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In Topic: 2015 Summer Transfer Thread

Today, 06:53 AM

Danilo to Real Madrid now official. 31 million Euros. 

In Topic: Interesting mock draft

Yesterday, 02:16 PM

The values are fuging terrible. Flowers in the first? Somehow Jalen Collins is available in the third? Green in the second and Byron Jones in the fourth? HAHAHA

In Topic: Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

Yesterday, 02:13 PM



I can not see Fisher lasting past the 1st round. There are only a handful of true LT prospects and he is one of them. On top of that, he probably has the best hands & technique of them all to go along with being the most athletic. 


Yep, if you look at his toolbox it's really not hard to see why he would be a coveted prospect. My guess is he's gone by Detroit at 23, but I hope I'm wrong. 

In Topic: Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

Yesterday, 08:04 AM


Good lord. This is the worst draft ever. 47 prospects will be gone before pick 25.


Or there's not many truly "great" prospects that are graded as first rounders, thus lumping a ton of players together in the late teens to 50 area. The Seahawks seemed to think so, which is why they had no qualms giving up a first round pick for Jimmy Graham. 

In Topic: Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

Yesterday, 08:02 AM

I guess every pick in the draft is either going to be a 4th round pick or gone 24 picks ahead of us.

Huddle gonna huddle.


Quality LT don't last long (see La'Wuan James). There are plenty of analysts calling Fisher the best pure LT in the Draft. He compares extremely favorably to Lane Johnson who went #4 overall.