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In Topic: Per ESPN: Rivera says Cam and Luke "have to be perfect"

Today, 08:07 PM

pretty sure rivera wasn't releasing 51 other players to bump dicks instead of playing well

In Topic: Panthers have 3 healthy DE left ..street signing time

Today, 04:14 PM

kony ealy needs to break the fug out

In Topic: Steve Smith Is ON WFNZ Having A Confessional, Won't Let the Story End

Today, 04:13 PM

Smith redefines a nice gesture by Rivera as something done for image only.  Consider, however, that Rivera didn't go looking for the cameras or make a big deal about going to find Smith.  In fact, he didn't do anything to try and publicize it at all. 


Smith, on the other hand, called a radio station far away from him that doesn't cover his current team specifically to talk about himself and how he saw things happening.  He made it a story when it wasn't one.


That is the response of a total narcissist.


end thread.


unless ron rivera is actually a shitheaded little weasel and none of us know it, steve has demolished the credibility of his narrative with this particular piece.

In Topic: alexander suspended for 10 more games

Today, 03:56 PM

jesus of all positions to get boned at this year it's RB and DE

In Topic: Zod: please create a Smith sub-section already

Today, 01:23 PM

There are a few that REFUSE to stop the threads no matter how many people complain.


should i be the one to say it or does someone else want to risk a 24 hour ban

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