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In Topic: Stephen Hill signs to Panthers Practice Squad

Today, 04:17 PM

In before ass boogie desperation rant


spittle shields up everyone!

In Topic: Stephen Hill signs to Panthers Practice Squad

Today, 04:16 PM

fug yea

In Topic: Panthers offense is LOL

Today, 03:41 PM

What's interesting is when I posted a full body picture. You were the one that claimed I got one of my regular sized neighbors to pose for the pic and that was the reason you couldn't see face. Then I quickly added another pic showing my face for you and suddenly you quickly changed the subject. So the guy in pic wasn't fat when you thought it was a neighbor, but now I'm fat again? Gee, that stings almost as much as the dog licking peanut butter off my balls story.

What is it with the fat thing anyway, every single rival that comes to the board is automatically some huge fat person according to people here. YET when you pull of the pictures of these weight obsessed fitness advocates, most of them are Mtn Dew drinking fat fugs. #HUDDLELOGIC


all of the publicly-accessible pictures of you are fat as fug, and all the private photos you've posted here yourself reek of photographically-disguised fathood

In Topic: Panthers offense is LOL

Today, 01:51 PM

Meh, I give this a 4 out of 10. Only one fat joke, no virgin mentions, no mention of racism or hate. I've come to expect better from you. Try again, but make it as entertaining as your other posts. BTW, are you still sporting my 6th grade wrestling pic in you sig, I can't see them? I can get you a few from the all the state finals in high school if you want some more pics. Let me know buddy,


this is always your out. "yeah guys i'm totally a virgin and i weigh as much as a northampton class heavy cruiser haw haw you got me guys."


nothing more than a classic attempt to disguise the fact that you're a virgin and weigh as much as a brooklyn class light cruiser

In Topic: For those of you interested in supporting the huddle....

Today, 01:44 PM

tactic level: insidious 



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