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In Topic: Hardy on Exempt List

Yesterday, 02:42 PM

Damn. If that holds water, he is as good as gone.

I don't think there's a chance he survives this, he's gone after the season is over if not before that.

In Topic: Revisiting Cam's 4 Sacks Sunday

Yesterday, 02:35 PM

Just jokes. How much is that game rewind?

Rewind itself is 70 dollars and the film is usually available at the end of the day except for MNF, which is 24 hours after.

In Topic: Can We Read Anything Into Chico's Panther Talk Comments?

08 September 2014 - 11:14 PM

You are racist.

Nobody calls themselves Chico.

Maybe we should just call him ole' scratch back Ron.

Or how bout "ole don't wear work boots when you cross the" Rivera.

Look it up, you'll see tons of national media articles about him going to SD and getting the head coach job here that mention it. You can also google Ron Chico Rivera and it will pull up a ton of articles as well. Clearly it is his nickname.

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In Topic: Godfrey not at fault in Bucs' first touchdown.

08 September 2014 - 11:18 AM

sounds like the panthers where in cover 2, and the CB has to funnel the WR inside so the safety can get over top the vertical routes.

Bingo, td was completely on the corner on the play. Gotta get a hand on them redirect the route and give the safety enough time to get on top of the route. Can't let a wr go down the sideline like that playing c2. Safety has to check the middle of the field for the te inside seam route then move to the outside. If the cb doesn't jam the receiver and redirect the route of the outside route, the safety will most times look out of position.

Had the same problem a few years ago when everyone was calling for Godfrey to be cut and most of the mistakes were on the cb not funneling the wr right spots on the field. Not saying he didn't make mistakes, but there is a reason he was a pro bowl alt and got the contract he did.

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In Topic: Bene Interview, OMG Book Bag

08 September 2014 - 09:14 AM

Actually I think it could just be the angle and fact that the spikes are white. The two rightmost spikes on that backpack also appear flat because they're extending straight towards you.

If you look at the bottom one in the pic, you can tell its a spike.

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