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In Topic: Beer recommendation thread

Today, 11:18 AM

bout to go try hop drop based on recommendations from the other thread

In Topic: white nationalist domestic terrorist kills 3 in kansas

Today, 11:16 AM

gs is actually a pretty huge narcissist. it explains a lot

In Topic: Beer recommendation thread

Today, 11:01 AM

green man porter.

In Topic: Iran's Execution Policy - Brilliant!

Today, 10:55 AM

Innocent people have already died after decades behind bars. Who knows the actual number. Kids get cancer. Ants get stepped on. Good guys finish last. Life isn't perfect, and mistakes will be made. Thats no reason not to try. All we can do is tighten up and make it better, not give up completely because it isn't and never will be perfect.


i sincerely hope you don't talk in any of your law school courses

In Topic: Your Vote for Young "Break-Out" Panther Player of the Year

Today, 10:45 AM

short will get more time in rotation and benefit from star's reputation and ability to hog double teams. he may well go to the pro bowl on sacks alone

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