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In Topic: The 4/20 thread; Like...the future is outside, man.

Yesterday, 01:46 PM

Pretty damn good idea


I saw on the news this morning during the demonstration video that after you swipe your driver's license it scans your face to match to your license to make sure you're the correct person.


pretty smart as far as security goes and making sure its not someone else using your license.

In Topic: I'd like some feedback on a job opportunity that has approached me

Yesterday, 01:38 PM

Hope you like doors being slammed in your face and feeling uncomfortable knocking on people's personal home doors.


Why not get a real sales job and have the door of their office slammed in your face or just be told no over the phone? So much better that way ;)


I just think there is something EXTREMELY uncomfortable about knocking on people's personal home doors these days.....you never know what's going on in there behind the door and you never know who is knocking on your door- people get very nervous with random people outside



That "showing checks" tactic is super old. Whoever said they are showing you top producers is right on point, hes probably showing you their longest tenured employee that is #1 in sales numbers, which is probably 1 of 6,000 other people not making any money.


I won't knock Craigs List because I found and worked my last job via Craigs List- totally legit company, just very small. 


If you want something in sales and you're in Charlotte, and you're not a complete crackhead, I can probably help you depending on your experience. DM me.

In Topic: A sticky SALESman thread

Yesterday, 01:05 PM

In my biz, it's usually a little money in year 1, a little more in year 2, and by year 3, you are either out of the biz, or you are making a good living.



It shall be the former and not the latter, my friend. ;)

In Topic: A sticky SALESman thread

14 April 2014 - 02:35 PM

Finally sold a deal where I am going to be knocking it out of the park for commish.....only took me 2 years to see some real $$$


Our fiscal just ended too......had a friggin kickass year- 150%


DAMN nothing sucks more than starting all over again at 0!!

In Topic: Pre-Season Opponents Set

09 April 2014 - 03:00 PM


They play here in the reg season unfortunately :-(



Yeah, I figured that when I found out we are playing the Ravens up there this year.


I have a lot of friends who are Ravens fans, we share a passionate hatred. I should invite them all down for the game to wear Panthers jerseys.....they would totally rock some #89s I bet.


I can only hope and pray that they suck this year just as bad as they did last year and we kick their asses. That way I can continue to tell them they live in the past and can't own up to the fact that their dynasty died long ago.


Kinda like how they were Pats fans trying to rub their SB win in my face after we BEAT THEIR ASSES on MNF this year. Seriously dude? That was 10 years ago.....and you're trying to talk to me about that? I'm in the present bro, not in the past!


and with that said Ill just leave these here.....








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