you guys, mean it.



Good thread. I find no fault with your reasoning.

In Topic: Julio Jones didn't practice again today

Yesterday, 05:00 PM

90% of the coaches in the league would have played it the same way.


Just because a bunch of idiot madden wannabe coaches and GM's think they know how to only makes these discussions more amusing.



Where did you get  that 90% stat poo? Pulled it out of the air,thought so.:) That select few that would have made that decision are probably going to be sweating to see if they retain their job Black  Monday

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