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In Topic: According to PFT Panthers have interest in Sidney Rice

14 April 2014 - 02:56 PM

Oh yeah let's add another backup reciever so maybe the logjam will bust


If healthy, Rice is far from a backup. 

In Topic: Number One Receiver vs Two Tight End Sets

14 April 2014 - 02:53 PM

Yeah we do generally agree.  I just think that finding a dominant TE like the next Vernon Davis or Gonzales (yeah they aren't that common.) actually better fits our philosophy and gives a defense more mismatches than even some of the top WRs.  So if I saw the 2nd best TE versus the 5th or 6th wide receiver or 8th best OT, I would be looking at TE unless I thought I could get equal talent in later rounds. Then again I have wanted us to pick a dominant TE for years now and was thrilled we got Olsen who I had wanted all along.


I'd love a dominant TE as well, but I think we need OT and WR even more, and those are the positions I see us taking at 28 and 60.  After that, I just don't think any TE will add much to what we already have.  If we needed a possession receiver, then I think a great receiving TE would do just as well as a receiver.  However, we need someone that can stretch the field, and I don't think any TE we could get is going to give us that.   

In Topic: ESPN's Newton Revisits Bell Topic: Avoid if you don't want more (Cow...

14 April 2014 - 02:38 PM

Bell played OG in high school. He was 2nd Team Texas 4A All-State at guard as a senior:

Then, after spending his true freshman season injured, Bell trained as the starting RT for 4 of the next 6 years until now. His bio shows that he only allowed 3 sacks as a soph right tackle at NM, but doesn't say how many he allowed during his next two years at LT (because it wasn't good enough to brag about?)

2006 - OG (high school senior)
2007 - missed most of season with foot injury
2008 - RT - started all 12 games, allowed only 3 sacks and named an honorable mention CollegeFootballNews.com Freshman All-American.
2009 - LT
2010 - LT (not drafted)
2011 - RT (first year in NFL)
2012 - RT
2013 - RT


Wow, that's some solid background work.  It was my understanding that he was a LT only at NM, glad you cleared that up (and I didn't know anything about G in HS).  That changes my perspective quite a bit.  Assuming he had always been a LT, I understood why he might have had some struggles adjusting to RT.  But since LT hadn't been ingrained in him like I thought, I'm more concerned that the left handed argument truly is a creation for spin and misdirection rather than a legitimate point. 


But that also tells me that the team is probably more focused on OT, particularly LT, than they are letting on.  After all, I can't see Rivera nor Gettleman being the type to believe in the plug and hope philosophy.  Bell has been inconsistent at RT, and there is no way that two successful football minds like them wouldn't realize that changing sides probably isn't going to change that much. 


So now I'm even more of a mind that we will go OT in the 1st.  If I had to guess, I think we will prefer, in order, Martin, Kouandjio, then Moses at 28 (and I feel comfortable that one of them will be there).  Of course Kouandjio depends on the medical, but I am now believing that will not be an issue. 

In Topic: Number One Receiver vs Two Tight End Sets

14 April 2014 - 09:42 AM

I also postulated the grouping idea in an earlier post so obviously we are in agreement about that. I don't agree that Short was a need given that we just got Star and already had veterans at the position.  I also don't agree that Barner or Klein were needs as well while we ignored positions like tackle, corner, and safety which were needs.

So I do think that Gettleman has shown he will go BPA and it won't be just between WR, OT or secondary although I hope those positions are covered in the draft. 


Yeah, I think we generally agree, there are just some specific points we may differ on.  As for Barner and Klein, I think when you get to that point in the draft, you're just looking for depth and/or taking a chance on a flawed player.  But I do think both filled needs.  Klein was taken as immediate depth and a possible future starter at SLB, and Barner was that scat back type Rivera has been wanting.   


I do want to say that I also think Gettleman will choose from a BPA group, and if there isn't a WR or OT available in that group, he would go in another direction (probably CB, DE, then maybe TE or S, in that order).  I really do not think he will reach for a guy he has rated in a lower tier just because he fills a need.  But I also believe that there will be at least one WR or OT available that fits his BPA mold.  So I don't think it will come to a player in one of those other positions.     

In Topic: Zack Martin a Panther if he follows Moses (in draft) to Promise Land?

13 April 2014 - 11:48 PM

The funny thing is that he is almost the exact same size as Gross, and has gotten high praise for his play.  So the only real problem is his arm length.  But is it a problem?  Like I said, he is about the same size as Gross, but he only has 32 7/8 inch arms.  However, Gross only has 33 1/4 inch arms...that's just over a quarter of an inch.  A negligible difference.


Jason Peters, who nobody has problems with his ability to play LT only has 33 1/8 inch arms.  And Joe Thomas, whom pretty much everyone here would kill for, has arms only 32 1/2 inches long...shorter than Martin's.


The point is that while ideally you would like to have a LT with longer arms, it's not a deal breaker.  It's more about technique and ability, which Martin has in spades.  So if he somehow fell to us, I think we would be making a Star-like sprint to the podium when it's our turn to pick.

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