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In Topic: A big play offense (minus the big plays)

Yesterday, 05:17 PM

Heard Troy Aikman while he was calling another game last week refer to that team's offense as "a big play offense with no big plays". 


Couldn't help but think "Man, that's pretty much us too" :(


The Panthers do indeed run a 'big play' offense; specifically, a Coryell offense.  For those who have heard that term thrown around here but aren't sure what it means, here's a basic primer:


The Coryell Offense (sometimes called Air Coryell) is based on vertical, downfield passing supplemented by a strong running game. The idea is to have a multidimensional attack so that the opposing defense can't concentrate on simply stopping one thing or covering one area of the field.  It's considered a 'big play' offense, meaning that you might see three or four modest plays suddenly followed by a huge chuck down the field for a bunch of yards and maybe a score.


So what sorts of things do you need to make that kind of attack work?


- Deep threat receivers with great hands (helps a lot of they can block too)

- Solid pass catching tight ends and slot receivers to attack the middle

- A combination of power runningbacks and speed/pass catching backs

- An offensive line that's strong in both run and pass blocking

- A quarterback that can air it out and makes good decisions


So looking at that little grocery list, tell me what we have and what we lack.


Which of these aspects are we most set at, and which just aren't there at all?


If we had all of this we could run any scheme we wanted and win.   Coaching is about winning with what you have.

In Topic: The fans that I hate most

23 September 2014 - 05:58 PM

Unfortunately, most of the people who bash Cam are simply waiting for him to fail and jump on every opportunity that presents itself....He is a player that brings out a lot of negative emotions because he isn't a "get in line, old school, pocket passer, good old boy" type guy like Matt Ryan or Luck. Most people bashing him never liked him to begin with. Personally, I'm happy as hell to have him as our QB.


Totally agree.  I don't know what people expect of Cam.  


I had low expectations of Cam.  I wanted Patrick Peterson in that Draft.  I thought I was right after watching Cam have a horrible preseason that year.  Then he came out and threw for almost 800 yards in the first two games.  I kind of converted around that time.


He is on track for a HOF career in nearly every measurable you can think of.   Off the field he has made some gaffes but he at least goes through the motions of taking responsibility for them.  He plays within the confines of the team.  He is trying to change his game to conform to what his coach thinks he should be.  That's something few of us would be happy to do.  Even banged up Cam is so much better than anyone else we've ever had here in Carolina.


I remember Kerry Collins great decision making and noodle strength arm.  I recall the sense of dread every time Delhomme dropped back to pass - which was a 50/50 proposition in the best of times.  (Many a good beer died a premature death by hitting the wall at my house when Delhomme was playing).  Heck, the darkest hour was only 4 years ago with Clausen Saint Pierre.  Will I ever get the 'one read then throw it out of bounds' Davidson offense out of my mind?


When Cam F_ing Newton drops back to pass and gets it out on his first or second read I'm about 95% certain it will either be caught or dropped by a Carolina Panther or put where no one can catch it.  In my humble opinion, a Cam scramble or sack equals an interception thrown by Anderson.  I'm super happy with DA in back up role providing he doesn't play more than a half at a time.  We were really close to losing in Tampa and probably should have.


I really don't understand the Cam hate.  What would you have him do differently?

In Topic: Big Money and Recent Injuries

23 September 2014 - 05:03 PM

One thing that struck me about the Pittsburgh game is our scheme versus the first two weeks. If you look at snap count statistics it appears that we used a nickle or dime package between 75% and 80% of the defensive snaps in the first two games with only two linebackers on the field (Keek and TD).


In week 3 we had 3 linebackers on the field for a large majority of the snaps - we went with nickel/ dime packages for as few as 30% of the snaps.  I felt like I was watching a slower defense on Sunday and a look at these statistics tells me why.  AJ Klien and Chase Blackburn are ballers but they are not speedsters.  All the stuff that Pittsburgh threw at the flats early on to get their running game on track played right into the weakness of our personnel.    


Pittsburgh had a plan.  It called for short quick passes to get the running game going.  It worked.  In today's NFL you sometimes have to pass to set up the run.  Pittsburgh turned a weakness (their OL) into a strength.  I bet McDermott will learn from what he saw and we will quickly get back to our winning ways.




In Topic: Benjamin's One Handed Grab...

14 September 2014 - 03:44 PM

How many drops did Megatron have today?

In Topic: Official Panthers - Lions Gameday Thread

14 September 2014 - 03:05 PM

Monday night had ESPN having a super bowl fap party after watching Detroit destroy the G-men.   It feels good to beat a really good team this early in the season. 

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