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In Topic: If Cam is franchised....

17 March 2015 - 07:43 PM

If it comes down to franchising Cam, we'd give him the exclusive tag.  So, nobody else would be able to negotiate with him anyway.

In Topic: Cam Newton should be paid more than Luck or Wilson

22 February 2015 - 03:28 PM

I think you have to consider contract longevity too. Newtons rush number should decrease the older he gets so that favors Luck.


I also think the NFL in general views Luck the better QB, I mean he did get drafted #1 overall  in the pro bowl twice in a row now, LOL.


I want to see Cam surrounded by legit weapons and right now we are clearly rebuilding. Luck had Hilton, Fleener and Allen drafted with him as a rookie to add to Reggie Wayne, then they added Moncrief and signed the guy almost everyone here was wetting themselves to get, Nicks. So far we've only added Benji thru the draft that has stuck. We have to start adding speedy playmakers, hopefully, this is the year. I'm glad it was one of the first comments made this offseason by Gettleman.


I agree to an extent.  Cam actually does a very good job of minimizing many of the hits he takes.  He does take the occasional big hit, but more often than not it's either glancing, or Cam drops before the big hit comes.  But you are right that regardless he will eventually have to run less.  However, I think we have seen him improve every year, and at the start of this year, he showed a much higher level of maturity as a passer until things went downhill for the entire team. 


And adding weapons is unquestionably vital to Cam ever becoming what he can be.  Right now (and even previously when Smitty was still here) we had limited weapons and inefficient protection, so Cam has never truly been able to be let loose.  Bring in playmakers and speed on the outside along with some real protection, and I have a feeling that Cam will become one of the most feared QB's in the league. 


So a lot depends on what the team puts around Cam.  Fortunately, I believe in Gettleman's ability to eventually find the right pieces.  So I think when all is said and done, Cam and Luck will be the Manning/Brady of their generation.  You wouldn't go wrong with either of them.

In Topic: Cam Newton should be paid more than Luck or Wilson

22 February 2015 - 03:14 PM

I'm hoping Rivera and staff look better than my opinion of them in the season to come.

On replacing DeAngelo though, you don't buy Fozzy?


I like Rivera, just think he needs someone to help him with clock management.  And I'm far from sold on Shula, particularly as a playcaller and his ability to adjust.  But to be fair, he really hasn't had a complete set of weapons since he took over, so I'm hoping with the changes we should see this year that he becomes more consistent.  At worst though, I think he is a conservative playcaller that shouldn't hurt us too much as long as we have players capable of winning their matchups.  And I think we will have that for the most part...at least I hope. 


As for Fozzy, no, I don't see him as a good long-term #2.  I think he's a solid #3 back, but if it's just him and JStew, then I think we would be in trouble if Stewart goes down for any length of time (which is not all that unlikely).

In Topic: First World Problems

22 February 2015 - 03:00 PM

I'll grant the "we must dump this guy" conversation is still happening. But even so, it still strikes me as there being a more optimistic tone in here than in prior years.

Frankly, a waaaayyyy more optimistic tone than anyone would have expected around, say, week nine.

And that's part of what gets me. We had a nightmarish season up till the latter days, and yet few people even seem to remember that (or at least they're not talking about it much).


That's because you have to look at the why of it and what changed.  The why is obvious.  Cam was playing hurt, the OL was horrendous, the defense struggled with not having Hardy, and our secondary couldn't cover my grandmother...and she's dead.


What changed?  We found our interior OL with Turner and Norwell, we found at least a competent (and maybe more) RT in Remmers, the defense finally accepted that Hardy wasn't coming to save them, Bene got healthy and we injected speed and youth in the secondary, Norman finally began to realize his ability, and most of all, Cam started getting healthy.


Now there is still a question about whether some of this was fools gold, but since there is no reason to think that yet, the expectation is that some of these players simply came into their own and we assume that should continue...but without doubt that's no certainty.  So there's plenty of reason to be optimistic, just not blindly.

In Topic: Cam Newton should be paid more than Luck or Wilson

22 February 2015 - 02:36 PM

Sorry, but Luck is better than Cam. More touchdowns in 1 less season, more playoff wins, etc etc. Luck recently surpassed Newton in touchdowns and will now run circles around him.


You have to look at the totality of their games.  Luck is more passing oriented but is also a good runner, and Cam is a better runner who is also a good passer.  So if you are being fair, you have to include both aspects when comparing them.  And in doing so, they are pretty much on an equal level.  As for TD's, true, Luck has thrown more touchdowns than Cam, but Cam still has more total TD's than Luck.  Luck has a total of 98, while Cam has 115.


But even using TD's is really not fair since so much of that depends on the situation and team around them.  And this year, Cam really didn't have any consistent touchdown makers, while Hilton alone gave Luck a huge advantage in that area.