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Want to see Charles Godfrey get cut in real time?

Yesterday, 02:59 PM

We'll be using this play.






The play starts with the Panthers in a pretty simple nickel formation. They've taken out a linebacker to put in an extra corner, in this case Godfrey, who's lined up on top of Cobb. Cason is lined up up top on Adams. Decoud is the single high corner on top of Nelson in the slot. Harper is showing blitz, but will drop back into coverage. Davis is hanging out, keeping an eye on Lacy and playing a short zone near the line of scrimmage. 


I've watched this play and I'm pretty sure what we're looking at is a simple cover 2 with Kuechly manning up on Nelson. The idea is to trick Rogers into thinking he'll have space between the safety and linebacker and instead have Luke there for the easy deflection/interception. Cason at the top of the screen is playing for a short pass to keep it in front of him, and watch out Decoud takes off for the top corner of the endzone, ostensibly to provide over the top support. 


In this situation, Godfrey would move over to where Luke just vacated, to cover anyone running a crossing route. 




Well, let's hope everyone on the Panthers is on the same page!




You should quickly be able to see where this play is going to go terrible wrong. Nelson takes off in a dead sprint. Adams runs straight into his man and is about to run across the field. Cobb is just going to run a stick route and turn around. The idea is if it's tight man coverage, Cason will bump into either Godfrey or Cobb and free Adams up.


Or, you know, Godfrey has no fuging idea what the play is. Cason very clearly is playing his zone, and Decoud was originally moving to cover him, like I said before. 




Plays over at this point. Cason has a "oh poo" moment as he suddenly takes off to i dunno teleport like nightcrawler to make the tackle. Full speed, you can actually see Godfrey realize he's fuged up. Because Luke is locked up on Jordy, he's not in position to see Adam cut in and get wide open. Decoud was moving the opposite way, Davis was covering Lacy. Harper is old and can't close on anyone anymore. 


I admit, it's possible it was man coverage and Cason just blew it, but the way Decoud was playing over the top makes me think Godfrey was supposed to cover his zone and just fuging blew it. 


Thanks for the memories, Godfrey. 

Thanks Charles

21 October 2014 - 02:17 PM

you were a decent player for a while, always worked hard. You were never the best but you were once on the cusp of becoming pretty good. 


You tried very hard to come back from an awful injury, even accepting a demotion from safety to nickel to help the team out. 


In the end, time waits for no man.

get on the gus bus

19 October 2014 - 04:34 PM


how does a tie work?

12 October 2014 - 04:08 PM

since my dad asked


it's basically a half win


8-7-1 beats 8-8 but loses to 9-7. 



wow i fuged that up

shula is a symptom, not the disease

30 September 2014 - 07:37 PM

alright im drinking by myself because im in asheville and i don't know anyone so here are some words


the panthers really don't have any talent on the offensive line, and their running backs are all dead. yet for the past two games they've tried ineffectively to establish the run. Their QB is no real threat to run the ball (RPG down from 7 to 2 this year) and defenses aren't even biting on the read option anymore. 


This doesn't mean they can't run the ball. There are other ways to to pick up yards on the ground, namely stretching out the defense and getting them out of the base alignments. For those that have no idea what that means, when you put more wide receivers on the field, defenses will likely take out fat dudes and put in more skinny fast dudes. Theoretically, the fewer fat dudes you have, the better your chances are of blocking successfully, especially since your fat dudes have the benefit of knowing what's going to happen. 


Obviously the Panthers haven't done this this year. Even down three scores against the ravens on sunday, the Panthers were running primarily out of base sets: 1-2 TE, 2 WR, FB, RB, etc. This is like 1970s football and its very easy to gameplan against. Take out the read option and this is the most simple offense in the world to guard against, especially when you physically don't have the players to run it. Run blocking is theoretically easier than pass blocking, since all your fat dudes are doing is running real hard and hitting someone. No one told our fat dudes this. 


so yeah i think the injuries and lack of talent are revealing the flaws in this playcalling, and I don't think shula or rivera are capable or willing to deviate from the script, which means, uh, not good things. 


but to my point, the blame has been far reaching. Shula is the obvious candidate and obviously he's an untalented hack who only has a job because of his last name. I've never been a fan of ron rivera, i thought last year was an anomaly, and i thought his "riverboat" nickname was misplaced. I argued this point extensively and boy howdy do i look correct right now. Gettleman's name gets dragged through the mud, but I don't really think that's fair. He's working with zero cap space, cleaning up hurney's mess, and you can't fix every problem at once. He's put a great set of WRs out there, more than made up for smith's departure IMO (even though it was handled terribly) and done what he can with his back against the wall. I would have preferred he drafted 7 pro bowlers too but what can you reasonably expect?


The real problem is jerry.


i've been following this team since sweating my chubby 9 year old ass off in clemson and every single year they've been the same. they're gonna run the ball, establish the run, and play suffocating defense. This is what you'd expect an owner to want who played football in the blood and guts era, or back when defenses could actually play defense. The problem with this constant striving for a very specific, antiquated form of football is it hasn't been very successful. The Panthers have had a whopping 5 winning seasons in their two decades of existence. With the exception of one year when the defense just couldn't stop anyone (glorious 1998) and arguably the 2003 playoff run when Jake Delhomme reached his final form, they've prided themselves on being a running team that tries to stop the run. It hasn't worked. 


4 former DC head coaches, 4 ish GMs, no sustained success, and no real hopes for the future. Even when Chud was brought in to run his ZANY OFFENSE, it was still predicated on running, just with a QB. Now Shula is running his dad's playbook. True, around this time last year, everything started coming together, but I just don't see it. The dline is a shambles, the plug in play safeties aren't nearly as good as last year's batch, and we don't have the coaching to overcome offensive line inadequacies. 


But hey, every five years or so it all comes together, right? 


Problem won't change until Jerry is dead. Sorry if that's morbid. 


But Jerry could see the error in his ways. There's a solution, and it's just like 6 hours down the road....



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