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Panther's in big trouble!

29 August 2010 - 04:31 PM

Falcon's fan here, yeah yeah i-85 rivalry...blah blah blah. Look, A-town doesn't take to kindly to kitty fans, never have never will, but I like see what the competition is saying about us and get an insight into your team, and just wanted to remind you guys that we had a qb controversy back in 08. It was resolved within the first pass of the first REAL game against the Lions when Matty Ice threw a bomb and scored a touchdown, qb controversy resolved. Rookie went on to have a pretty good year even tho most pundits called for our team to go 4-12. I hear you have an anemic offense, but some say its just "preseason", and you have a stellar defense...and no mention of "preseason". Well get it together kitty kats does it mean anything? I never coached a day in my life, but to shut down your "O" its as simple as this, make your qb beat us and triple coverage smith.....because he obviously has a hard time finding anyone else = Automatic W. Anyways kitty kats, come chat with us sometime at the falcons board. Later!

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