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City of Charlotte is a perfect city...

Yesterday, 11:11 AM

to survive zombie apocalypse.





Missing Child

Yesterday, 10:08 AM

My church member went missing yesterday.  Very smart, hard working kid. :(




There is an Amber Alert out for Edward Mendy, a sixth grade student at J.M. Robinson Middle School.

He was last seen on Windsor Ridge Road off Elm Lane, just before 10 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 21, wearing red pants with gray stripes and a green shirt. He was not wearing shoes.


Please call 911 if you see him.

Russia claims Arctic region. Sends troops, warships and airplanes.

21 October 2014 - 09:58 PM

Long story short... Arctic is an international area and everyone trying to preserve it.  Putin of course told everyone to go fug themselves and contracted with Exxon to look for oil.  Exxon found oil and was supposed to help Russia extract it but Obama sanctioned Exxon and said it's not happening.  Obama also banned Exxon from providing any technology to Russia.  Putin sent troops, warship and airplanes where Exxon found gas and pretty much said... This area belongs to Russia aka annexed part of international area...





Whatcha wearing for halloween?

21 October 2014 - 08:38 AM

I might get poo from people.... I got a gas mask, hazmat suit, CDC patch, bloodies machete and lots of fake blood that I will cover my hazmat suit with.

Phedopfile alert

20 October 2014 - 03:55 PM


Another Charlotte neighborhood is on alert after witnesses said a man approached a child and may have been trying to lure him into his car.

The 8-year-old boy was on his bicycle on a Sunday morning in the parking lot of the Westside Apartments on Freedom Drive when a silver car pulled in and the driver told the boy to come over.

“The car was pulling in and the little boy was standing right there at the end of that truck on a bicycle,” said Michelle Sports, who yelled to the boy to leave.

Instead, she said, it was the driver who left, abruptly backing into Freedom Drive and speeding away. She is convinced that he had more than a chat in mind.

“I think so, because the way he backed out into the highway....you just don't back into the highway,” she said.

But less than an hour later, the silver car came back and before it took off again she was able to see that it had a South Carolina license plate. The next day, she passed that information on to the manager of the apartment complex.

“I wrote a letter and sent it out to all of the tenants (and) posted it that day to be on the lookout for a silver four-door car with South Carolina tags,” Teresa Deal said.

Deal wondered if the same driver may have tried to lure another child last week, after she saw the story of a man in a silver car with South Carolina tags approaching a child in the University area.

But the description of the drivers in the two cases appears to be very different—one is black, the other white—and police do not have enough information to connect the two.

Still, she is warning parents in the small complex to watch their children.

“Keep them down in your parking lot area, where you know that they're OK,” Deal said.





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