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First place in the NFC South

14 September 2014 - 03:09 PM

Us bitches.....




Deal with it N.O, ATL, T.B

Panthers & TWC reach deal on TV programing

16 July 2014 - 12:33 PM

Big news



In one of the largest partnerships ever between an NFL franchise and a regional channel, TWC SportsChannel will be the exclusive local cable television home of the Panthers. Beginning July 23 at 6 p.m. with the debut episode of "Panthers Camp Confidential," the Panthers will produce more than 250 hours of programming annually for TWC SportsChannel as a part of a multi-year agreement


In addition to live telecasts and re-airs of Panthers preseason games, the channel will air nightly programs dedicated to the team and live gameday, postgame and behind-the-scenes shows. Several shows will be created exclusively for TWC SportsChannel viewers.


Pretty big day in Panther fandom history. This will help attract new fans regionally, and give existing fans some amenities other teams have had for years, with pre/post game, training camp, weekly shows. Looks like I'll be keeping Time Warner after all, I had planned on cancelling. 

Name that Panther

06 July 2014 - 03:23 PM

It's boring as hell so let's play a game. To play someone post a pic of a obscure Panther, some one correctly names who it is, and then they post another obscure player pic and the game continues. Sound easy enough?? Good I'll start......


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Lets get to know: Allen Robinson

30 January 2014 - 02:55 PM

Mods move this if you feel it's necessary.............. Since the season is over I wanted to create a draft profile in the upcoming weeks and months on certain college players.  In hopes of providing my personal insight, helping other familiarize themselves with the prospects and provoking a conservation among others.Just higher end players for now, and ones that pertain to our needs. I wanted to start by doing my favorite wr and everyone's favorite topic as of late. I've watched every tape of his on http://draftbreakdown.com/players/ and some twice, and wanted to share my thoughts and offer a breakdown. This is all pre-combine obviously and based just of game film, we can revisit them later if need be. Without further ado.........


The Numbers

6'3 210

2012 -  77,1013,11

2013 - 97,1432,6



* Prototypical measurements, great build

*Great YAC

* Catches ball at it's highest point

* Can make the acrobatic catch

* Very fluid athlete and elusive

*Played in pro style system where he ran all the routes





*Offers little to no effort in the run game, often times just gets in the way at best

*Lets ball get into body to often

* Not a burner, and needs to learn to rely more on physicality to get separation


The breakdown

I think Robinson would make a ideal receiver in our system. I think he has all the traits to succeed, fast, physical, athletic, separates, makes the difficult catches, and makes plays after the catch. I like players who have done it over multiple years, and are a focal point of their team. Despite being the only real weapon on their team and shoddy q.b play he did it consistently. Had at least 5 catches and over 60 yds, in every game this year but one. High ceiling, high floor player


I also wanted to address those who complain the he catches a lot of screens. If you as much of Robinson as I have you would notice Penn. St. had real struggles in 2013 with their freshman quarterback. You could argue he would have had 3 or 4 more touches if not for errant passes. The team was almost forced to keep it short, and this I believe shows in his lack of red zone production


NFL comparison: Brandon Marshall

Projection: Late 1st - early 2nd


The film



The triple move(yes triple move) at 2:30 was when I feel in love with the guy. He leaves the defenders in another area code



The screen he caught at 2;58, reversed field and ran 65 yards was a thing of beauty. Yeah that doesn't happen in the NFL but it really hightlights his elusiveness



Wipes the floor with Syracuse. See  the :24 sec mark



Just for fun I wanted to include his H.S basketball highlights. Mutliple dunks, high rising blocks, etc. gives you a feel on how athletic he is.  See :53 sec mark


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Games watched: OSU,UCF, Wisconsin, E. Mich, Nebraska, Syracuse

Cam on NFL AM(tv) now

30 January 2014 - 09:55 AM

Well that was quick (TWSS)




Plugs his new partnership with Pizza Hut

Says he has no had feelings towards Kapernick

Said he has no jealousy towards any of the young qb's

Spoke very briefly on Probowl experience


If I knew it was gonna be that short I wouldn't of made a thread, Ohhhh well