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In Topic: Saints. Bears. Panthers. Cutler. Gruden. Delusions.

Today, 08:36 PM

what an insecure little post you made

In Topic: WSJ: US Jobs report shows best year since 1999

Today, 08:23 PM

i guess obama accidentally bumped the oval office gas prices lever in the opposite direction while bowing towards mecca to pray to the communism flag slung over the portrait of abraham lincoln

In Topic: Thursday Injury reports, Atlanta - New Orleans and Carolina - Cleveland

Today, 07:09 PM

take care of your business..........the rest will take care of it self.


hmmm… nope

In Topic: Andrew Hawkins Response to Controversy

Today, 05:12 PM

"My mom also taught me just as there are good police officers, there are some not-so-good police officers who assume the worst of me without knowing anything about me for reasons I can't control," Hawkins said.


Hawkins said he believes there should be consequences for police officers who make mistakes and hurt people based on "preconceived notions or the wrong motives."


Hawkins said he believes calls for justice means fair treatment for everyone involved. He said he has friends and family who are good police officers and called them "brave." 


"A call for justice shouldn't warrant an apology," Hawkins said.




good read

In Topic: why are so many atheists retarded in the modern era?

Today, 04:43 PM

idk i haven't put a lot of thought toward it but no it wasn't ghosts or miracles or magic or whatever that led me to it. it just felt right at the time and i decided to roll with it (again i acknowledge that this occurred with the absence of the logic and reason that i demand of many other things but i also point out that im not in the business of debating the existence of god(s) so long as this god(s) doesn't say, conveniently allow for oppressive social practices and structure). 


i know this isn't the type of answer you want to hear but if im uninterested in talking about something i usually ignore it or read without posting so you've already got more out of me than if you had said nothing at all


lots of postmodernists have argued against the epistemological "hegemony of the eyes" that places empirical experience at the forefront of knowledge production, effectively eliminating any other type of experience out of hand. this is a form of scientism and it's an inherent weakness. it's a realization that keeps me open to the claims of religious experience and curious about them, and it's probably why i'm agnostic, not atheist.


discussing epistemological frameworks would be an interesting conversation to have.

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