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In Topic: Russ Grimm on radar for Panthers

30 November 2010 - 01:29 AM

Come on people:

1) He is not a co-ordinator or just an asst. coach. He is the assistant head coach. Pittsburgh gave him that position after he was first-runner up to the Bears job several years ago. That way the only job he would be free to interview for (while under contract) would be a head coach. Asst head coach trumps a co-ordinator.

2) What makes you think he would be so cheap. He's been coaching now since 1992. With his 2nd team as assistant head coach. Bet he's making some nice $$$ :yesnod:

3) I didn't realize he was so old at age 50. Lol; guess we need another snotty nose kid like the Bronco's huh? ;)

4) He has 4 super bowl rings so he must know something. :rolleyes:

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