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In Topic: The Seattle Seahawks’ Big Problem

Today, 02:48 PM

The Seahawks have always been a pain in the ass to us,let's hope this week we can return the favor.

In Topic: Kony Ealy smh

Today, 02:46 PM

That guy in the background looks eerily similar to Hardy.Nay,I beleve that's some other ugly mudder fugger. However,the blonde in the background looks prettty good.

In Topic: Kony Ealy smh

Today, 02:41 PM

I had expected more out of  Kony Ealy this year but I will give him a pass because he's a rookie. However,if he doesn't show huge gains next year i will be highly pissed.


In Topic: jonathan stewart vs fozzy

Today, 02:34 PM

When both heathy who would u give da work load too?


Doesn't really matter who carries the rock if our OL can't open holes for them.Every thing considered though,I would have to go with Stewart.

In Topic: Another Hardy Thread....

Today, 02:32 PM

Where's the NFLPA when they're actually needed? Too busy appealing for scumbag Burfict.


I often think of the NFLPA as a joke. They are silent when they need to speak up on a certain situation and to loud on things that matter little.

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