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In Topic: Carolina O vs. Rex's 3-4

12 December 2013 - 09:06 PM

get rid of the ball, by throwing to whom?
Or do you want Cam to be Jimmy Clausen and throw 2/3rds of his passes to the sideline? If You were satisfied by what you saw in 2010, so be it.

When you say "get rid of the ball," maybe you should also post a picture of the field and point out the open receiver.


You throw to where the WR should be BEFORE he breaks in an open window where theoretically only he can make the catch. Based on timing and ball placement. So the excuse that the WR isnt open doesnt fly for those types of routes and plays. Whether the WR was able to make the catch or not is another story. 


Im in South East Asia traveling for 2 months so my internet connection is pretty poo. However when I get back stateside I will rewatch the NO game and break it down with screen shots and play calls just for you. 

In Topic: Carolina O vs. Rex's 3-4

12 December 2013 - 03:30 AM

And you are looking for a scapegoat and always go to Shula and Rivera to find one.  This isn't about having new coaches come in with a different plan or scheme.  This is about a team that has killed everyone at home beating up on us and our players not playing well.


When Cam comes up to the line he has options to change the play, use a hot read, dump the ball to the back or throw to the short receiver or wait for a receiver to clear further down the route tree.


Of  course you call similar plays to what you used all year. That is what you have practiced and refined over the course of the season.  You basically get 3 days to install your offense in the regular season.  Hardy time to install all kinds of different plays.  Our average yards per pass this year is 5 yards. How exactly do you get that without mostly short passes.


"or throw to the short receiver"


Thats the problem, we need more than 1 short receiver. We need multiple short receivers, 1 deep, to go along with a check down to the RB. 


1 short route will not cut it, which if I had to guess is the most we ran on any one play the other night. 


I want to see Cam getting that ball out in 3 seconds like Manning, Brady, and Brees do. If not take off running. 


This is rocket science. 

In Topic: Carolina O vs. Rex's 3-4

11 December 2013 - 09:32 PM

Some of you really undersell the value coaching and scheme has on football. This isnt basketball. 


Ive seen plenty of times a new coach or coordinator come in and take the same under preforming players from a year ago and make them into a new vastly improved unit simply due to scheme and play calling. 


Regardless I would rather lose trying the right way than lose playing the same style that is not working. You adjust. If the players cant execute the adjustments so be it. 


The bottom line was Shula was not calling specifically designed short routes in the NO game. He was using the same plays / style we used all year.That and him not making Cam take off after 3 seconds.  



In Topic: Carolina O vs. Rex's 3-4

11 December 2013 - 09:16 PM

That same ball control has us averaging 23 points a game which is slightly above last year when we supposedly had a great offense.  And while we don't have as many big passing plays we have fewer interceptions, lead the league in 80 yard drives and in time of possession.  Frankly I will take that over the hit and miss big play offense of last year.



And if Cam isn't getting the ball out in 2-3 seconds it is still lack of player execution.  I am sure that Shula told him to get the ball out quickly and not hold it.


Supposedly had a great offense?!? A great offense is top 5-10 in PPG / YPG. I am pretty sure that we were not close to that. Dont listen to the homers online. 


Everyone knows we have a ball control / establish the run / eat the clock offense. No one is gonna be scared of such an offense. 


You can take that offense and lose to the likes of Manning, Brees, and Brady every year. Bottom line is if we dont have a top 10 offense then we are not where we need to be on that side of the ball. Period. 


We need to be elite on BOTH sides of the ball. 


So you must think Cam is mentally retarded if he cant follow instructions and play calling ie throw the ball in 2-3 seconds BEFORE the WR breaks? You cant say its because the WR didnt get seperation as short quick passing game is built on throwing the ball before the WR makes his breaks / cuts. Cam should be throwing into windows where the WR should / will be not where he is. Thus if the WR doesnt do his job the ball would simply be an incompletion or int. That was not what was happening. We were calling the same plays we called all year. None of that is even mentioning Cam taking off running after 3 seconds which he wasnt doing. 


Id much rather lose TRYING the right thing. At that point we have done all we can do. Coaches and players. 

In Topic: Carolina O vs. Rex's 3-4

11 December 2013 - 08:50 PM

That is ridiculous to say that coaching can solve any problem.  He gives the players the plan but they have to carry it out.  I guess the game plan was for Newton to hold the ball for 4 seconds and then back out into oncoming pressure so he got sacked or overthrowing receivers by 10 yards.


I didnt say coaching can solve any problem. However scheme and play calling wise is all on the coaches. Execution is on the players. 


So if I were to see Cam getting the ball out in 2-3 seconds or scrambling and throwing the ball before WR breaks but the plays simply fail due to drops / incomplete passes / cam getting minimal yards on the scramble / ints THEN I would put in on the players. 


I am not seeing the above. I am seeing the same play calling ie ball control / run / longer routes etc.