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Official Huddle Tailgate Announcement! *Please Read*

14 August 2014 - 05:03 PM

Hello again all fellow Huddlers! It’s that time again, PANTHERS SEASON! The BEST time of the year!


As most of you already know, our old tailgate lot will be bulldozed sometime in the near future, so we will be without a tailgate lot! 


Roaring Riot, Zod, and myself have met a few times throughout the offseason and have come up with an AWESOME plan for the new location. Below are the details. Please provide feedback in this thread as we will be using the responses we get here (both positive and negative) to gauge how successful this plan will be.



Location for the new tailgate will be 601 S. Cedar St. This is the location where Hartigan’s used to be (will now be replaced with Draught) and is right beside the practice fields. If you are familiar with the Morehead side of the stadium, Cedar is the first light after you go past the stadium on your right going towards Freedom OR if you are coming from the highway, Exit off 77 on Trade Street and take a right on Cedar. 


Map is below:







In addition to the tailgate spots that Roaring Riot has already donated to us in the lot, the following will be included for each home game:

·         Our very own Porta-Potty (YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY)

·         Food from different local restaurants each tailgate

·         Short 5 minute walk to the stadium

·         Family friendly atmosphere (to a certain extent since I have a mouth like a Sailor)

·         Inclusion into a lot already dominated mainly by some of the largest Panthers tailgates in CLT

·         Water/Soft Drinks

·         Various tailgate activities including Cornhole, Kan Jam, Ladder Ball, Beer Pong/Flip Cup

·         Your awesome fellow Huddlers

·         Music provided by a DJ

·         Convenient Parking nearby

·         Close to WFNZ DogHouse

·         Tents, tables, silverware, etc. provided



We are going to structure this somewhat like our old tailgates, but with more benefits.

We have set up structured donation levels based on the dollar amount we have estimated to be spent for each tailgate. This is where we really need you to step up as Huddlers and commit, because if we all do not commit to making this work, it will fail like it has in the past.


We need as many donations before the Regular Season starts as we can get. Based on this amount, we will be able to gauge how much additional we will be able to provide for each tailgate (nicer food, more drinks, more cool free stuff for sponsors, etc). Below are the levels. If you are willing to step up and donate before the season starts, you will receive what is outlined with each donation level.

A Paypal account has already been set up for the donations. You can go to Paypal.com or simply go on your PayPal app and send money to huddletailgate@gmail.com. It takes 2 minutes to set up a PayPal account and it makes everything much easier.





Keuchly Level- $59.00

·        Name on the Huddle Tailgate Banner (medium print)

·        Huddle Tailgate Sponsor TShirt

·        Panthers Beer/Soda Koozie


Kraken Level- $76 (gun futon not included )

·        Name on Huddle Tailgate Banner (large print)

·        Huddle Tailgate Sponsor Tshirt

·        $10 CANS:Recycled Gift Card (very close to our tailgate)


CJ Level- $95

·        Name on Huddle Tailgate Banner (largest print)

·        Huddle Tailgate Sponsor Tshirt

·        $20 CANS:Recycled Gift Card (very close to our tailgate)



Zod Level- $150

·        Name on Huddle Tailgate Banner (largest print)

·        Huddle Tailgate Sponsor Tshirt

·        $20 CANS:Recycled Gift Card (very close to our tailgate)

·        Professional Game Photo by Zod (up to him if it’s football or budoir)


Total Effin Badass Level- $1,000

·        All the cool stuff you see above

·        Special Guest Host of the Carolina Huddle Podcast featuring Jeremy and Sammi Jo



As I said above, this will not work if we do not step up and commit. I love you all and we have really knocked it out of the park with tailgates in the past few years. Unfortunately, the sponsorships did not follow through in past years which eventually led to us cancelling the tailgates.



Myself and Roaring Riot have already donated $100 each to kickstart our funding. We are very committed and willing to do the work to provide a great tailgate for you guys, but we need everyone else to do their part to make sure we can sustain the tailgate throughout the entire season. Please help us to provide some feedback in this thread on whether or not you are on board.


Of course, we know you are all not made of money or not coming to every single home game. If you would like to team up with someone to split the donation levels,   you are more than welcome, every penny counts!

Thanks, I love you all, and I can’t wait to tailgate another successful Panthers season with you guys!! Rawrawwrawwrr


PayPal Info: A Paypal account has already been set up for the donations. You can go to Paypal.com or simply go on your PayPal app and send money to huddletailgate@gmail.com. It takes 2 minutes to set up a PayPal account and it makes everything much easier. 

Ale Share Beer Fest- Asheville

26 July 2014 - 12:41 PM

Hanging out here with le bf today. Bought him tickets and brought us up to Asheville for the night as part of his bday present.

Lots of good local breweries present today along with other delicious beers. Doesn't hurt its all for a good cause.

Catawba valley Brewing
BearWater Brewery
Asheville Brewing
Wicked weed
Twin Leaf Brewery
Sierra Nevada
Pisgah Brewing
Oskar Blues Brewery
New Belgium
HiWire Brewing
Green Man Brewery
Foothills Brewing

Also a delicious looking Vietnamese food truck in will soon be attacking

Here all day if youre in the area...non VIP starts at 2!

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26 June 2014 - 08:30 AM

I know there is a general thread on serious information about the USMNT and World Cup, but I have been seeing some awesome and classic 'Murrica memes online and wanted to put them all into one place.


Here are a few good ones I have found, please add more if ya got em!




credit to biscuit for this one:











Headed to Vegas today...

16 May 2014 - 09:49 AM

For a bachelorette party. Just today though Sunday.

This is my first time, never been before. Not sure what to expect to be honest.

I packed everything I own that's borderline inappropriate to wear places I go in Charlotte so I think I'm good.

Were staying at Caesar's.

Any words of advice for me or something cool that I have to see while I'm there??

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Boo's Annual End of Season Huddle Tailgate Thread (finally!)

13 February 2014 - 02:11 PM

Hey there all you Panther fans,


Now that the football season is over, and in the midst of the Winter Wonderland which is accumulating outside, I have finally found some time to sit down and put this massive picture thread together. I apologize for the delay....work has been pretty crazy for the past couple of months.


It was a tremendous season for our team and for the Huddle Tailgate as well. 


We began the season with news that we would not be continuing our tailgates due to decrease of dedication by members and availability of sponsors/funds.


For the Falcons game after we figured out we were pretty damn good this year, we decided with everyone coming into town for the game (and it being divisional), we HAD to get the crew together. A facebook message was sent out and BAM we had our awesome tailgate for the Panthers/Falcons game.


We had Huddlers from all over traveling in to see the divisional ass beating that ended up 34-10 Panthers including 3 INTs and 4 total turnovers by our Defense. Total Domination.


I posted pictures from that Tailgate in this thread here so I will not repeat any except the one below:






After that week, things started up again. We figured we could still tailgate together even if the Huddle wasn't being supported in the process. But, after the amazing feedback we got from the Atlanta game, we knew we could keep it alive. 


Since so many Huddlers were mentioning trips to Charlotte based on our playoff success (and with the bar crawl being announced for Friday), we definitely wanted to put on a big boy tailgate for the 49ers game. One big enough to where the Almighty Zod would consider gracing us with his presence.


Lots of props for the entire weekend go to: RR, JT, MH, Ranuccis, and Mush who put together the entire tailgate initially including locking down parking spots. Big thanks go out to everyone who attended our tailgate and donated $$ to us along with bringing delicious foods and desserts (and liquor!!) for us to much on. Friday night was fuging insane- don't think I have partied like that in a long time. 











This is my thread for the many pictures from the weekend of the 49ers Playoff Game here in Charlotte including the Panthers Bar Crawl Friday night organized by our very own Roaring Riot (who is awesome btw).


Notice**: If you attended any of these events and you were hammered, you are probably in these pictures. You all were so blackout, you probably don't remember signing the authorization to put your pics on here. Zod has copies for your files if you need.


Please add your pictures you have from the weekend and the game!!






Friday: Panthers Miller Lite Bar Crawl


20140110_212931.jpg aerial shot when I was standing on a chair






I see someone creepin in the background....






These 2 cuties showed up:20140110_211816.jpg




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