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In Topic: Kelvins TD

Yesterday, 09:26 PM

lol w/e

In Topic: Kelvins TD

Yesterday, 09:16 PM

Ok, give me your reasoning on why Cam gives us a better chance than DA? Cam was such a good QB because of the monster rushing stats and rushing TDs he had. Do this, go look at Cam's stats, look at STRICKLY the passing stats and passing TDs, THATS the Cam we are going to have for the future. He is not a dynamic rusher anymore and now Ds know this.

This 5.3 YPC, 8 rushing TDs and several hundred rushing yds season from Cam is done. The entire offense looked day and night different with DA at Tampa bay and when Cam took back over.

First the excuse with DA was "its only pre season!" Then he plays in a real game that matters, he looks like Peyton Manning, all in 113 degree weather in a hostile environment might I add and now the excuse is "but its only Tampa Bay and they suck". I could understand if DA looked terrible and I was still calling him for to start, but thats not the case. I just want us to win, pure and simpe


in the spoiler tags is a human dick and it's a more substantive post than anything you've said ever



In Topic: TX woman denied drivers license bc shes gay?

Yesterday, 08:39 PM

"Gay people have more rights than we do"

I'm not kidding I heard that at work a couple weeks ago


my favorite is the earnest, stone-cold serious "they all just want special treatment" line

In Topic: Kelvins TD

Yesterday, 08:37 PM

I think we all know deep down that DA gives us our best chance to win, but I suppose there are more important things in the NFL than winning afterall. I guess "developing" a young QB (a banged up one at that) is more important than winning.


all in favor of IP ban...

In Topic: October 19th 2003

Yesterday, 08:34 PM

we had won what, 13 of the last 14 games going into the steelers matchup?


law of averages dictate you're gonna poo the bed at some point. most of the plays that iced us were flukes: the 80-yard run where luke picked the wrong hole, the ST fumble, the ST offside that gave PIT a fresh set of downs and a touchdown. this game is an aberration, a statistical anomaly. yes, we got exposed in a variety of areas, but for the most part these are the same guys that got us a 13-1 record since last october, and you could make the case we're a stronger roster for the last two of them than the first twelve.


we'll be alright.

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