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#1142537 Cam will start in 2011 if drafted

Posted by tjmurray on 13 April 2011 - 08:33 PM

The whole we need a vet to mentor stuff is bullpoo IMO. Not only do they not mentor but vets still think they should be starters.

You would be pissed if your employer came to you and said, "Hey train this guy for a year so we can fire you please"

That is essentially what happened when Stewart was drafted over Deangelo's head. You are right though. QB's are different all-together.Some guys like Mcnabb, Leinart, Matt Hasselbeck, etc. still want to be starters, so you have a point there. But guys like Leftwich, Pennington, Sage Rosenfel, Etc., you let them know from the jump what the deal is before you bring them in, and they will play the role. But yea, the whole mentoring thing is bullshit. Basically it is buying time until the prospect is ready. Mentor is just a word the front office and media like to use for whatever reason. It is just buying time. Shula and Chud are the mentors. Not some damn vet.

#1139175 Darin Gantt no longer covering Panthers

Posted by tjmurray on 12 April 2011 - 08:13 AM

thats just awesome...how about you keep your opinion and i will keep mine

Whatever country boy. I am a grown man and I do and say what the fug I want, u understand. Now, if you want to take it there it's all good. If I see someone post some bullshit on here I am going to speak on it. All I said was I disagreed with you and said why I respected the man's work. Now if you going to get all sensitive and come at me sideways because I stated my opinion, then fug you...

#1139142 Darin Gantt no longer covering Panthers

Posted by tjmurray on 12 April 2011 - 07:41 AM

this is real talk right here... back when he was only working for the herald he was pretty good but since he had been working for with the observer he has been kinda crappy

Totally disagree with that. There was nothing crappy about the way he wrote articles or the way he covered the Panthers. He was very good at what he did, and he did his job very well. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I respect the hell out of him. I never did finish my journalism degree, but I have perspective on it. It isn't easy at all. You have to navigate egos on the team you cover and not step on anyone toes. He was an honest reporter/writer and kept it real. Told it how it was. I have nothing but respect for him. Wish him nothing but the best...

#1135596 I do not want Newton, Do you?

Posted by tjmurray on 09 April 2011 - 06:06 PM

Both have the ability to be franchise QBs. Maybe Luck is a bit safer but should we wait until we have a chance to draft a QB as safe as Andrew Luck before we address the position? Do you think that we will still be picking in the top 5 picks where QBs like Andrew Luck get taken off the board the next couple of years?? I know Rivera hopes not.

Do we wait until a later round to get a QB where there is a success rate of about 5%??

Do we get a QB that may have even less gifts with similar risks ask Cam if we are picking #15 in a later draft?

I know where you are coming from and a lot of smart people agree with you, but I don't; we have a chance to get a big time franchise QB and it is an opportunity that may not come up again for a while. Or if it does, it may have an even higher risk with much less reward from it.


#1122163 A more thoughtful take on Moon, Cam, and Race

Posted by tjmurray on 01 April 2011 - 09:07 AM

There are some truly insensitive sh#t on this board sometimes. I don't necessarily believe Cam was unfairly treated bc of his race. But the way some of you react is saddening. I think people on this board's desire to attack Cam Newton or probably more likely the Newton Huggers has clouded some of you guy's judgment.

No doubt about it... I just noticed that this dude "smash-and-dashgash" called me a *** in my control panel because I am a Newton fan. That speaks volumes to the type of people on this site. I know that there are some sorry ass mofos on here that have too much time on their hands. Any mofo who starts a fugin race quiz thread need to get a fugin life. That type of shii has no place on this or any other sports forum.

#1105210 Jim Harbaugh on Cam Newton

Posted by tjmurray on 22 March 2011 - 06:28 PM

You mean like this evaluation??

or this one?


Beautiful post Teeray. Love it...

#1103404 Source: Panthers leaning to stick w/Clausen & pick Dareus

Posted by tjmurray on 21 March 2011 - 06:23 PM

Frankly, that's a pretty stupid question.

Nobody on here is going to hope Newton fails just because they weren't in favor of the pick. And Newton (or Gabbert or Mallett, for that matter) wouldn't be the first Panthers pick I disagreed with, and won't be the last. If you want a recent example, look at the first pick we made last April.

Actually, none of the guys you just mentioned started as rookies. They played, but didn't start, and they weren't quarterbacks.

Not likely. I don't buy player jerseys.

Again, what we have here is the silliness of thinking that drafting Newton at #1 is the only avenue we have for addressing the quarterback position. It isn't, especially not if you want improvement as soon as next season. If we do draft Newton or any of the other guys for that matter (a legitimate possibility) you don't want them starting their rookie year.

There was nothing stupid about that question. You're either naive or a fool. Which one is it? When you have a clown talking about making anti-Newton shirts before the draft, and the racial undertones not only on this board, but in comment sections in the articles regarding Cam Newton written by Gantt in the Observer you have to be a damn fool to actually believe that will all go away if he is drafted. McNabb was never embraced by many in Philadelphia, because they wanted Ricky Williams in the draft. Nothing STUPID about that question. You need to choose your words carefully. I am not the one!!!

#1102588 Source: Panthers leaning to stick w/Clausen & pick Dareus

Posted by tjmurray on 21 March 2011 - 11:18 AM

I've been checking this site out the past few weeks and I am very curious. When Carolina draft Cam Newton(because when it is said and done he will be the quarterback of the Panthers next season. Sorry Mr. Scot, Madhatter, etc.), are you Anti-Cam gentlemen going to root for him or hope he fails so you can be right? Once this draft process is over, will you put your beliefs aside and embrace him as part of the Panther family? Because quite frankly I think it will divide the fan base.

Much like Deshaun Foster and Deangelo did. He should start, no he should start. Much like Deangelo & J-Stew did for a minute. I don't have to mention any names but there is a certain individual who hates for Deangelo Williams to do well, because he loves Jonathan Stewart so much. You couldn't be a fan of a certain player without your fellow panther fan swooping in and demeaning that player to build his favorite player up. Well DeAngelo did well, but Stewart needs touches, or vice versa. the whole thing is just stupid, and I'll be damned it is going to rear it's ugly head again when Cam Newton comes to town.

The kid won't have a chance with some fans, and that is unfortunate. You have some lame talking about making anti-newton shirts??? Why??? It is great to have fun and debate who the Panthers should pick, but some of you guys attitude or negativity in regards to Cam Newton is absolutely pitiful!!! Some of you rather have the worst starting qb this franchise have ever seen back as a starter rather than Cam Newton be part of this team. Many of you have never seen Blaine Gabbert play in your life, but at the same time your positive he is the right choice because some scout or talking head told you he is more fluid in his drop. So is Alex Smith, so was Tim Couch...

Have you all thought and wondered why Gabbert held his pro day indoors, when it was reported that the wind was gusty in Columbia the day of his pro-day? Have you all thought to yourself why would Mel Kiper call Cam Newton a one year wonder, and Jimmy Clausen never had consecutive good seasons at Notre Dame. He was HORRIBLE his freshman and sophmore years. Speaking of Jimmy Clausen I want you all to watch this , and tell me what does his high school footage have in common with his professional footage...

When it is all said and done we all are Panther fans, and we want this team to do well and be amongst the elite. I hope when the real #2 get in town people will stand behind him and not against him. Get your black home Cam Newton jersey Mr. Scot. I can't wait to see that avatar with you sporting it and smiling from ear to ear.

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