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In Topic: To the Kemba doubters

Yesterday, 10:54 PM

...and 0 turnovers

Thank you! Lets not forget that awesome stat.


Yesterday, 08:54 PM

Hell yeah they did!

In Topic: What a game, could not have asked for more

Yesterday, 08:52 PM

24 down in the 3rd quarter. Marvin Williams was huge, MKG was shooting the ball, Kemba played hero and Al is Al. Even lance was off his game and made up for it in hustle. Great second coming of buzz city

In Topic: That lottery fuged us out of multiple championships

Yesterday, 11:35 AM

Yes, it hurts a little bit. But I am very happy about where our team is right now. We have some awesome players on our team finally and its too exciting to be upset as the Hornets return in a few hours from now. Too many positives. Davis would have been sick. But our team is sick as it is currently. I'm going to enjoy this season very much.

In Topic: panthers vs seattle

20 October 2014 - 07:35 PM

Wow, so I guess we should be excited because Seattle isn't playing their best and we have a minimal chance of beating them...

Missed all the greatness of this thread

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